Monday, 19 April 2010

April 19, 2010

Hi Dad.

It's nice to hear from you. I'm glad everything is going alright at home. That's sad to hear about Red. I hope she gets better fast!! That's great to hear that Duff's is doing better. I hope they can take advantage of all this new space and upgrade some stuff.

Haha oh Elder Holmquist had to milk it. (Note: Aaron's companion has a cow at home). He has his siblings doing it for him now, but they are selling the milk for money. Elder Holmquist says he needs it.

The ward is great here. Redlands is a really nice town, but there are so many different churches here it's insane!! It is really hard sometimes to even get to talk with anyone. They all say they are not interested or they are happy with the church they have now.

It was crazy to tell the difference between the rich people in my area, and all the friendly Spanish people when I went on an exchange with the Spanish speaking elders. Although I couldn't understand anything they said I really enjoyed it.

Well the Garza family is doing well. They are still taking the lessons and luckily there was a member family that moved in about the same time they did, and they live two houses apart. They both moved in around January. Both families have 3 children all around the same age. I hope they can fellowship the Garza family. Things look promising!

Well everything is going great, and I can't really think of anything I need. Maybe it would be nice if you could get a pair or 2 of some black slacks. I only have 2, and I don't want to use my suit pants too much. It's alright though, no rush.

Well I can't wait to write you again when I have exciting stuff to say, but then again everyday is fairly exciting. Probably one of the coolest thing so far was that on Thursday I was able to be in charge of my area with a Spanish speaking missionary. He was fun. He is a big white BYU football player.

Well g2g ttyl.

April 19, 2010 to Red

HI red!! hows it going? sorry i dont have much time to write, i hope you get better!!!

OH could you send my my ff7 cds. make sure you burn me one with the first 25 or so sound tracks i forgot how many exactly wow i got no time to email anymore.

tell kay i will email her a goood email next week, and i rrrreallly enjoy her funny drawings, and stuff

Monday, 12 April 2010

April 12, 2010

Hey Pops.

Things are going great!!! Elder Holmquist is an awesome trainer. He is a very intelligent nice guy that comes from a large family in Montana. I think he is the oldest, and he has multiple younger siblings. Redlands is an amazing area.

Everyone here seems to be very friendly. The members are super nice as well. We have an active ward mission process thing going where us missionaries teach members the lessons to encourage missionary work.

I have been meaning to send you guys some more pictures, but things are crazy. Sometime withing the next week or so I will send you my SD card full of pictures. You can take them off, and send me it back. I have two SD cards, so that will work great!

Well nothing huge has happened yet, but I just started teaching a family the lessons, and it seems promising. So I hope we can get them converted. Its the Garza family. They have 3 young boys in their family and they seem to be very interested. I'll let you know how things go. We also have a young boy ready to get baptized. Hopefully we can get him a baptismal date soon. He is 11.

Don't worry about the airport. It's completely fine. I flew out with my good friends from the MTC, and I think Micah was right. It's no biggie it's all good.

Yeah Dave is a cool guy and he has quite the story. He grew up in orphanages most of his life and he has been in multiple religions. He really enjoys the missionaries and the gospel and he live real close so when we don't have anything going later in the night we just talk with him till 9:00.

Well I'm all set with everything I think. I'll be okay on the sunscreen for a bit, but once summer rolls around I will be needing it for sure, so you can send it whenever.

Well I got a ton of emails to write so I'll have to ttyl next week.

April 12, 2010 to Red

HEY red

our location for the riverside mission office has changed, i dont have it with me now, but i will send it to you asap for facebook, and the family. i will also send you an sd card with some pics be sure to take them off ,and send it back so i will be able to send you my second sd card with some more pics when i get it back.

April 12, 2010 to Red

Ello lil red.

Haha i love the pic you sent it is hilarious.


well things are going well here in Redlands Cali so far nothing huge, but alot is promising. Ive been teaching a couple lessons, and we have an 11 yr old baptism coming up sometime soon, and we just started teaching a young family the lessons i sure do hope that goes well.

my companion Elder Holmquist is a cool dude for sure. He comes from a large family in montana he is a home schooled farm boy. i envy his smarts for sure, and he is good a being social as well. he is a great trainer.

Flowers are blooming everywhere here, even though we are having some april showers now. haha. the smell of them, and the oranges are amazing.

well im super excited about you, and your licsence i got your letter, i just didnt have time to respond yet ,well im just about out of time, but i want to write to mic, and kay so ttyl

Friday, 9 April 2010

Monday, 5 April 2010

March 29, 2010 to Dad, Micah, Kay, Red and Keira

Hey dad.  

The MTC experience is going great!  Time sure is flying by.  I can't believe I am leaving on the 6th!  Which is also believed to be Christ's birth.  

Well the MTC is not too thrilling and interesting to hear about but my testimony and faith have been strengthened beyond my comprehension.  There are a couple new things in the MTC we do now besides personal study, companion study, classroom lessons, and MDT (missionary directed time).  They have a new TRC (teaching resource center).  Which is when you teach acting investigators from outside the world.  They also have a cool RC (referral center) where you make phone calls to referrals and people who have some point in time ordered a book, or a movie from the church.  It is the closest you get to the real thing while you are in the MTC.  I have a stronger commitment now that after the mission daily scripture study is essential.  I know without a doubt that I am doing a righteous work and I wouldn't trade anything in my life up to this point for my mission experience.  

Well the email is kind of being stubborn, but I will fit it in this week.  I just can't figure out my username to log in.  

Well I g2g.  I'll be sure to write you if anything exciting happens.  So far I've just had some inspiring talks I have listened to.  There are a couple of things I would still like though.  I need email addresses from the family!  I would also like a ward list with people's addresses.  Make sure you get me Missy's email address.  I need Suzy's address!  Other than addresses I think I'm okay for now.  Oh maybe make sure I have a lot on my debit card just in case.  Oh I was sick for like the past 5 days but I made it through fine.  Didn't miss a single meeting but it wasn't a very fun cold!  

Love ya.

Elder Aaron Hunsaker 

Mic and Kay!  
Hey guys how it going?  So I heard through the grapevine that I have a new niece/nephew on the way?  LOL.  JK.  

So Mic how's the football situation?  Let me know a little about March Madness too.  

Well the MTC is great!  I leave on the 6th!  Geez it sure went by fast!  I'm actually liking the MTC quite well.  It's tiring but I have a great companion who is the district leader and happens to be allergic to wheat and gluten as well.  LOL.  Thank goodness he isn't emotional thank goodness.  He is totally chill and we play b-ball al the time.  

Kay how R U?  I might need some more difi pomade.  I'm okay for a while now but it does well.  Have you been playing my games?  What has become of my bedroom?  

Well I'm waiting to hear from you both.  I'll be sure to write you when something exciting happens but the MTC isn't very exciting.  I'll TTYL.

Love, Elder Aaron Hunsaker

Hey Redster.  

How is it going?  Anything new?  How is my Facebook doing?  Can you believe I am almost ready to leave to Cali?  I've got my flight plans ready!  :O  

Pops said you might get your drivers license soon!  

Well the MTC is going great!  Nothing too exciting though.  Just full of the spirit fo sho!  

Well I'll be sure to write you if anything cool happens.  I'm waiting to hear from you.  

TTYL.  Heart ya.  Oh Pops get me addresses.

Elder Aaron Hunsaker

What up chicken butt? 

Haven't heard from you for a while.  My MTC experience is going great!  It's not bad at all.  I'm enjoying it.  I have really been spiritually strengthened.  I just hope I'll be prepared knowledgeably once I get in the field which is pretty soon!  The 6th of April.  :O Sorry things are busy and nothing too exciting though.  MTC isn't too thrilling.  I'd love to hear from you though.  


Elder Aaron Hunsaker

March 23, 2010 to Dad, Keira, Mic, Kay

Hey Dad. 

So far the MTC has been great!!!  My companion is awesome.  He is from Tooele, UT and he played high school basketball growing up.  We get along great and we are progressing through the MTC fast with a great attitude.  

I have already felt the spirit strongly by teaching acting investigators.  The MTC really has some new programs that help you actually teach, then evaluate your abilities.  

I love my district.  It is awesome!  We all get along great!  I will have to write you more about them next week.  They only let us write and email on preparation day which is on Mondays.  The emailing in the MTC is a little wack!  So I'm going to try next week a bit, but I can't do much.  

Thank you for all the encouraging words.  It means a lot.  Anything new back at home?  

Well I'm going to have to write you soon for sure.  There are a couple things I would like.  First off, I need my retainers!!!  I think I forgot them or just can't find them.  I would like my white strips along with them.  My temple pants and a list of all our families email.  Micah, Kaylee, you, Keira, KT, Missy.  

I love MTC food.  I can easily avoid sugar and get a lot of food with protein.  I would also like a list of addresses of close family and maybe a ward list with people's addresses.  

Well that's all I can think of for now.  It's all good.  Don't worry.  :)

Elder Aaron Hunsaker

Hey Keira.  How's it going?  Anything new?  

Well I'm going to warn you.  I am running low on time so I'm going to ask you to read KT and Pop's letters to get some details of my MTC life.  

Wow that sounded like a grand old time with Matthew.  Wow time is really short.  

Well the D&C stuff is awesome!  Have you moved into my room yet??  

Well I g2g.  I'm going to use the 2nd half of this sheet for Mic and Kay.

Elder Aaron Hunsaker

Mic and Kay!
Hey sorry short on time, but thank you so much for the package and letters.  LOL.  

Kay you so funny with the Pocket God pic.  I will keep it forever.  

Mic how's football stuff going and the gym?  Keep sending me protein stuff.  

Oh and help Pops send me my retainers, temple paints and white strips.  

Love you two.

Elder Aaron Hunsaker


Friday, 2 April 2010