Monday, 30 May 2011

May 30, 2011 - To Pops

HI everybody! I've got some new news for ya! Well Sadly after all the efforts we did in the Arlington ward. Elder Combe, and i got transferred out! Its sad to let all our new investigators go, especially since we just found them. We were only able to teach George Brown once, and WE were able to teach a way cool guy named D'andre! we recently came across D'andre in a random apartment complex. We were searching around for a less active that lived around that area, when D'andre actually approached us, and said that he had been listening to the Book of Mormon on USB! His wife is a solid member, and his boss is a member as well as many of his co-workers! I honestly thought this guy was an answer to our Prayers. We taught him a great Restoration Lesson, and he was happy for us to come back. HE actually wanted to BBQ us some lunch. I was super happy to have had the chance to find/meet him. WEll so now the busy busy office assistants are in that Area. I hope they can do a great job teaching our Peeps. I am now in The University Heights ward here in Riverside. We live right next to the University of Riverside California UCR. The COolest part of the whole deal is i get to be with one of my good mates. Elder Curtis Moore from Melbourne Australia! Elder Moore is my new comp, and he has only been out for 3 months, and 3 weeks. I am his second Companion, so therefore i am his ''step-dad''. I replaced his companion Elder Pese as District Leader. So far Elder Moore and i have had 2 exchanges together because HIs old Comp Elder Pese was District Leader. During those two days that Elder Moore and i were together WE had a blast!  We kind of thought to ourselves wouldnt it be cool if we were comps together some day, sure enough here we are as comps. I am super Excited to be serving here, even though i am really going to miss THe Arlington ward, and all the Elders in my old apartment. Elder Barton got transferred to Yucaipa, and Elder Combe went to Corona. I will still have the chance to serve around Elder Faulkner though. My new apartment is way cool too. We have Elder Moore the Aussie, Elder Ramos the Texan, and Elder Meldrum from Bingham Utah. I was able to knew everyone in my apartment before i got there. i served around Elder Meldrum in Hemet. He is awesome, and Elder Ramos has been here in Riverside since ive been here too!
The work here in the University Heights area Is great. There is usually always a good amount of people to teach. Right now we have three People tentatively set on date for Baptism! The neat thing is that 2of the 3 on date i found with Elder Moore while we were on exchanges for the past 2 transfers! :O Those Two are Charles, and Anthony. 2 way cool black dudes, we 2.5 months ago we found Anthony while he was walking his dog, and then 3weeks ago we found Anthony while tracting. I am still trying to get to know this area better, but i will be sure to fill you in on everyone we are teaching. Well like I said Before i am doing great, and i am super excited to serve with Elder Moore! it was crazy the night before transfer calls i was talking with elder Barton, and i said to him wouldnt it be cool if i replaced Elder Pese, and was comps with Elder Moore! when i got the Leadership call in the Morning from Pres Reeves i told him we must of had some Revelations. haha. The weird part about it was that Elder Moore didnt know i was his comp for sure until later that night. The same day as transfer calls we had a zone breakfast, and somehow Elder Moore sat next to me, and everyone at that table, including me joked with Elder Moore saying that his new companion is crazy, and a big jerk. lol i hope he was relieved to here I was his new comp.

Well I am still on BIke! yeah! if all goes well i will have easily spent around 18 months on bike by the time i am done with this area. Well Elder Moore is taller than me, and he loves to playBasketball. I will be sure to try, and send you a pic of him, and i next week. Well i was in need of a hair cut, so i went with my good pal Elder Ramos to someones house who he had been teaching, and i got Buzzed! the shortest on my mission, and for a long time. Usually i a have just been getting a 3 all around this time i got a 2 on top, and a one on the sides. he did a good job though it looks alright. The few the Proud the Elder Hunsaker Marine. lol jk thats what i look like though. 

well Family i feel that i have offically over typed my finger so alas i must end this crazy ramblin Rampage i love you all I will talk to you next week.


Hello Son I enjoyed your email, sounds like you and your companion have been working very hard to get something going in the ward. I think your on the right track though in trying to get the ward more involved and active in doing missionary work, they need to reach out and find people for you to teach. I do feel as you continue to work hard and do all within your power to find those willing to listen that good things will begin to happen. I have learned that if I do all the Lord expects of me that He will bless my efforts in time and I find that usually the Lords time frame is always different than mine. I have to stay steady and true and be patient, I always want imediate results but that is not always what the Lord wants. Your doing all the right things, just keep praying fervently, and listen intently  for the promptings from the spirt, the Lord will lead and guide you to those He has prepared for you.
Well things at home are much the same, everyone is doing fine, were all busy with the regular daily stuff. Little Braelynn is growing and changing all the time, Mic will be blessing her next week in church. Since today is memorial day were all home, I hope you are able to email although it is a holiday. As usual I got up early and helped do flags around the ward and the crazy weather here it snowed slightly last night. Its been a strange weather year they have been setting all sorts of records with all the water we have recieved. I am ready for summer but I know we will have some flooding when it warms up. You asked about Todd and I am not sure what he is doing I see him every so often, not sure if he is going to the singles ward or what, I will have to check up on him and see.
Well I guess I will wrap up, I feel like you have at times, I have been stuggling to write this email, not sure why. But I do want ya to know how proud I am of the awsome missionary you are and the great young man you are and have always been. I do pray always for your sucsess in doing the work. I do know a mission is much like life there are times more challenging than others but if we stay the course and do Gods will all things will work together for our good. I love ya very much and think about you always and pray always that you are Happy, Healthy, and Enjoying your mission emensly. May you have a great week with many good experiences that are spirtually uplifting.

Monday, 23 May 2011

May 23, 2011 to Pops (things are good)

HI pops! hows it going? 

hey Sorry, but i am low on email time today i was able to send some good emails to Christian, and Missy. The work here is going kind of the same. we ha vent been able to get in touch with george brown. Well Things here in The Arlington ward are staying fairly slow, somethings got to give. I feel that we have made no progress since we have been here, even though i know for a fact that we have, it just feels that way. As far as Numbers go they just dont seem to be catching up. We have just been creaming the numbers we can control. Like tracting, and talking with people. Sadly the others are not catching up. The ward can see that we are trying, and i hope to work even harder in the coming weeks, but hopefully we can get a few referrals. Well what can you do other than Working Hard Praying Hard, and Fasting too. We are doing a 40 day fast thing in our ward for missionary work, and i hope at the end of the fast the ward will have a great outlook on missionary work and fellow shipping. We still dont have any real Progressing Investigators, but one that we have kind of been working with may have some hope. His name is Alex, and he is a way cool relaxed kind of guy, and we have shared a few things with him. Kinda a Restoration lesson, we taught him the word of wisdom last week, and we are hoping to share a spiritual lesson with him next week, and commit him to baptism. it will kind of give us an idea of how interested he is, and it will help us get across our purpose for being there.
Well i hope to find some time to get around to sending Austin and others an letter. Well hey how is Todd Doing? i need to write him a letter. WEll i g2g ttyl love u


Hello Son I enjoyed your email, sounds like things are still a challenge there. I will agree with you when you said your pleased with your mission so far, you should be, you have accomplished many great things and brought many people into the Lords only true church on earth. I also liked that you want to continue to study, learn, and grow stronger in knowledge and spirt. I think that is awsome we can never stop learning and growing it is something we must do our whole life. Speaking of that I have been listening to the CDs by Truman G Madsen on the Prophet Joseph Smith, they are great and inspiring and I have learned so much from them. Mic gave me a set for my birthday and He had the other set already so I put them on my ipod and have been listening to them. This past weekend was our stake conference and they had Elder Alan Packer from the Seventy asigned to us it was a good conference. The best was on saturdays preisthood leadership meeting, they kind of had a open discussion on how we can better sereve. I guess what hit me was sometimes I go along thinking I am doing good and realilize I can do so much more. With the preisthood power ( stronger than any other power or force on earth) our abilitys are limitless through faith on the Lord. The only thing that does limit us is ourselves, through lack of faith or not beleiving the Lord can really help us with what we need. I know anything the Savior did we can do through faith on him, I know miracles can happen if we believe, I know the Lord through the spirt can reveil his will to us if we have faith strong enough. I now know I have much to work for and to achieve and that I need to raise the bar for myself.
Well things are doing well here at home not much change this week. I think I will be going to Logan this weekend to help Matt and Keira move some things out of there apartment and into storage. Also Austin is going into the MTC around the end of June so that will be quick for him which is great. Well I am running late I was slow to get up this morrning I uaualy am up and working out by about six but didnt get going till after sixthirty. I just want you to know how very proud and happy I am of you, keep your happy spirt, and drive to do all the Lord wants of you. The Lord is there for you, increase your prayers, increase your faith, believe He the Lord can do anything you rightously desire. I love you deeply and know you are giving your all and that is all the Lord requires of you. Stay happy, healthy and enjoy the work, may you have an amazing week.

May 23, 2011 to Missy, Mamie, Keira, Kaylee and KT (Happy Late Mothers Day)

Hey Dont wan't to make all your cold bums jealous, but happy late mothers day. This is a Rose plant next to our awesome garage.

May 23, 2011 to Missy


HI.. Well i hoped you enjoyed most of the pics. sorry bout the crazy spiddie. She needs to go i know. Well I have so more Pics for you! I got the awesome Garage gym:

 and Elder Faulkner Attempting To make some Fried Chackin:

So whats with everyone getting Married, and havin babys while im gone? haha. Yeah Austin sounds like a nice guy from what ive heard. Thats awesome Aubs is getting married. I am super excited for her.
Well Things here in The Arlington ward are staying fairly slow, somethings got to give. I feel that we have made no progress since we have been here, even though i know for a fact that we have, it just feels that way. As far as Numbers go they just dont seem to be catching up. We have just been creaming the numbers we can control. Like tracting, and talking with people. Sadly the others are not catching up. The ward can see that we are trying, and i hope to work even harder in the coming weeks, but hopefully we can get a few refferals. Well what can you do other than Working Hard Praying Hard, and Fasting too. We are doing a 40 day fast thing in our ward for missionary work, and i hope at the end of the fast the ward will have a great outlook on missionary work and fellowshipping.
Well Whats new in the Butler crew? School is almost out? I could have sworn we were just talking about Parker Getting ready for MIddle school? Crazzzzzzie! how are them Munchkins doing tell them all Pee weed says HI. Well g2g thanks again for you Blogtastic skills. U da bomb with the blog dot coms.



1. That black widow pic totally gives me the creeps! Yuck..... And ..... you are such a crazy Elder!!! No more dangerous stuff for you Elder. Time to squash those little blood suckers.

2. Love the 4 generation photos. They crack me up and might I might add that you are looking very good. The best looking elder there for an Ol' Grandpa.

3. Where did you learn to cook a peanut butter brownie cake? My mouth was watering just looking at thing. And it looks like your bunk mate enjoyed it very much. He looks super fun to hang out with.

4. Mmmmmm..... Queso...... (Said in Homer Simpson voice.) I gotta get me some o' dat!

5. I can't believe that you remember the ant sleep over. I totally forgot all about that. Good times, my boy, good times. I think that we had a sleep over for some reason. Probably because I wuv you guys. We played in the ditch and it started to rain. Went inside and had some awesome Queso because it is one of my favorite things and you and KT are total dip n' cheese lovers.... But the most memorable part was the ants!!! I don't remember how it happened, but for some reason, there was cookies all over in our bed.... Could you have anything to do with that?! AND my bed was consequently covered in ants also. We screamed our heads off, pulled off the sheets and blankies and shoved them in the washing machine. Then Wing ran around spraying them. Memories. We had such good times in the "Love Shack."

And now on to current events back here in Utah. Nothing much new happening here. School will be over in a few weeks on June 3rd. The kids are super excited and getting trunky. It's hard for even me to concentrate on school stuff and I'm not even attending. Aubrey is getting married in June. He's a nice guy named, Austin. He's not a member of the church, but really loves Aubs. He is in the national guard and is often gone to training. We're worried about Aubs being a military wife, but she's got a great support system with the family. She'll be ok. I think that he will take good care of her. I've attached a pic of the Aubs and Austin. I'm designing her wedding invite so I've got all of her favorite pics. (Most are of them smooching... icky.)

Well, keep on truckin! We pray for you every day and love you very much. Stay strong and obedient and you will continue to be blessed and find those in search of true happiness.

Hugs and love,


Monday, 16 May 2011

May 16, 2011 to Pops (Austin mission call)

Hello Dad! Thanks again for another great encouraging email. I am soo glad to have a Dad that does a great job at keeping me informed. Austin got his Mission call to California! Awesome! DO you know when he reports to the MTC? i have been intending to write him back for the longest time. Sounds like will be California Mission buddies when he gets back! More Snow?? That's crazy! well hey it rained here for a little bit early Sunday morning. Other than the cold i am glad it seem like all is still going well back home. Whew. That does sound like a crazy schedule for micah. Baby, work gym, and Coaching! that's alot to squeeze in. well hey thanks for gathering up the stuff. no real super hurry.
Well Same old same old for here, we are still teaching lessons, but most are Ward Mission Process lessons. I forgot did i already explain to you what the ward mission process is? Well i have been really enjoying all the work, and effort i have put in with Elder Combe we keep track pretty well of all our statistics. WE need to keep pushing hard, and setting more goals. so far we have talked to nearly 2000 + people. We really need some help from the ward. A referral would be nice, we have gotten a few, but it seems like nothing is going anywhere. George Brown is great. a real nice guy, but we haven't been able to set up another appointment with him! he has been out of town for the past 2 weekends, but we just got his phone number, so we are going to call him sometime this week to try, and set something up for next weekend. All this morning we have been super cleaning the Apartment, and decking it out i am going to have to send you some pics we have everything here. A gym, and ping pong table. a grill, a deep fryer, a waffle maker... a coach game room. Its by far one of my favorite apartments out of my whole mission. The Elders here are great too. We all have an amazing bond, and brotherhood together. we do everything together.
Jeez sometimes i have those p days where i don't know what to say in my emails, sometimes I'm just not in the emailing Well everything is still going awesome! i am very pleased so far with my mission so far, and i really want to continue to learn and grow. I already feel like i have grown so much, but i really need to keep on training myself to study harder, and to develop those great life skills that will help me be successful in this life. Well i g2g pops i love you, and the family very much. I will be sure to email you more, and more as the weeks go by.


Hello Son I sent you n email last Monday also so you may receive two, I hope and pray things have been good for you. It has been a unusual spring here we have had lots of rain and snow and it has been slow to warm up, they have record amounts of snow still in the mountains I think we will see some bad flooding, although it wont effect us. Well I think you probably received a email from Austin but he received his mission call to California if I remember right it is the Santa Rosea mission its like from San Fransisco north. He seems excited about it and goes into the MTC fairly soon I think about the end of June. I have been trying to get things together and sent to you, I picked up some more socks to send ya and am finishing getting pic's together, also I am trying to copy off some family history stuff. I know I have been slow at getting things to ya and am sorry I hope to be sending this out sometime this week. If there is anything else you think ya might need let me know.Everyone here is doing good I think Mic is a bit wore out sometimes adjusting to a different schedule with baby,work,gym,and coaching. I give him a rough time and tell him he needs to cowboy up. Kay and baby seem good the baby has been throwing up a bit at times but nothing serious she is still gaining weight and is happy most the time ( a very good natured girl she is). Red is still working a bunch and has made some friends from work so she is of doing stuff at nights a bit more. Matt started work up the canyon last week and they broke him in hard and fast, I guess they have lots they need done so they have been working ten hour days, shoveling snow off the trail to the cave, I think he was a bit tired and sore but doing fine. Keira is back in Logan this should be her last week working up there so she will be down here after this week. And I may be another year older but I am feeling good and things are doing well, its just with all that snow in the mountains I wont be able to go motorcycle riding on the trails for quit some time.
So how has things been for you? I have been hoping that some things would pick up for ya, if not try to enjoy the searching and planting the seeds. Just think of it as a real hard where's Waldo only your'sspirt as to where they are, you win ( mostly the convert wins). Well how is George Brown, I hope he is still letting you teach him. Did your infection heal up completely for you? Well stay happy and healthy, love and enjoy every minute of your mission, its but a blink in the time of your life, but one of the very most important times. Well I better finish and get to work. I want you to know and feel how very much I love and care for you, I feel your sprit touch me often and I love it. May you have a wonderful week, may the spirt of the Lord lift you, strenght you, and guide you as you go forth. Love ya Son may God bless ya.

May 16, 2011 to Matt (HEY MATT BROTHER in law of mine... HAha i might as well call you BRO)

HI Matt! how is it going? So i hear your getting pretty good at shoveling snow? Seems to me like my snow shoveling skills have slightly diminished. Due to the lack of snow here in California. Well i mean if your getting that good you should probably offer a free snow shoveling service?? I know there has got to be some people in Utah that will give you good business. Well at least you can guarantee me as one of your first customers. Haha jk idk how well im going to handle the cold when i get back... I miss it though. Well Riverside is treating me well, but the people are just not having it. They are very kind and fond of soft rejection... I am working hard though, and i hope to milk Riverside for all its got. Anyways i cant wait to talk mission experiences with you once i get back.
Well how are things going for you? Are you excited to have Keira finish her job in Logan? I pretty much consider Kaylee another sister, but i still feel like i need to get to know you a little better to consider you a brother. Haha jk. Well Lemme know whats up when you get a free moment. It sure would be nice to hear from you every now and then.  Well YOUR THE MAN WITH THE PLAN, SINCE I GOT ON THE PLANE TO LEAVE TO LAND SO FAR FROM THE HUNSAKER CLAN, AND YOUR PLAN WAS TO GET A RING ON MY SISTERS HAND. WOW I WAS A POET, AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT. write me back i mean it, man i love peanuts. peanut peanut butter, and jelly. Man i am a nut
Elder Aaron Hunsaker

Friday, 13 May 2011

May 2, 2011 to Pops

Hey Dad! Thanks for the great Email, and continued encouragement. I really appreciate it. This week was awesome! It was full of a bunch of spiritual packed power.  on wednesday we were able to have a Multi Mission CONFERANCE. it was awesome 400 missionaries from the Riverside mission, and the San Bernardino mission. Elder L. Tom Perry was able to come, and address us. I was able to see all my pals i have met, and gotten to be friends with throughout the mission. Saturday we were able to provide service early in the morning to a member in our ward, immediatly after we were able to Help in the Mormon Helping Hands Project. when we showed up we were directed to a empty field full of illegal trash, and dumpage. there was graffeti all over the walls, and tires, and junk everywhere. After we were done with it it looked clean as a whistle, with all the trash in one giant pile. The guy from the city that we worked with assigned me to be the group leader, and he said as an estimate we piled up over 5000 lbs in stuff!
Saturday night we were able to start teaching a great new investigator. George Brown. He is a way cool dude that loves the outdoors, and has worked construction for a long time. One of his best friends recently joined the church! He had some great imput, and comments. He gladly accepted our invitation to read, and pray from the book of Mormon. Well Dad i must say i am just flowing with joy, and the spirit as i read your weekly emails! the culminating force of the many blessing that the family has recieved just thrills me! I cant wait for another Mothers day call, and once again we can use skype!!! :) i am planning on making my call at 6:30 my time, so around 7:30 for you guys. I will try to call mic or someone sometime during the day to get all the specifics set up, but does that time work? Well this is the Phone number for the guy who we will by skypeing with his name is Richard Bonilla. He actually is the brother of an awesome guy i got to know in redlands 4th ward. Well pops i love you soo much, I am soo happy for The whole Hunsaker clan, including Matt, and Keira. keep up the awesomeness. I hope the best for every one in work, school, and Parenting


Hello Son I hope your week has been good for you, if nothing else it looks like the weather is getting better. I am glad you was able to send Red a good email she really looks up to you and can always use your help and support in her life. I recieved an email from Bro. Beers and Bro. Cains, they sent some pics of you and your companion it was nice to hear there thoughts of what great men they know you and your companion are. I felt sad to hear that Adrian decided not to have lessons anymore but it may be one of those seeds planted and some day it will grow. It sounds like your new area is not as ripe and ready as was Hemet but not all can be, I guess one thing to be thankfull for is you were able to have a great experience like that. This may be your real challenge on your mission, it seems like there is always at least one, all I can say is stay happy, positive,continue to work hard as you have. I do know for sure if ther are those ready to hear the gospel in your area the Lord knows them and can lead you to them. Pray fervently, maybe fast, seek the wispperings of the spirt, act upon and pray about all impressions do not discount those feelings and impressions that come to you. Let the spirt be your guide I some how think and feel there are things the Lord would have you learn and experience, but through giving your all you are worthy and able to ask the Lord for help and He is bound to give you help.
Well things at home are different but good, the Baby is doing well as is Mom and Dad. Mic is staying very busy with work, coaching,gym, and time with his girl. Red has been working hard I think she has worked 5 days a week for the past two or three weeks. Matt is taking tests this week for end of school, He will be down here working up the canyon next week. Keira will have work in Logan till the end of May. I went on a camp out with the teachers on friday and saturday ( mountain man rendavous) it was good it snowed on use a bit but was'nt too cold. Things are doing good at work staying busy and I am staying committed to good eating and excersise.
Well I better finish and get to work, I was glad Missy sent you some pics of easter and such she is such a great person I am thankful for her she does things that I am slacking on. Well sunday is mothers day so I guess we will be able to talk which is fantastic, just let us know what your plans are so we can try and make sure everyone is here. I love you very much Son, stay strong, fight the fight and win the battle, you are an elite warrior go forth with faith, hope, and courage. Be happy, have joy, and know know the Lord loves you very much and wants you to succsed trust Him and you will.


May 2, 2011 to Missy

Hey Missy i got some more interesting pics for you! 

Well here is a little story. So one day Elder Hunsaker was getting kind of lonely so, He caught a Female Black Widow, and a male one too. Eventually the black one ate the brown one. because it was much bigger. pretty soon it started to get huge as he fed it all sorts of critters (cockroaches, Wasps, potato bugs. etc..) then one day a few weeks later bam a large egg sack. :P i probably have grossed you out by now sorry. The things elders do to entertain themselves. Keeping a pet of any kind may be slightly not white handbook kosher. SO i plan to release the spiders if they hatch. anyways here are the pics. Im soo silly the other elders in the appartment just crack up when i talk about the spider, because i named it after a large anti mormon, born again church that is prominent here in riverside. well its an inside joke, but anyways 

The second Pic is another 4 generation picture MY trainer me, my trainee, and my trainees trainee. i am getting old i am a grandpa crazy eh? i will have to send you the original 4 generation pic me my son, my dad , and my grandpa! 

THe next pic is a pic of Elder Faulkner my bunk bed buddie he is a new missionary from Memphis tennese, and he is learning spanish quite well. we made him a b day peanut butter, and chocolate brownie. 

and lastly our General conference queso extravaganza. lol i made the famous cheese dip. as a matter of fact i think the first time i ever had such a cheesey dip goodness was forever ago when you and wing baby sit me and KT at your small house in af? , before you had  your many wonderfull kiddies. i really cant remember much about that. do you remember that? I just remember Rain, a ditch, psone, and some ants around your bed. haha


How's my favorite Elder??!!

So.... What's better than words?

drum roll please....



So instead of a long drawn out email from me that contains just the same old stuff.... I'm attaching some awesome pics of the adorable Braelynn and a few of the Easter BBQ yesterday.

FYI: Braelynn is a chucky lump of love. Wayne looks awesome without his mustache. The Shortt's have a new red barn. It's awesome. Micah looks so good as a Dad.


Love and Hugs,

Mama Missy

P.S. I can't close the email without telling you how proud I am of you. It's got to be difficult serving the Lord out there when great things are happening at home like a baby being born to Mic and K. I admire your faith and determination to serve. Loose your self in the work and it will go by fast. It's the hardest time of your life and the best time of your life. Just keep on swimming! Our prayers are with you.