Monday, 31 January 2011

January 31, 2011 to Pops

HII Dad i hope i can find Enough time to email you this week i wrote the whole family today. SO i am limited on email time left. Well the work is still going great! I am loving my mission. ELder McHardy is doing good too. I hope i can train him as good as Elder Holmquist trained me. So pops how is work going now? is it slow? I am soo excited to come back home. I expressed to mic and red that i might want to be picked up. Anyways Today was great i recieved a personal gym almost. i got it for free i will have to send you some pictures when i get it set up. Sounds like the Teachers Quorom had quite the experience. i promise to write you more next week i g2g. ask mic, keira, kay and red bout there emails they will tell you more. Oh yeah my b day is coming up, and i cannot think of too much i would need or like. Everything is quite swell. i have alot of stuff now i might send some things home. Maybe just health food ,and stuff, ties. or just save some money i am doing great love you bye 


Hello son your email was great, it's good to hear things are doing well for you. Well you have royal blood, I think thats great,of course I think you have always had it within you anyway. I am happy for Elder Holmguist I am sure it was well deserved. It is good to know you were trained by one of the best, I am sure you will do the same for Elder McHardy. I understand totally what you mean by being bold, I have always seemed to have the same problem. But what you say is true great things will happen when you have no fear to ask people to change. I have found when I do as I am prompted by the spirt the Lord bless you and those you are serving. And after you do it ya find it is'nt as hard as you thought it would be. I think your like me you dont want to offend anyone or hurt there feelings,but do as prompted and the Lord will bless your actions. I also agree completly with your thoughts on attitude, it is a huge part of being sucessfull as a missionary or anything in life. I can see you have a great attitude and are enjoying your mission very much. Just keep doing what your doing and try to lenghten your stride as much as you can, the Lord will continue to bless you.
      Well things here at home are doing good still not much change . I talked to Keira tonight things seem well for them although she say's she has'nt been feeling to well latley she gets sick when she eats especially meats. Not sure what is upsetting her stomach, I told her she needs to get it checked if it dosnt inprove. I had a overnighter with the teachers quorm, there was a varsity scouts activity on the other side of Utah lake, it was'nt too cold but real foggy and frosty in the morrning when we got up. It turned out to be a good time though I think they learned somr good things about being prepared when out in the mountains.
      Well I better finish up, I am glad to know Elder McHardy is doing good, I am sure that makes things much better for you. I hope it has been a good week for you, and that you have been able to be sucsessfull. I am extremly proud of the great missionary you are and pray you will have happiness and joy in serving the Lord. Have a great week and may the spirt be with you always as you do the work of the Lord.

                                                                              LOVE POPS

January 31, 2011 to Red

HI red How are you doing? (haha you see little red.) te he. Anyways how is work going? HOW about school too? I hope all is going well. SO how did you like your letter from Elder Picard? THere should be another in the mail on its way! :) Elder Picard is a funny dude.  SO whats work been like? How are all the good earthlings?  So how is life? Whats aubrey up too? What have you been doing for fun lately? Oh hey how is my Facebook doing? could you pretty please send me another email with Info on who added me, and any recent posts. WEll talk about 20 q's. lol sorry soo life is good here in hemet california! i only have probably about 5 more weeks here. Ive been here for a very lonnggg time. Hemet is quite the interesting place. idk if anybody has ever googled it before. Im sure you would find some crazy stuff. I am still covering 2 wards on bike, and i am still with Elder McHardy! Things are looking hopefull here. Hemet has some huge potential for missionary work. There are so many people here its crazy. All i have to do is be myself have the spirit, and talk with everyone, and i am bound to have success. i just need to be more bold with people you know?? Anyways i guess i am really getting some buisiness man skillz. Well i g2g soon Please write me back i promise to share some good experiences with you when i come acrosss them anyways. HERE is one. so PRETTY much i had a dream come true today. I recieved a brand new un-opened amazing bench, weights and weight bar, and dum bell set for free. I will have to show it to you when i get it set up. I am soo spolied.  SO idk if Aubs still works at bed bath and beyond, but i really enjoy there Oak for men, and Twilight woods for men stuff. Body soap, sprays you name it. SO there are few ideas for the fam if they feel inclined to get me something for my b day. I dont know what else i could ask for right now. I am thinking they can start saving money for me too. Like maybe save money for gas or something. i might want to be picked upp when i am done with my mission. anyways I love you soo much Caitlin I Pray for you, and the whole family that all goes well. There is soo much life has to offer. SOO much, but to really recieve the most precious of all things it requires a little work. Keep it up. 

January 31, 2011 to Missy

HI Missy I am soo happy to have recieved your email! Might i say that your joke about the happy cows is Hilarious. HAHA  WOW Christian Succo got his mission call that is exciting stuff. Ghana Eh Crazy!! Well i might say that i am a little jealous for him. Lol be sure to let him Know that the work in Africa is exploding right now. I actually have a friend that i made in cali who just got to Ughanda a few weeks ago. Actually i ate xmas dinner at his house while his family called him! He is doing great there are people just waiting to be baptized over there. Missionaries have soo much work there its insane. There are people that go up to the missionaries, and ask them to be taught. Everyday is a full day over there. Appointment after appointment after appointment. I am sure you get the point.. Haha i hope he isnt a picky eater. ;)
LOOKs like the Butlers have some ballers eh? Grace the glide Butler, and Parker the next Greg Ostertag. LOL I bet Parker will be better. Greg never caught up to coordnation skills. Tell Parker i want him to be able to dunk over me when i get Back.
I did get your Package, and it was great! I loved it all. I recieved it the week after new years when i went up to riverside for a leadership training meeting. The mission cannot forward anything other thanUnited States Postal Service. I love the Cuponk game i think it is the best invention ev v v verr it is so cool we have had soo much fun already with it. The music you sent was great too i loved it all. well i got to be going soon. I have typed soo many emails today. Im running out of time.


Hey there Broseph!!

What's going on in the mission field? Did you know that happy missionaries make happy cows in California? I'm sure you already did. The spirit helps with things like that.

Here's some exciting news: Last week Christain Succo got his mission call! He is going to Guanna, Accra in north Africa. Craziness. He's kind of a pretty boy so it's good for him to see some hard ships and people who are less fortunate. He's super excited, but scared to get his shots. He needs a ton! His mom chatted with a missionary who served there and he got Malaria 3 times on his mission. He called his Mom while only out 3 days and wanted to come home. She said, "Well son, I'd rather you die serving the Lord than come early." Pretty cool. He went on to serve the full two years and loved it. Now he wants to go back to living in a hut. Missions will do that to you I guess.

Parker has got Gabe to come to scout with him. It's good to see Gabe doing something active in the church. Wing is their scout leader and they both love it. We invited the Husks over for dinner last night and all they did was talk scouts. Gabe really want his eagle. They started working on their fitness badge last night and had to record how many pull-ups they could do. Gabe did 7!! Parker did 1/2.... But laughed so hard at myself. Cute kid. And Christian is super buff! Holy cow his biceps are HUGE! Your gonna have to teach him a lesson when you get home. He's feeling pretty tough! While they were doing pull-ups, I saw two Aaron hand prints on my little arch way thingy in the front room. I told the Husks how you did pull-ups on the arch to maintain your honor. They still think that your the bomb!

Well, Parker and Grace are both playing basketball. I'm Grace's coach and loving it. Last game she scored 18 points. I call her Grace "the glide" Butler because she plays so darn smooth. So fun to watch and I must say that I am reliving my glory days through her. Parker is doing pretty good too. Not 18 points good. But still he's playing well. He's got some great hops. Just the timing is off a little. He'll get the hang of it though. He's growing so fast and has huge feet. Size 9! I think that once he has caught up to his growth spurt, he'll be a bit more coordinated.

Hey. Did you get our package for New Years? I tried to include a few things that would be fun. Parker choose the cup-onk game. He thinks that you'd be real good at that and have some good laughs.

Well.... my little missionary...... we miss you tons. Can't wait to see you. Your birthday is coming up soon. Do you need anything?

Love and hugs,


January 31, 2011 to Kaylee

HELLLOO Kay lees. How you doing prego? LOL I am very excited for you. HOw have you been feeling? is you getting big. When do you want your baby born? whats a good b day? Hey guess what i am no longer going to be a teenager anymore crazy eh? 13 more days!! Well i just recieved a letter from Brooke last week. It took me like 6months to respond to her last letter, I am a horrible letter writter sometimes. I always complain about not having any letters, but thats because i dont write any. lol I just dont care much to write, and recieve letters. P-days is soo fun, and i just like to take it easy u know? Although how hard is it to write a letter or an email. Lol i promise to do better, and include some exciting funny stories. HMMmm i am having a hard time thinking of a especially good story right now. I will be sure to tell you though I am going to email you next week or so, so be ready

January 31, 2011 to Keira

HI sister how are you doing?? 

ITs been a long time since i have recieved an email from you. I am just curious as to how life is treating you? LIfe here is goood i am still training Elder McHardy, and HE is great as usual. I am still covering 2 large ward on bike. These wards are full of some very successful people so it has been great working with the members we sure do have some great smartt people. I have grown soo much in Hemet it is crazy. Although Hemet can be very unexciting and dangerous at times it needs us missionaries. I feel that there are thousands of people in this valley that are just waiting for the gospel. I also feel that the work is picking up a bit too. I should have a few more baptisms in February. 

Well I Hope everything is going good for you. :) i am soo happy for you, and i am soo gratefull to have such loving sisters. I know that i am who i am today from my family, and i am thankful for your sweet spirit that has always been there for me. 

Well be sure to write. ME back i would love to share with you some of my experiences. LOVES

January 31, 2011 to Micah - Brotha!

HI mic!! 

i Have some exciting news! I Just picked up basically my own personal gym today! It is alot, and i know its possible that i can take it with me to my various areas if i have a truck. I got a verrry nice bench, and a 100 lb weight set, and a portable dumbell weight set. i also have a curl bar with weights too. I really need to make sure i am traveling lighter now, because i will have alot more now. i might send some stuff home this week. :0 i will have to send you pictures of my gym if i get it set up today. 

WEll i have just one more name i thought of for the Girl. i think its a good one and i hope you and kaylee like it. the name that i thought of is Mickaylee, or Mickayla. LoL its neat i combined your names, but i think its cool. 

well I am thinking more now that i might like to be picked up from my mission. I know its quite the different feeling, but it would still be neat! Idk What do you think?

Monday, 24 January 2011

January 24, 2011 to Micah - Brotha!

Thanks for the email Bro!!! I really enjoyed hearing from you. I just got done reading pops email, and it really sounds like the family is doing really good! I am super happy to hear that pops is exercising, and eating healthy! i cant wait to see the Family when i return home. I really enjoyed the info you gave me about your email. Thats cool you had other ways to find people. like through teaching english to families. I have really learned to enjoy Tracting, and i have gotten pretty good at it. OF course i always have rooom to improve i feel very comfortable talking with people. One thing i have learned is that a mission really gives you great leadership skills. I think that would be awesome to be in a Branch presidency. Sometimes a mission can seem like too much to handle, but you really do have soo much help on your side, although you have multiple responsibilities, and alot of rules, it really molds, and shapes you into a great person. 

Well let me ponder for a couple ideas for the name of the Girl.... Hmmm how about Erin. lol jk Um here are a couple names i will keep thinking though. Ashtyn, Rachel, Aliza, Natilie, Lafawnda, Shaelie, Cortnee idk. I will keep thinking. 

Anyways Work here is going oooo K. we are finaly Biking, and tracting 100% now that Elder McHardy is recovered from his sprained Ankle.

I heard that you are Helping out with AFs Strength, and Conditioning in the morning. That is awesome! 

Well i got to get going! It was great hearing from you I am going to write you more in the next couple weeks. 


Hey bud how are things goin out there?  It's been awhile since I wrote you, I hear things are going well and you are continuing to find success.  I hope you are having a good experience training a new missionary out there.  That can be a bit of a challenge at times but I'm sure you are handling it well.  I had several opportunities the last 8 months of my mission to either train or be with a missionary that was only a couple months out.  It was a challenge because none of them could speak Russian worth a lick.  But I did my best to keep them informed on what we were teaching and provide them opportunities to bear testimony.  I loved watching them grow into being a strong missionary and those were some of my most cherished moments of my mission.  You asked in your last letter about my mission and how it was different form the norm.  Well for one thing we were not allowed to tract at all, so we had to resort to doing a lot of street contacting which was tough because people were usually heading somewhere and didn't want to talk.  One of our best finding tools was to offer free English lessons to families, but the catch was they had to allow us to finish with some sort of spiritual thought.  It was really a good tool to get into peoples homes and let them feel the spirit.  One of the other big things that we had to deal with is that the church there is extremely young.  It lacked the proper priesthood leadership to run the church affectively.  In one area I was in the branch presidency for 6 months trying to teach them how to run a branch and to make sure things went according to the church handbook.  We did a lot of work with members there, trying to keep them strong in the faith, we also had to do a lot of less active work because there were a great majority of members that have fallen away and we didn't have the programs in place to let the branchs to the work.  Looking back on it we definitely had to do tons of ward/branch related work.  Well I could go on forever about the mission, but hopefully that gives you an idea.  If you have anything that you would like to know more about just let me know.  Well things are going well here, Kaylee is doing pretty good with the whole pregnancy.  We are getting closer and closer and we are all super excited!  We still haven't come up with a name yet, so you better cone up with some ideas to help us out!  Well I'm running out of time, love ya bro, you are in all of our prayers! Keep up the good work! We are so proud of what you are doing!


January 24, 2011 to Pops

Hey Pops! 

it was great to hear from you! i really enjoyed your Email. It is quite detailed. Well this week was another Transfer Weekend, and My whole appartment is staying the same! Elder McHardy is recovered quite well now. Thanks probably in part to some of your prayers. I am soo thankful for your example faith, and love pops. Also Guess who is going to be the new AP for this next Transfer? Elder Holmquist. that means i have Royal Blood in me. lol well I am looking forward to this transfer with Elder McHardy. I hope to continue to have success. The one thing i need to work on is being more Bold. I do a great job at gaining peoples trust, but i should not be afraid to invite others to make changes in their life. I know now that i can get baptisms often i just need to be bold, work hard, and be Obedient. Well Patrick is doing great! He is very strong, but i turned him over to the singles ward he is better off there, and the Elders that cover that ward are great! 

Well i got an Email from Mic, and i Wrote him Back, but i am soo excited for him, and Kaylee. I am very proud of the whole family for their good choices while i have been out on my mission.I know that blessing do come through obedience no doubt. I am also soo Happy for Keira, and Matt! All it takes is A(1)T(20)T(20)I(9)T(20)U(21)D(4)E(5) and you can achieve 100%!

Things get much easier if you work hard and have a good attitude. With Faith something that seems hard can be overcome with ease. I am so Happy for Red, and The Great Loving sister that she has been to me. I always look up to her. She is soo happy all the time. I remember when i use to get angry at her for singing so happily all the time. Now i have a companion who does that 24/7. Well KEEP IT UP FAMILY, and i will do my best too;. 

love you all. Keep exercising pops love


Hello son I sure enjoyed your email, sounds like you have had some wonderful experiences lately. That is so great about Jonathan's baptism, it is such a spirtual experience to be able to baptize someone and know they have just made the most important decission in there life, and that you were blessed to be apart of it. I am so happy for you and know for sure you are giving your all to push the work of the Lord forward. I hope Elder McHardy is doing well and able to do the things that ya need to, I have been keeping him in my prayers the past couple weeks, praying he would heal quickly. So thats great about Patrick also I hope and pray he will continue to progress and most importantly feel the spirt and know the truth. So even though he is going to another ward are your still teaching him? It looks like the weather has been  more favorable for you I am sure that has been helpful. I was going to say before, with Elder McHardy layed up hopefully you and he were able to get in some serious studying and learning in with the extra time.
Well things here at home are doing well, Red received a letter from Elder Picard which was nice, I am not sure  which but she is either going to write back or email him. She is still working hard and trying to get going on school more, I hope she can, I know it will be good for her. Mic and Kay are doing about the same, I dont know if Mic told ya but he has been doing all the strenght and conditioning at the high school, so he goes on MWF morrnings to do that. Kaylee is getting bigger and seems to be doing well, she is almost two months away, still no name yet. Matt and Keira came down this weekend, it was Abury's birthday on friday and she wanted to give her a gift and she needed Kaylee to give her a hair cut and color her hair. They seem to be doing good there both in school and she is still working at the grde school as an aid she say's she really likes her job and feels good about going to school to do that as a teacher. I am staying busy at work although it is slower this time of year, I have also been comitted with eating good with my new blender ( its great I am really liking it) and I started excersing last week every morrning and I can tell it is going to be awsome for me and I will have more energy. Also thought I would tell ya Ken is building his big barn in his back yard so his halloween will be bigger and better in the furture.
Well I better finish up I am running late, but I am so very very happy for you and am so proud of your commitment and desire to work hard and push yourself to do all within your power to move the work of the Lord forward there. I pray each day that you will be able to find those seaching for the truth, that the spirt will guide your every footsteps and all you do. I know for sure as you stay happy and love and enjoy the work you spirt and the spirt of the Lord will shine forth and all those you meet will see it and feel it and be drawen to your message. I LOVE you so much and pray you will feel the spirt of the Lord with you always guiding and directing you. May you and Elder McHardy have a great week filled with sucsess, and may the Lords greatest blessings be upon all you do.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

January 18, 2011 to Pops

Hey pops thank you so much for your Faithful email writing. I am sorry i didnt give you a report of last week, but i would say just about the most exciting thing that happened within the past two weeks is that i was able to Baptize Jonathan on the 16th of January! it was a very neat experience. It was the first time i was able to go into the waters to baptize someone! I was so happy, and joyful to have the opportunity to take part in something so great and important. Jonathan Frisby's Father was at the baptism too, and he bore a wonderful testimony on how proud he was of his son. His father had just recently started to come back to church. We also had another Investigator come to the Baptism. His name is Patrick, and on the 15th the day before i commited him to baptism, and he softly accepted. I know for sure that he will continue to learn and be baptized soon as well. I am turning patrick over to the singles ward, because i know that it would be better for him to get the fellowship there, and go to the activities as well. I am going to continue to stop by every now, and then to help him out. HE is great he has continued to keep reading the bom assignments we leave him. 

Well i am emailing you on a Tuesday, because the internet was down at the stake center yesterday.

I am so thankful for everything you said in your email. I really feel like their is going to be a breakthrough soon as well. I recently have been a little frustrated or disappointed, because i havent been able to do my usual work with Elder Mchardys ankle, but this week will be better hopefully he is going to try and tract, and ride a bike. At this point not a whole lot of people seem to be answering our phone calls, or returning them too. It can get to you every now and then, but hopefully now we can swing by peoples homes to pin them down.  

Well i got to go i am limited on my emailing time, but i never want to settle for anything less than my best effort. I do not want to mock God by my actions as i strive to represent him. I do not want to chance justifying anything, and missing out on any of the Blessing the lord has in store for me! Well i will do my best to help everyone back at home through my emails. 

g2g love you bye 


Hello son I am not sure if you received my last weeks email or not but I got a note from the system that it had a delivery failure and I didnt receive one from you either so I dont know what happened. Well how have you been things going well for you? Are you having a baptism this week? I hope Elder McHardy is back and going good is his ankle doing better? It looks like the weather is going to be good for you this week, that should be nice for a change. I had mentioned in my letter last week how I feel strongly that this is your prime time, now is your time to do great things. You are a great spirt, give all you have and more to doning the Lords work, it is when we sacrifice a little more and give when we think we have given all that the Lord will bless you beyond that which you can imagine. I know you are doing all that you should, go one step further and do that which is not required or asked of you and that is when the bless will come. I pray things have been well with you, and that you have felt the spirt of the Lord lifting you and strenghting you in your efforts.
Things at home have been going well, it has been cold but warmed up this past few days, it has been rainey most of the day today. Mic and Kay are doing good, getting closer to baby time, about two and a half months away, still no name so if you feel inspired on one let them know. Keira and Matt are both in school, Keira is working as a teachers aid still. They seem to be doing great, but I am sure they will have there challenges down the road. Red is still working hard and enjoying it, but I have been a bit worried about her she dosnt seem to be her happy self, I am not sure what all is bothering her or on her mind as you know she dosnt talk much. If you have some time drop her a line and try and cheer her up, let her know how great she is,I dont think she knows. I have been staying busy at work although it has been slower I am sure it will pick up more in a few weeks as it warms up. Red, Mic and Kay gave me a awsome blender for christmas and I have been blending fruits and veggies and some protien for breakfast and lunch. I have been feeling good like it is helping me alot, I just need to get going on some excersise.
Well I better finish up, it was strange not to get a message from ya last week  I hope things have been going well for ya. Jason Day spoke in our church today he just got home off his mission, sounds like he had a great mission. I want you to know I am so happy and excited for you right now, I feel there is some great experiences in your near future. Just keep doing what you have been, seek the spirts guidence in all things, stay happy and excited about the Lords work, and love the people. May the Lord bless you and  your companion as you give and sacrifice for the Lord and his work. LOVE YOU may you have a great week.


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

January 3, 2011 to President Reeves

Hello President Reeves! 

I am so grateful for the great opportunity i have to email you at this time. I have had a wonderful Christmas, and new years. I was able to talk to my whole family on skype! My Dad, My younger sister, My Older Brother, and his very Pregnant wife, and My Newly married sister, and her Husband! My sisters wedding was on the 18th of December, which got in the way of sending of my Christmas package in time, but my dinner for Christmas coordinated with my family, and they had family that was coming to Hemet from Provo for Christmas, and they brought the packages to my Christmas dinner. My joy was SO great seeing my family on skype, and opening my Christmas packages with them. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my family has been extremely blessed while i have been serving faithfully on my Mission.
My training with Elder McHardy has been going great! I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to be assigned to such a great missionary. The first 3 weeks have gone well! I must say that the time atmosphere, and circumstance of me training during Christmas, and in a 4 man apartment covering two wards on bike is quite different from my first days with Elder Holmquist in Redlands 4th ward. I am doing my very best to Model an Ideal Missionary, and i am extremely honored to fulfil the calling. I hope that Elder McHardy can have the same feelings with me as i have had with Elder Holmquist. I understand the importance of my calling, and i am looking forward to continue to serve with Elder McHardy in Hemet for the beginning of the new year. We have a very promising baptism set up for the 16th of January, and one quite possible in February. It has been a long time since i have had a baptism, and i am committed, and determined to have a couple with Elder McHardy.
I hope I can continue to be patient as Elder McHardy recovers from a bad sprained ankle that he received on new years eve. It has been holiday, and holiday, and event one after another, I have done my best as always to stay 100% obedient in all ways, even through these many distractions. 
Thanks for all you do President I will be sure to ask you any questions that ever come up, but the work, and my relationship with Elder McHardy are going great. 

Elder Aaron Hunsaker

January 3, 2011 to Pops

Hi Pops 

thanks for the awesome consistent emailing! The past two weeks have been great!!! we have been able to get a couple of teaching appointment, but not as much as the usual weeks. The weather has still been raining like crazzyyy!!! the rain jackets have been perfect thank you soo much! Our new years was OK, except Elder McHardy Sprained his ankle very very bad while playing Basketball. So lately i have just been going on exchanges with the Spanish Elders for the past couple days. It was quite the weird feeling yesterday waking up at 5:30 all by myself to get ready, and leaving to church meetings all day. It was just soo weird being the only missionary at church for over 6 hrs of fast Sunday meetings. Geez i am soo tired right now i hope i can get a nap sometime today. 

Well cant believe how fast time is flying by i am almost 10 months out on my mission, and soon i will be turning 20! i will no longer be a teenager. Well i think i am quite set as far as things go right now. i will be sure to let you know what i need. well I'm a going to have to write more next week. 

Tell everyone i love them soo. Happy New years ttyl


Hello son 

How have things been this past week hopefully the weather has been better for you. I guess you see I sent ya a email last Monday, I figured you might not email after talking on Saturday. You been able to get in some teaching with the holidays? Things have been good here, it has been very cold single digits at night, and below freezing during the day. Looks like it will stay cold for awhile longer. We got together with just our family on new years eve, Ken invited us over to his house on Saturday but Mic wanted to stay at home. We  had fun Mat and Keira came over also, Mic bought monopoly game for ps3 they played it most the night. You try your new game yet? Had several members at church today say they got a Christmas card from you, they loved it. Matt and Keira headed back to Logan today, Keira has to be to work on Monday and she is also trying to get enrolled in school at USU.

Well I got your Christmas cards also, been trying to get them to everyone, they are good looking. Kaylee also got your hair stuff so I can send it to ya, is there anything else you need or want while I am sending a package. 

Sister Gulassa called last week, said her Mom had a book she wrote after her husband died and thought I might like to read it she sent it back with Lindy so I can pick it up sometime. I told her thanks very much for all she has done for you and your companion, she seems like a very great lady. 

Well I hope you have had a good week, I know as you work hard and pray for the Lords help you will have success. I am very happy and excited for you and the great opportunities that are ahead of you, I see how much you have grown and the great leader you are. Stay happy and loving the work, pray for the spirits guidance in all you do. I love you and pray for your success, hope you feel and know how much you are loved by your family, we are all very proud of you. Have a great week and may the Lord bless you with his spirit.