Wednesday, 20 April 2011

April 18, 2011 to Pops

HI Pops! Today my email is going to be another semi short one. I have kind of just spent my email time Day dreaming, and pondering i am just so happy about the new baby, and all the blessings that we have. I sent mic a longish email, but i basically told him that today is another transfer pday. I am now on transfer 10 out of 17. Time is flying by so fast! Guess what Elder McHardy is now Training!!!! crazy huh?? i guess i must have done a good job! he is only 4.5 months out, and he is training! Well i am still in this ward with Elder Combe! So nothing has changed in my appartment. I am excited for this new transfer! well i g2g my time is already practically gone. Thanks for the awesome email. Seems like the birth was super spiritual. well love u ttyl


Hello son how has your week been I hope things have gone well and the hard work is begining to pay off. Well it finally happened Kaylee had real cutie baby but a big baby also 10.5 lbs so it was not easy for her to give birth to such a big baby. She went in at about 7 am on tuesday morrning and did not deliver the baby till about 5 pm, they thought they may have to do a C section but the last big efffort payed off and she was able to deliver. I must say it was a bit hard on Mom and baby but they are doing fine Kaylee say's she was worth it all. Mic is doing great and I can tell he is a very proud father, I have to say he did very well considering how much he likes hospitals and doctors and such. And also baby Braelynn's doctor is doctor Glade so he is stating on a new generation of the family. Mic was happy to have him as her doctor an feels very confident and safe with Dr. Glade, I always thought he was very good. I put Mic and Red in charge of making sure you got some good pic's I hope you are able to get them okay. Also I am not sure if Mic emailed and told you but something very wonderful and spiritual also happened, when Kaylee was admitted into the hospital and assigned her nurse guess what her name was Pamela J. we all felt it was deffinatly a message she was there and we know she was. It is so awsome to see the hand of the Lord in so many ways in our lives and how He blesses us with small but powerfull signs He is ther and watching over us.

Well how goes the work were you able to meet with Adrian again and teach her? I have been praying you will be able to have the guidance of the spirt and know what the Lord would have you do and that He may be able to guide you to those ready to accept your message. I can deffinatly tell you have been working very hard to build the work up I know it will pay of in time. I think Austin turned in his papers so he may be getting his call in the next few weeks, also Matt's brother Nate just turned his in also so he should know soon too. I know in your last email you mentioned how you have had great companions and got along with them all which I think is probably true but I would also say one one the great atributes you have is the ability to get alnog with most anyone and you kind and freindly personality it just endears people to you.

Well I need to wrap up it is getting late but I hope you are still happy and enjoying the opportunity doing the Lords work. I have seen so much growth and such a stong testinmony  from you, I know you have been blessed by the Lord with so many spirttual experiences and I hope and pray you have many more. Stay happy, positive, stong and may you have the spirt of the Lord to guide you, to protect you, and strengthen you as you give your all to the work. Have a great week may you be blessed.


Monday, 18 April 2011

April 18, 2011 to Micah

HI MIC!! Finally the Email i have been waiting for, for the longest time! Every monday i have been coming by praying that the baby was born, and i got some Pics!! She looks like the biggest healthiest new born i have ever seen!! :) Its crazy how much the family has been blessed. I am so just so shocked right now i dont know what to email.
Today is another Transfer P-Day, and Everyone in My Appartment is staying! YES!! in the next week or so i will have to send you a Pic Of Elder Barton, and my Garage Gym it is ridiculous! WE have got everything. 3 Benches, a squat rack with a weight pulley system so you can do Lat pull downs tricep extention, Bicep curls you name it. You can lift pulling up or pulling down. We have a lot of Dbells too! i will just have to take some pics its awesome!
SO Now your a Dad! and i was a Dad in the mission, i guess i must have done well, because now my boy is Training!! HE is only 4.5 months out on his mission, and now he is Training!! I am just amazed.
Well The work here has been the same alot of tracting and talking with people. We actually just got a brand new senior couple assigned to our ward. Elder and Sister Kimball! They work a little in the office, but we have some help! its going to be great! i am excited for the next few weeks. I have a feeling things will pick up soon! Well i best be emailing pops soon. Today is kind of a relax day, it may rain too, but who knows. Geez i have been emailing soo slow today, well g2g love u all congrats the pics are awesome! 


Elder Brother,

Hey pal hope things are going well for you out there.  It's been an exciting week here for us! We went into the hospital on Tuesday morning and they were going to induce kaylee and put here into labor.  We started around 8 in the morning and it took until around 2 for everything to be ready and for kaylee to start pushing the baby out.  It started really well and the baby was able to move down quickly but then got stuck towards the end.  After like 3 hours of pushing the doctor had to come in and bring in a tool to help pull out the baby.  It was a hard few hours of labor but finally Braelynn was born around 6 that night.  She was born at 10.5 lbs and 22 inches long. She was the biggest baby born in the hospital so far this year!  We were able to bring her home on friday morning and it's so exciting to have her home!  She loves to be held and cuddled; overall she is a very happy baby!

It has been a very special week and we have been truly blessed!  There have been some very spiritual moments for us and I have truly seen the Lords hand in our lives!  I know that he guides and provides for us through our ups and downs of life.

I hope things are going well for you and you are finding joy in the Lords work.  I pray for your success and I know that you are fulfilling the Lords will!  Follow the spirit and never question the  subtle inspiration you receive and great joy will follow.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!

Love ya,

Sunday, 17 April 2011

April 11, 2011 to Dad

HI Dad!! As always much appreciation for the great email! Still hiding? Seems like that girl is a little shy one. Well i have been praying that all goes well for her, and Kaylee, and Micah. I was just super anxious to check my email this week! I cant wait to get the Email with the Pics.
Well nothing too new, and exciting happened this week, however we finally picked up some one to teach. We had a lesson with a young African American mother named Adrian. she is way cool. she seems to be very accepting, and i hope we can keep coming by and teaching her. We are hoping to teach her again this week at the same time on tuesday like last week, but this time we are hoping to go with our Ward Mission Leader Brother Ross. He is an awesome Convert! He too is African American, and he is a very strong, and solid member. The work here is slowly Picking up, and i am trying very hard to work as hard as when i first got here in Arlington. Elder Combe and I are quite the Combo. I have continually been blessed with great companions throughout my mission. I have yet to have any struggles with anyone. I seem to get along great with alot of people, i hope it can stay that way through the rest of my Mission. Well thats about all thats going on right now in the work. I will be sure to keep you posted and give you better deatails on whats always happenin.  
I am very glad though that the Family is stilll going great! Thats funny that Keira was home sick while being at home. haha Well hopefully that them there bay bay Gits popin. Well I am just so thankful for all of the things that have happened while i have been on my mission. I can really see that by small and simple things great things come to pass. I see each small thing every email, and i can tell that in the long run alot has happened in the year i have been out on my mission. I just hope i can keep gettting these small, but great emails ,and letters from everyone. well i g2g love You all byes 
Elder Aaron Hunsaker

Monday, 11 April 2011

April 11, 2011 to Missy

Hello Missy! Thank for the great Emails!! WEll all is well here in Riverside! Its a tuff job being a missionary every now and then, because sometimes you see soo much good, and success, that you hope lasts forever, and then you get Transferred... No bueno. I love it here, but after much hard work and Diligence, you expect success, and you don't see it. Its all good though no effort is ever wasted! 

I am super glad to hear that Parker Is being a Great Scout extraordinaire! I always knew he believed in those Eagle Egg Powers! you just need to be patient and wait till the egg hatches. silly Nacho Libre. He might just need them Eagle scout skillz to help his awesome Bully exterminatin skillz. He is going to Junior High that is crazy. I cant believe how quick my little pal is growing up. He isnt little anymore pretty soon here he might be taller than Me! :O  Grace, Kate, and Emily will be quite the Trio. We thought just Grace was a ball of silly unique Energy.. with Kate, and Emily tagging along those Butler girls are going to be well known.
Well i need to get going soon sadly. i will have to write you more next week hopefully. thanks for all of your neat Crafty Bloggin skillz. i really do appreciate it very much.


Hi Elder Pee-Weed,

Yeah. Sending me the pics is great! That way I can get them in your book for when you come home. Your pops isn't the most tech savey guy. It might be best to keep 'em coming my way.

Sounds like the mish is treating you well! Congratulations on the baptisms and in leaving behind a "gold mine." You must be staying very close to the spirit to experience so much success. I am so proud of you. Thank you for such an awesome example to Parker. He is working very hard to live his life in a righteous way. He admires you and how you prepared for your mission. He is trying to prepare himself by getting his Eagle and is passing off merit badges right and left.

Since you almost laughed your name tag off with the jokes, here's a couple more...

How many missionaries does it take to change a light bulb? 
Seven. One to teach a workshop on light bulb changing. One to change the light bulb. One to take pictures and write the newsletter for the supporting churches back home. And four administrators to send emails asking for reports.

A young Mormon was on his mission, carrying the Book of Mormon in his coat pocket when he was shot by an armed robber. Fortunately, the bullet lodged in the book and saved him. "See," the missionary said to his companion, "that bullet couldn't get through Second Nephi either.

Two elders were tracting in deepest Africa when they came across a large lion. The elders began to run. The slower of the two realized that he would not be able to out run the lion, he droped to his knees and prayed for heavenly father to convert the lion. When he open his eyes he saw the lion on his knees also and heard him say Father in heaven please bless this food I am about to consume.

An LDS missionary was an enthusiastic but not very capable cook. One day his companion saw that he was close to tears. " Elder, what's wrong? Did you get a 'Dear John' today?" Worse! I made a meatloaf for our dinner, but our landlady's cat ate it.!" "Don't take it so hard, elder. We'll buy her another cat."

Hugs and prayers,