Monday, 5 March 2012

March 5, 2012: soooo close, to Dad

Hello Dad! Thanks again for another great email! Things here are going pretty well! not as well as i have been hoping as far as baptisms, and Gina.. Gina is still recovering, but recently we just heard that she will not qualify anymore for a liver transplant, so even if she recovers after the cancer. it may be hard for her liver to improve very much. Nathan, and Ashley have been doing pretty well though. They are both pretty accepting as far as baptism goes! They are awesome kids, and hopefully i will at least have the chance to baptize them before i go home! The best would be to baptize them all!!!:) We sadly haven't been able to get in contact with Ray Magee very much... We have some plans though. He knows a good family here in Corona, so hopefully we can teach him there instead of at his house. The Missionaries here are doing well. Nothing too crazy has happened ever. i have had to step in and cancel some activities last week, it went well so hopefully there will be no hard feelings. They are taking it very well though. I am thankful for what you said last week about how the Missionaries in the zone really look up to us as zone leaders. I am thankful to have the chance to love and care for the well being of our missionaries.
I am sad to hear about Kaylee, and Her Grampa that is sad i am sorry to hear that. I am excited to see all of the family, and friends, and ward members. too.
Well that new bed sounds awesome.. I guess i don't need to bring home my twin size sheets. haha. Queen on a king frame. sounds perfect. So am i still going to be in my green room, or am i going to move into mics room?? Well am am glad the setting apart is all lined up its crazy to think about that. It is soo close. well all is well i am glad to be out working here finishing off the 2 yrs i committed to serve faithfully.


Hello Son I liked you email it sounds like you are staying busy and working hard. Right now I think that is the most important thing, love what your doing and give to the best of your ability. I hope things are doing good for Gina, I know it is a hard battle she is fighting, I have been praying she can get the strength to be able to get baptized. Sounds like with all the new companion changes in your zone it has kept ya busy hopefully they are all working out and everyone is giving the Lord there very best. I have also been praying that you might feel an increase of the spirt and love of the Savior to help power you through these last weeks. It is a challenging time but through adversity can come some of the greatest blessings. 
Things at home are doing well and everyone is looking forward with excitement for you return. There are many friends and ward members who have asked when you return and are excited also. This past week was a bit tough for Kaylee, her grandpa pasted away unexpected he hadn't been sick or anything but from what I hear there was some things that happened to let them know it was the Lords will. I did take care of getting you released when you get back awhile ago, Pre. Ivins will do it the day you get home at 5:30. As far as the bed it is a queen size so you will have moving room, the frame I used was a king size so I had to modify it a bit but it looks good. 
Well I better finish and get to work I am running very late today. I do hope and pray it has been a good week for you and that you are feeling happy and joyful with what you are able to accomplish. Seek to have and feel the influence and guidance of the spirt stronger and mightier than ever before. I believe if you can ask the Lord with a real desire to bless and guide you these last weeks of your mission He will be there in greater power for you. Look to enjoy and love every minute of these final weeks, don't worry and wonder about the future, you cant change or do anything about it there, it will come and it will be awesome and sweet. The only thing you can effect is the present moment in your life, live it, love it, and give it the best you have within. I love you so very, very much and am so proud of the Great, Awesome Man of God you are. May your week be blessed by the influence of the spirt and Savior and may it be inspiring to all those you meet.