Thursday, 30 September 2010

Monday, 27 September 2010

Sept 26, 2010 to Pops

Hey pops. Thanks for the Email! Im sorry about the undetailed Email i was in quite the hurry. Well Everything is going well in my 2 wards Echo Hills, and Little Lake. Being Doubled in means that neither me or my companion have been in the Area before. they also call it white washed I have been running around all week getting to know the Area with my companion. Elder Moore was not the Elder who got sick. He alright. i Love the guy! Im going to try to send you some pictures today, but i really need to start taking more. I didnt get a chance to take any when i was in Valle Vista, but ill be sure to take a picture with elder Fairbanks, because he is my Zone Leader. Wow seems like alot of things have changed in the Ward. I dont know if i can recall the Merrill's a whole lot. oh be sure to tell Austin i am going to try and write him a letter this week.

So as far as the Cop thing goes it was a very Akward situation. We were at one of our investigators houses teaching when the Docter called, and while she was talking on the phone she expressed the same thing she expressed to us which was that she was feeling very sad, and depressed, and she described her feelings by saying that if she was home alone the day before she might have commited suicide. she wasnt serious, she just felt terrible, because she has Fiber Myalga, and an Anxiety disorder. she is about 66, and she lives with her son, and Daughter in law. the thing is the Daughter in law isnt a huge fan of us coming over, and it turns out her daughter in law was actually a cop that showed up to the scene, because docters are required by law to call the cops if their clients talk about suicide. Long story, but it was quite intense. Everything turned out great though. I am loving this great oppurtunity that i have to start fresh in my own ward. I am very confident in talking with everyone, and i hope to have success everytime it seems like the work is really really picking up i get transfered, but i know that i am doing a great job at finding souls that are ready for the Gospel.

Well its sad to hear about the loss AF had To PG, but at least it was a good close hard fought game. 

Well im working hard and i am being obedient, but i hope to pick it up more. i am soo thankful for the emails you always send me. im thankful for the advice you always give me. i will try to pray harder. thats something i need to work on. well ive got everything i need right now, but ill be sure to let you know when i need something. 

Well i g2g pops love you. keep me posted!!

September 27, 2010

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Monday, 20 September 2010

Sept 20, 2010 to Pops & Family

Hey Pops, and Family. 

This week has been crazy, i will try to sum up everything all together in one Email. Well as you all know i got (ET) emergency Transerred into the Hemet Valle Vista ward. Well now the Transfer was over, and the Plan was to have My companion Elder Fairbanks be a Zone Leader, and leave to another Area in Hemet, and have me stay with elder Moore a awesome guy from Canada, but i just Recieved a phone call that said i am going into 2 wards in hemet on Bike. Echo Hills, and Little Lake. I will be Doubled into the Area with My new companion Elder Moore. Im sorry i cannot write a whole lot today as you may understand im going to need to start packing soon. haha. 

Well i did get the Package, and it was everything i needed! Its sad that i now am no longer going to go to the members awesome gym anymore, but at least i am back on Bike. Yippie. I really liked the Valle Vista ward, i was finaly getting to know it, and feel comfortable. I guess its just another oppurtunity for me to grow. 

Well Hmm let me think i do have some fun stories i will have to Expound to you about.
First, and most exciting is we got Kicked out of a Lesson by the cops, 2nd we taught sophmore seminary students about dating, and on the way we got into a Fender Bender. I was not driving. 3rd we set up some awesome gopher traps for a nice lady in our ward, 4th i was eaten alive by bed bugs, and Lastly softball is super fun.

Well i got to get going soon, but ill let you know about all the super fun experiences next week.

I was soo Exciting to hear from Everyone, im glad to see that everyone is doing well. Im soo Excited for Kaylee, 3 months already! insane. Hey when is your cousin coming into the Riverside mission? i am soo glad to hear about that Football teams success. Keep up the good work Mic i am proud to hear Coach Behm is doing well, and everyone is forming together. Keep up the Good work Red thanks for the Letter. Keira. I am happy to hear school, and work is going great 

love you all ttyl

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

August 9, 2010 to Missy

HI missy 

thank you sooooo MUCH for all the great emails you have sent me! they have been amazing to read. 

Well everything is still going great here in Redlands Cali. i will be here for 6 more weeks probably with my 2nd companion elder Stevens from texas! he is a goof ball, but he is great. Im loving the mish, and its going by soo quick soon ill be out for 6 months!! INSANE! 

Geez i cant believe how quick those kids of yours have been growing Up. Parkers going to CLear CReek! i hope he had a blast! let him know i remember good old clear creek! i was very very nervous when i went!! it was hard sleeping the first night, but it sure was a good experience. 

OH no Grace has a Guinea PIG? Haha i bet she loves it! HOw is Joey doing? do the critters get along? its good to hear Kate warmed up to mic! i guess has not as scary now that i left.:) I read your story about EM! hilarious,but nothing to laugh bout though i am glad she is safe, and sound! thank you soo much for the Pics i will send you some right now to close my email. 

i got to go, but i am so glad to have the oppurtunity to email you. ttyl

Monday, 6 September 2010

September 6, 2010 - to Keira

Well ive got some cool new news!! im in a different Area now! There was an emergency Transfer that took place, and i got to be a part of the moving around. So what happended was there was an Elder in Hemet
(my new area) who got sick so he went to Riverside to recover. There also was a tri companionship of office assistants in Riverside, so i was the one who filled in the empty spot in Hemet, while the office assistant from Riverside filled in mine back in Redlands. Long story Eh? well i was glad to accept the call to go to Hemet i know thats where the lord wanted me to go.MY new ward is the Valle Vista Hemet ward!  So my new companion is Elder Fairbanks from star valley Wyoming. I think my new comp is amazing! He is a convert, and the only member in his Family. He has been out for 15 months. He has just one older brother that is 23. The coolest part about him is that he is a great wrestler. he was Ranked in the top 5 in the nation for most of his whole High school years. He had scholorships in a number of schools, but he decided to go to Nebraska until he turned 19, and left for his mission. Elder Fairbanks is a small guy about 5'7, he mainly wrestled in weight classes from 112 to around 125. We workout every morning for about 45 mins at a members gym so im liking that! I now have the privlage to be in a car now a 2009 Gold toyota corolla not my prefrence in color or vehicles, but i guess thats how we roll around in Hemet.
So i got the call at 9:45 at night last tuesday, then i started to pack my bags, and i didnt finish packing till almost 12. it was exhasting, but now im here in Hemet! Hemet is deffinatly not as beautiful as Redlands, but its got its pros and cons. that is convicts. Hemet is half dessert half not. its fairly hot, but not too bad. Back in the day when hemet was new, and less developed they use to say Hemet is Heaven, because the population mainly consists of Elderly people, not Elders, but old people. I am really loving it here it is definatly different, but there are alot more opportunities to help people out. Being here has strengthened my testimony. Alot of people move to hemet from the LA, and orange county area they actually release a couple people who have served there time in Prisons to Hemet. For the most part i really enjoy Hemet! it took a little transition, but now Elder Fairbanks and i are working great together. I feel that i have learned so much on my Mission, and i continue to grow more and more Each day. I am quite thankful for the Emergency Transfer that took place i was looking forward to the end of this transfer, because i probably would leave Redlands, but hey i spoke to soon. I now live in a large spacious appartment with 2 other spanish Elders. Elder Hernandez, and Elder Browning! they are super nice and hilarious. well i dont know what will happen to my old investigators i picked up in Redlands, but i hope Everything goes well for them. I dont have much time to write to you so i just copied and pasted this. ill talk to you more next week love you bye!