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October 25, 2010 to Pops


thank you so much for the email!! Well im going to have to make this email shortish again! I got a ton of emails this week from the family, and it took me a while to read them all, and get my thoughts together! :)

well it sure has been Rainey thats for sure. I got soaked on Tuesday! I picked up an elders trench coat which helped a ton.

Wow its Crazy all these move ins going on in the ward. I cant really imagine the ward with a ton of changes I remember it to be the same all the way growing up.

The work has kind of been slowish, but i still have alot of appointments. we have been teaching alot, but no one has really been progressing. Tina Skinner our investigator who ordered a BOM is doing good i really do hope she can recieve an answer to her prayers to know that the bom is true!

I had a pretty fun experience on saturday. Elder Moore, and i had just locked up our bikes to go walk around right before dinner when i saw a guy cleaning a bucket in his front yard, so i went up to him and asked him if we could help him out with anything. He was a real nice guy, and he said yeah sure you can help. Come on down to our basement he was working on organizing his brewery. So we walked into his house with him, and we started walking down the stairs when he told his buddies that he brought some extra help. When they saw us they laughed. we didnt really help at all, because they were all done, but we were able to teach them all a little about the church. it was AWESOME!!! i am enjoying my mission alot, and i am excited to share all of my experiences with the fam when i get back.

Well im glad Austin recieved my letter, and enjoyed it! I hope it encouraged him to serve a mission. Sounds like the Whole Family is doing Great! I was able to recieve an email from everyone! I was even able to even catch kaylees. I was only able to write Red and you back, but i will be sure to email Everyone back next week.

Thanks for all you do DAD! im so thankful for all your support, and your awesome Example. I hope i can fulfill my calling as an Elder as enthusiastic as your calling in the young mens. talk to you later love you bye!

Here is the most current email MISS! :) last weeks wasnt super long or important. Thanks again for all of your fantastic Prayers, and Emails. Tell sister Kate that Elder Pee Weed says thanks for the prays,and for being on my teamwith Jesus.


Hello son

hope you have had a good week, looks like the weather there has been a little wet . It has changed here as of the weekend, it's cooled off and is wet, looks like we could see some snow possibley. So I am sure when it is wet and rainey it makes bike riding a bit more difficult, do you have some good rain cloths to wear?

So I talked to Austin sunday and he said he recieved a letter from you, he was excited about that.

Well on sunday they kind of suprised me they released my assistant Mike Shautz and called me a new one its Brian Hardy they just moved in a few weeks ago, he is married to Teresa Hatch and they moved in with her mom. It was a suprise to me and Mike, I guess they came over and talked to him late saturday about the change. The reason they did it was they called his wife to be in the young womens and with his family and children one of them has to be home with them so it was him. I know he was enjoying his calling so he felt sad to go but knows it is what needed to be. I sure enjoy my calling and am glad I still have the oppertunity to work in the young mens I think it is the best calling in the church. I have ten teachers in my quorm right now which is amazing, there are a few that have moved in latly.

So how goes the missionary work, you finding some sucsess through your hard work? You still get to go to the temple once in a while?

Well A F won there last regular season game last week, but didn't get into the playoffs, things didnt work right with other teams winning and losing to have a chance. Mic wasn't to happy about it all its been a tough year but hopefully things will improve in the furture.

Everybody enjoyed receiving a E mail from you last week hopefully they will send ya note back.

Well I did get a chance to go riding a couple times last week but I think maybe I will be done for this year with the way the weather has turned.

I did go up saturday and helped Ken with setting up halloween at his house, he has been a bit behind with Johnathan and Alley having the baby it has made it tougher. The baby is still in the hospital but is doing good gaining weight, but I think he will still be there for a while longer. Things are about the same otherwise not much change this week. Mic and Kaylee and Red are having birthdays next month.

Well I better finish up and get going to work, things are still doing good at work it has slowed down some though. Well I have been praying and hopeing that you and your companion might be blessed with the spirt so strong that by and through it you will have sucsess in the Lords work. I know the Lord wants you to find those seeking the truth and he can lead you there buy the spirt. I know your doing a great job stay strong and battle as did Moroni with all your might you will be blessed with the spirt and with sucsess.

I love you and am extremely proud your my son.

October 25, 2010 from Kaylee


how are you its been so long since i have been able to email you. i have just been so busy, well mostly lazy lol. well anyways to answer some of your questions. i guess my cousin mission has been delayed but do not no what for i have not heard of why. but i do know that his mom my aunt cindy is in the hospital for kidney failure she went in on friday. so hopefully she will be ok i guess she lost one already back when she had ovarian cancer. but from what i have heard she is doing better, the doctors think that they might be able to revive her kidney. lets hope at least cause that would be sad. and also i think i have felt the baby kick. not very often thou its funny it just feels like a little tap. but i think its the baby well i hope it is the baby. i will just say it is cause its fun to think that it is the baby. but i cant wait till the baby starts kicking more, and you can feel it more its so exciting and crazy to think there really is a baby there it just makes it all the more real. but i have a picture from when it was 9 weeks i will send it to you, so you can see it. its so cute you can see its little arms and legs it so cute. but me and micah did go to the doctors this morning and they said that every thing looks good and im measuring to where i should be. so its lots of fun i cant wait till the next appointment thou cause we get to do an ultra sound im super excited it will be on the 17th of november, so we will get to find out what it is. and i will send you some pics of that one too. then so i cant wait! but pops keeps telling us not to find out to keep it as a surprise. but it will still be a surprise i just get to find out sooner what the surprise is. i cant wait to find out but pops told us not to tell him cause he wants to wait to find out what it is. but i think he will find out cause when we talk names and buy stuff he will figure it out. but i think it is going to be a girl thou, i dont know thats just what i think. but you never know thou it will prob be a boy thou cause everything is opposite of what i think. micah did have a dream that it was a girl. so maybe the baby was saying hi to him. i dont know but i prob drove him crazy asking 20 questions. cause i needed to know if the baby was cute and if it had hair. he said it was cute and it did have hair lets hope. i dont want a bald baby but i will most likely get one cause i so worried that it will be bald. and also he say it was little but i think everything is little to him. so we cant go by that one, or any of them cause a dream doesnt mean anything even thou i wished it did that would be cool. but what do you think it is a boy or a girl? and also guess what we going to have to move to Wisconsin. cause we both love cheese its so good thou. cause we both like to get cheese fries and grilled cheese and a root beer float. well i get a float you get the freeze. so that pretty crazy but thats what pops said, so i guess when you get back we going to have to move there, or we could just work for jcws that would work too lol. and also i would like to say thanks for the closet space i had no room for my clothes. cause lots of them wont fit now and i didnt have room for the maternity clothes. sad day i hope i will be able to wear them and again but with micahs help i should be able to. well anyways i hope im not sending this to late and that you will get my email today. anyways let me know how things are going and if you need anything. and also i loved your story you sent last week that is crazy what are the chances of that. i guess he really does listen and answer your prays cause sometimes it doesnt feel like it. that was a great story thou i loved it. well anyways i hope to hear from you soon love you lots and hope you are doing well and enjoying the nice weather. its suppose to snow tomorrow i excited and sad about it at the same time. well anyways love you lots. love, kaylee

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October 4, 2010 to Pops

Hey Dad Thanks again for the letter! 

Things have been going great! The members from both wards have been a huge help. We have 2 great ward mission leaders that help us out in both wards. Luckily we got rid of all the bed bugs. I didnt have any in my bed in the appartment, but the other elders did. 

I live in a great 2 bedroom appartment with spanish elders again. I have really been starting to pick up on some spanish. 

I am having so much fun on my misson! Where ever i have been going i have been making friends like crazy! i get along well with every elder. My appartment consists of  Elder Moore, Elder Powell, and Elder Majia. We have some great experiences together.

So far i have been doing quite a bit of tracting on my mission, and i have been getting fairly good at it. We have slowly been finding people to teach. We have only a small amount of investigators, but we have been finding people to hopefully try to teach while tracting. So far i have been doing alot of less active work as well. 

Recently we got a media refferal via a text message on our phone. A lady ordered a Book of Mormon from I dont know if you have recently been to this website, but it is a great tool for missionary work. Technology has really been making an impact on missionary work. In December we should be able to text our investigators, and maybe sometime in my mission i could be on Facebook doing missionary work. If that happens i have to add every missionary from the mission on my account so everyone knows what other elders are saying. My testimony has really been strenghthened tremondously. 

Elder Moore is great. This is actually his first time on bike. He has been out for 11 months, and this is his first car area.

Wow the Ward sure did change quite a bit, i sure am glad the ward is still asking about me on my mission. well i guess i can let you know an idea of what would be good for Christmas.
I think a GPS would be nice. Like a garmin Nuvi or something have mic help choose. so far i havent needed one, because i have been on bike, but it will come in handy for sure in the future. other than a gps. i could always use some more slim fit white shirts 16inch neck with some ties, and a nice tooth brush. other than that i would love some healthy food. more protien, and all that jazz. some healthy drink mix to add in some of my smothies would be nice. Weights are an option as well. they sell dumbell bars at wal mart that you can add weight on. ireally like those. some of the old gray weights in the garrage might fit on them. cds are good too with a big cd case.

Well the weather has been getting cooler!! :) it rained for a couple days this week. it was awesome. if you could send me my wolf blanket in my next package that would be great!:)

Well im going to try, and email the rest of the fam a bit too. send them my love ttyl.


Hello son its always good to hear from you and know you are doing fine. I have been thinking alot about ya lately hopeing that your having good sucsess in your new area, I know it is a bit tough starting in a area that neather you or your companion has been there. In some ways it is probably a great oppurtunity to build your new area. Anyway how have things been going? Are you receiveing help from members to find investigators? How has the weather been there this week wet also? It has been rainey most every day this week. Did you get rid of all the bed bugs? So is it just you and Elder Moore in an apartment, and is it a decent one? Is Elder Moore been on a bike before? The other thing I was thinking too, ya need to think about what you would like come christmas so I can be looking for it and get it to ya on time, I know things will get real busy with Keira's wedding and all so I am trying to get a head start. Things here have been prity much norm this week, Keira and Matt came down this weekend and took pictures for there invatations. A F lost to Alta but it was a close game they just stuggle to score when they have the chance. BYU did win this week against San  Diego. Mic has been a bit under the weather with a cold but is getting better. Red still working hard  Her last check was over 400 so she has been getting quit a few hours. I have been staying busy but been missing riding with all the rain. Saturday I put plastic tarp covers over the dog runs so with the rain and snow they will stay dry. Buster still hanging in there but he's not as stong as he used to be, but he is still happy and loves attention. I picked a couple boxes of apples from Jeane's trees saturday and a few peache's also, there good as usual.

Well I guess I will wrap up, by the way they called Russ Davis to be the new young mens president. I talked with Austin today said you were planning on sending him a letter. Things in the ward are good the Jeppsons get home off there mission this weekend. Eveybody ask's how you doing, I think Bro. Myrick never miss a week in asking how your doing but many others ask also. Well I am glad to hear you were able to listen to all of conference, it's so uplifting and great to hear the Prophet and Apostles speek it seems to give me more determination to do better. Well I hope you have had a great week, I have been praying the Lord will bless your efforts, and that you and your companion might have the Spirt with you to inspire, guide, and lead you in His great work. Love them, Love them and teach them with the power of the spirt and it will hard for them to resist following and doing what you ask them to do. Two of your greatest attributes love and a great spirt about you, let everyone you meet see your happiness and love. I pray and pray that you may find great joy in the Lords work, and that through the spirt you will find those seaching for the gospel. Have a great week, I know you are committed fully and are doing all within your power to sucseed, stay strong never wavier, God is with you.


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October 3, 2010 to Missy

HI missy 

Thanks again for the Blog I took a look again today, and it is haha Well i cant believe halloween is almost here! i wonder what its going to be like in california as a missionary. Im hoping to get a couple compliments on how well i dressed up. I bet i would make i fine mormon missionary if i had the right attire.

Mmmm canned salsa, and canned fruit. sounds soo good right now. Geez i wish people would serve fresh fruit as dessert more often! Oh speaking of canned salsa This week i ate a small potent habenero pepper at night. The fellow elders filmed it. sadly i told them its not going to be what they are looking for. i ate the whole thing without breaking a sweat! i was suprised how well i took it. to prove my point i didnt eat, or drink anything till the next day! 

So how are the Durrants doing? good old Tim Diane, and Manders? Tell them i say elllo!

Well i best get moving along on the email chain, because to day we have to prepare our appartment for BED BUG FUMIGATION! no fun. luckily my bed in this appartment isnt infested, but my last appartment was horrible. Heavenly Father really did a good job at testing my Patience, because every elder hates those blasted Bugs! 

Tell kate  E. Pee Weed says happy bday. i laughted extremly when i saw the invite.

October 4, 2010 to Pops

Hey dad! Conference was awesome!! I got to see the whole session! I enjoyed Every talk. i really enjoyed the talks on family, there were many. Elder Moore has been out for almost 11 months. He is an extremly nice guy.

Dang thats tuff LP beat Af like that. Its too bad that byu lost as well. thats got to be super depressing. 

Wow seems like keira is working hard planning for the big day. 

Well i am glad to hear you have had many great oppurtunities to ride up to the canyon on the bikes, and i am glad duffs is having success. 

Thats awesome Todd dropped by, and asked about me. i Really enjoyed working there at Good Earth, and i have been thinking alot lately that i want to go into the Nutrition field when i get off the mission. I still dont know for sure, I am staying open to whatever would fit me best as a career, but i know that the Mission is preparing me tremendously for school when i get back. 

Well i g2g soon. Today we have to prep our appartment for bed BUG fumigation. no fun luckily i got the un infected bed, but we are going to have to do a lot of cleaning. 

LOVE you everthing is going great write you more next week. ttyl