Monday, 27 June 2011

June 27, 2011 to Pops (Austin going in MTC this week)

HI Dad!! We had another great week together! Kevins Baptism was amazing! it was by far one of the most spiritual Baptisms i have ever been too. Brother Smalley was able to baptize Kevin, Bro, and sis Smalley did an amazing job at fellow shipping Kevin. Kevin is quite the unique young man. He has had just a remarkable spirit about him! He is very social, and friendly, and he was very quick to judge the truthfulness of our message. He is the only member of his family, but we are hoping they will eventually come along, and visit the church. Kevin shows a strong desire to serve a mission too! I hope he can stick through it these next couple years. He will be blessed, and tried very hard.
Well Xiaoli, and Shannon are still going to be baptized this next Sunday, at least that's the plan. I will be sure to let you know how that goes. Well i got a great email from Parker! Talking about his receiving of the Priesthood, and his Passing of the Sacrament at the Developmental Center. I was excited to hear from him, and email him back. I was able to write a Letter to Austin, and his Family this week, but idk if he will be able to get the letter until he is in the MTC. I wonder if he will come across an Elder that just left from  this ward. Elder Keers. we were able to help him alot prepare to leave for his mission.
Well i am so glad that everyone is still busy that's always a good sign. Looks like Red had an fun time hiking in flip flops. haha. You should have her Read a Talk given by Elder Patrick Kearon in the October 2010 General Conference ensign entitled Come to me with full purpose of heart, and i shall heal you. Its really really good it starts of by talking about flip flops.
Well i don't have much more time, thanks again for the email, and the soon to come package. Don't worry too much over it. Its only when you find time. Well i was also able to write the Holleys a letter. they should receive it this week. Well g2g love you


Hello Son your email was great it sounds like things are really hopping there and your a very busy man. I am sure you like it that way, it's great to have lots of investigators( 7 at church awesome) to teach and it sounds like your going to be getting a number of them wet real soon. So I guess Kevin was baptized on Sunday, how did it go? And Sunday was Elder Moore's birthday, tell I hope he had a good birthday. Elder Moore seems like a great companion, lots of go power, which it sounds like that is what ya need right now with all the great work you have to do. Well I hope Xiaoli and Shannon come through for you this week and are able to receive the blessings of baptism. They both sound like wonderful people, it is so humbling,so blessed and such a privilege to be able to be an instrument in Gods hand in bringing choice spirts into his kingdom. Such memories ( which I hope you are writing down) and friendships eternal you make through the Lords work. Sounds like Elder Moore can take care of your bike if you have troubles, a good Man to have as a companion. Your enjoying great times, do not feel tired but seek most earnest the spirt and it will give you knowledge, strenght, energy, and the ability to accomplish all you have to do.
Well things at home are doing good it is a bit busy right now. Mic has lots going with work, football and baby. I have been busy with work and trying to get everything ready for our varsity scout camp in two weeks. Red is busy with work as usual and she kind of scraped her leg up hiking in the dark in flip flops on Friday night but she is one tough girl as is doing fine, she can't slow down for anything. Matt and Keira are doing good they were here for Sunday dinner. Kay and baby are awesome there both doing good. Well Austin spoke in church Sunday and did well, He looks ready and excited to be going into the MTC this week.
Well I am running late as usual ( I need to improve that) so I better finish up. One way or another I will send you a package this week ( I am such a procrastinator don't you do that). I must say I have really felt you spirt of joy and happiness in your past emails and I am so happy for you. I feel your spirt it is strong, it is powerful and it touches my heart. I am so very proud and humbled to be your father. Never feel you have arrived or reached the top, ya never do for there is so much more we can learn and do. I see that you are climbing the mountain with such energy, do not slow but increase your speed and efforts where you can. I feel in my heart there is such great opportunities for you in this new area and calling, let the spirt be you guide and strength. The Lord will give you ALL only we stop that from happening. You are doing a fantastic job and having great success keep it up. I love you very much and pray for your investigators, and pray for your continued joy and happiness in the Lords work.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

June 20, 2011 Parker has preisthood - To Pops

Hello Dad! Thank you for the email! This week has been great!! We had a lot of exchanges this week, so that was a little busy, but it was fun spending a few days with the other Elders in my district. So Kevin will be getting baptized this Sunday, and then the Sunday after we may have 2 Baptisms... Xiaoli, and Shannon. Shannon is an awesome young lady who we have been teaching for quite a while. She is actually a less active member, but she was baptized when she was like 14, and didn't go to church for very long afterwards. The thing is we have been having a really hard time finding her records! She is great though, she has a 2 year old son that is a great kid, and recently we were able to commit Shannon to quit smoking cold Turkey. She stopped immediately, and she is highly committed, and is excited for the possibility of being re baptized. Xiaoli is still doing great! we have been teaching her a lot and she has been taking it step by step. She is from Beijing China.
Yeah i am going to miss President, and Sister Reeves. They are great! they are just so positive. Sister Reeves called us last night, and she is just so sweet. she was just thrilled at all we are doing in the University Heights ward. This past week we were able to have 7 Investigators at church! We are hoping to have more come soon. Elder Moore is a Firery Elder. He is a loose cannon sometime.( in a good way though!) He has a lot of Drive which is good, and he Knows the Area well! HE sure is a funny Aussie. He is a real cool guy. His mom is American from Montana, but his family have lived in Australia his whole life basically. He has one older sister who is 21,and she attends BYU, he also has a younger sister that is 12. He is very good with bikes, because he worked at a Bike shop for 5 yrs prior to coming out on a mission. He Turns 20 on Kevin's Baptism June 26th. He did a little schooling in Australia before coming out on his mission. Well i will be sure to let you know more about him in the Future. 
That's Awesome that Parker GOT the Priesthood. Now when i get back we can be Priesthood BUDS. Its always great to have another Priesthood holder in the Family. Seems like There is a lot going on back home! It's crazy to think that another Summer has rolled around again! It's going to be a busy one! I remember that last summer was great as a missionary, but i missed a lot of neat stuff back home, but i now feel that this next summer will hopefully be even better! Aubs wedding is just around the corner! That's Nutzz. Well i just had a Unique experience i sat right next to one of our investigators. Daliah. She was on face book, and i got talking with her, and i basically taught the word of wisdom with her. It was great! Hopefully we can find a time to sit down and teach her it has been a while. She added me on Face book, so Reds needs to go and check my Face book its been a 

Well its been a full week, and we hope to have a good one next week without any exchanges. Well i g2g love u ttyl 


Hello Son I enjoyed you email very much, sounds like your staying very busy and have some great experiences coming up. It is so humbling and gratifying to see people accept the gospel and progress to baptism its an experience that warms the soul and gladdens the heart. It is great to hear about Kevin he seems like a awesome young man to learn and know the truth of the B of M at his age and want to be baptized, what a blessing it will be to Him  in his life. It sounds like Xiaoli and Bing are a great couple it will be great to see them both as members and the special future they have of being able to go to the temple some day and be sealed for time and all eternity. So I was wondering what nationality they were I assumed Asian but not sure which one. I am sure it will be sad to see Pres. Reeves and his wife go but it will also give you the opportunity to come to know another great mission President. Well I am very excited for you and Elder Moore it sounds like you have great things ahead, you need to give your young companion some great experiences that He can build on. Let us know more about Elder Moore, he sounds like a great young man and one you enjoy being with. I liked your comment about wanting to get some of your investigators wet, that's what its all about bringing them into the fold and unto Christ.
Well things at home are great,everyone is well. Sunday Parker was ordained to the Aronic priesthood by Wing at there home it was awesome to be there and feel the great spirit in there home. Parker is good and valiant young man ( very much like you) and will be a great priesthood holder, I know he looks up to you very much and you are an inspiration to  him. Matt and KeiraMTC that Wed. Bro. Vought is doing a bit better He came home from the hospital last weekend, they say his kidneys are improving, the family is doing good I think most of the children are at home right now which is a help to Sister Vought. Things are much the same with Mic, Kaylee and Brealynn  as Mic say's just living life. Red is just staying busy with work and hanging out with friends she has made there, you need to email her and see if you know any of them. I am just busy with work 6 days a week and trying to keep things done at home. Also trying to prepare for our teachers quorum summer outing , it looks like were going to Bear Lake and doing some fun things. I want to focus on the Prophet Joseph Smith and His life hopefully they will gain a greater understanding of Him and a stronger testimony.
Well I am running late as usual I better finish up. I so very, very much enjoy your emails and feel the joy, happiness, and excitement you are experiencing on your mission. I told my teachers in class last Sunday, the spirit is an amazing thing you can feel it from someone else and not see them or be there, but from their words the spirit touches you heart. That is what I have felt from you many times as I read your emails, I know the spirit is with you and is guiding and influencing all you do. I love you very much and am so proud to be you father, may you be blessed in all you do. Have an awesome week, and get wet ( from baptizing though not rain).

Thursday, 16 June 2011

June 13, 2011 Keira's B day - to Pops

Hey Daddeo! Things are going great! The past 2 weeks have been busy. I am still getting settled into the new Area, but i have caught up real fast! The ward is awesome! We also have some great Investigators too. There are quite a number that we are working with. I am hoping to pray and work hard to finally get some of these people wet. President Reeves goes home in about 2 weeks! We had our last Multi zone with him last Friday! Its craazzy to see them go. Its funny the majority of their training was on Going home as a Missionary, and getting Married, and good companion attributes. Things in my new area are quite well. Ive got more hills then the Arlington ward, and since we are so close to downtown riverside its smoggey. The weather here has been quite odd. Mainly its been heating up slowly, but yesterday morning we got a little rain. I haven't heard much about the Arlington ward, but i will be sure to check back up on them. We should have 2 baptisms toward the end of this month. Kevin, and Xiaoli. They are both awesome! Kevin was found right before i got there. He was found by Elder Moore, and Elder Pese. He is 16 yrs old, and the kids just the friendliest guy. Hey is a good kid, and the gospel is just right for him. What is the coolest thing about him is how he got a strong confirmation while praying about the BOM. He knows it is true! since then he hasn't skipped a beat. he is expected to be baptized on the 26th. Xiaoli is a referral Elder Moore, and i received the first week i was here. Xiaoli's husband Bing submitted in the info, because he is a Recent Convert, and He is one of the coolest guys i have ever met. They both speak English fairly well, but they have a strong accent. Bing loves the church, and with him and the spirit we were able to have a great first lesson with Xiaoli, and we committed her for baptism for the 3rd of July.
Well sounds like Everything is going well back home. I am glad all is still going well. we are all so blessed. I am glad to hear you are doing well pops. I am soo happy to hear you are still doing the great morning routine! has it been effective. you been losing weight? I have a gift for the baby! i got some cute baby clothes for her for free! I need to send them off soon before she grows to much! So how are all the Thomsons doing? where are Matt, and Keira staying? so how is the ward back home doing? I hope bro Vought gets better. How is that family doing? What are the Holley's up too? I need to write them back along with Bro Clarke. How is the new Bishop doing? Who are the counselors? Oh that's right its bro Miche, and Bro Gifford! i forgot. Well I'm going to try, and write mic a letter its been a while since i have emailed him. hey pops how is my package coming along? no rush just curious. 

Well i g2g love u dad i will be sure to fill you in more on Elder Moore, and our adventures.


Hello Son how goes everything? I am sure your staying very busy learning your new area and calling duty's, I hope it is going well. I am sure the weather has warmed up lots as it has for us finally. So how are things with your investigators ? I hope that they are progressing well, it sounds like you have a good amount teaching which is great. So let us know more of your new companion and area what is things like for you? I talked with Austin Sunday he went through the temple on Saturday and said how awesome it was. He goes in the MTC on the 29 of this month, he was asking me about what we did in buying you a bike for your mission. Have you heard anything about your investigators  in your last area, I hope D'andrea is being taught and is progressing to baptism. So when does Pres. Reeves leave to go home? We received a letter from them letting us know you had been called to be a district leader.
Well things are doing well at home, today is Keira's birthday we are planning to go out to dinner for her. Your little Braelynn is two months old as of yesterday and she is growing and changing all the time. Mic has been busier with football the past few weeks, 7 on7 tournaments and practice. Kaylee started working again on Saturday, she is planning on just working one night a week and on Saturday's. Red is working hard as usual they have been scheduling her 5 days a week for some time. She was long boarding the other night with some friends and bruised herself a bit but say's she is fine. Keira has been going with Matt's Mom up the canyon and hiking the Timp trail in the mornings for exercise. I am still doing my same routine exercising in the morning and drinking my smoothies, it seems to work well. Work has picked up more with the good weather. I home teach the Voughts, Bro Vought has had some health problems, diabetes, he had to have one toe removed from his foot and now his kidneys are giving him problems I gave him a blessing last week before he went into the hospital, i visited him on Sunday hopefully things are improving for him.
Well I better finish up and get to work. It sure is awesome to hear the joy and happiness your experiencing in doing the work of the Lord. I am very happy for you and pray the Lord will continue to bless you and your companion that together you may be a powerful force in bring the gospel to all those who will listen. Draw all the power and strength you can from the Lord through his spirit, that all who you meet and talk to may feel the spirit and be drawn to it. I love you very much and am so grateful for the blessing you are in my life, continue in strength and courage you are a mighty solider for the truth. May you and your companion have a great week with many spiritual experiences, I pray for your success.


June 13, 2011 Brosef! - to Micah

HI MIC? How is the crazy Father life treating YOU? How does it feel to be a pops. Now that i have grown so much on my mission i think it would be absolutly awesome to be in your shoes! How is football going? I cant wait to come back off my mission, and hopefully help in some way with the AF football program. So what you working on as far as helping the squad again! I know you are helping with strength and conditioning, but i forgot what you helped with last year offence Defence? How were the coaching clinics? WEll if you get a minute write me back a brief email! feel free to ask me questions? well i g2g love u bro. ttyl


HI mic! Mission life is treating me very well. The new Area is tuff, because we dont really have any legit investigators. :(, but it has been a blast trying to find new people. Elder Combe and i have been leading out the Mission for the number of oyms. This week we had 312, but we easily could have had more, because on saturday we went to an awesome Airshow. The airshow was a large free event put on by the city, and the small airport. It was fun watching all the stunt planes go crazy. I have already had some fun new experiences here in the new ward. I love being on bike, and even better when i got here there was already a gym practically set up in our large garage! we dont have a car, because the spanish missionaries we live with are on bike as well! Time has gone by way to fast! What was it like after you hit a year on your mission. It doesnt feel to different for me, because i am already sort of entrenched in the work, but it might start getting crazy when i get over 18 months! 
  The baby is due very soon! so did you guys decide on a name for sure yet? Dont forget to email, or mail me some pictures! i still havent got any pics from Keiras wedding. :( i think she gave me a web address to view them, but it didnt work. 
  So how is football going? what does the team look like for this year, i now its quite early, but geez are there any players still around that i would know? Thats cool you are doing some good lifting, and speed, and agility training. Hey is old coach taylor still around? Well i got to get going, but i hope all goes well with the baby! :) keep me posted.  Well i cant say goodbye with out sharing this funny joke. Hey! Did you know who invented the C section? Why its obvious C stand for Chuck Norris. He round house kicked his way out of his mamas belly. Well be sure to share that joke its a goodin. i think  Matt would like it.


Hey there pal how’s the mission life treatin ya?  Pops tells me that you have been transferred to a new area.  It’s always a fun challenge to go to a new area and see what new experiences await.  Well I really should be better at sending emails to you, and it seems like every Monday I plan on doing it at work and then something comes up!  Well how is the new area?  How about your new comp?  It’s pretty crazy to think how fast time flys, I can’t believe you’ve been gone a whole year now!  I guess it’s all downhill from here.  Well as for me here back at home, it’s been super busy as always.  Last weekend I attended a Coach’s Clinic in Reno for a few days, it was fun until I started to get sick.  I had been sick about a month ago and then I thought it was gone but it hit me again pretty hard and this time it turned into bronchitis!  It really stunk! I think I’m finally over it now so that’s good, I’m just gonna have to take extra good care of myself.  Well we are all super excited as the time for the baby gets closer.  We are now 2 weeks away from the due date.  It’s crazy to think how close she really is to being here.  Kaylee is done working for now, she has like 2 months off or so for the baby.  She has been super tired lately and it will be good for her to rest up.  I have been really busy with football lately as well.  We are lifting 3 times a week and then I’m doing some speed and agility training 2 times a week.  We are also doing position meetings a couple times a week.  It’s a lot of work but I think it will help set up the program for the type of success we all desire.  Well I gotta get goin, but I hope things are going well for you.  I pray that you can find success in your new area.  Keep up the good work!