Monday, 24 May 2010

May 24, 2010 - to Keira

Ello Tchakeira American Eagle! Mans youz keeps getting the hook ups. Well if American Eagle has any cool ties, belts, or wallets, socks. you should share the goods. haha. ugh the Act geez i really wished i would have studied up for that one, and got it out of the way when i was back at home. Well i hope that goes well! youll be aight i know for sure. Well Be sure to talk with Cam when you get the chance. Everything is still going great here love u much! ttyl


I will keep a look out!! I know that they have lots of belts, and wallets so I will check them out for you!! It's a pretty fun job, it is lots easier then Buckle and my bosses are saying that I am doing really well. So yes!! It's just not very many hours so I gotta find another little job to make some more mula! Cause moving to logan aint going to be cheap!! And I am still kinda very scared about all of that. I texted Cam today so i am going to send yo another message when he responds to me! I will see if he has an e-mail address too then he could e-mail you awesome mission memories. Oh he just texted he said that he served there for six months and that he worked with that family the salsbury's a lot. I am going to give him your e-mail. You too could chat about lots. So matt is going to do a mini triathalon and he has me training with him. Yesterday we ran for about an hour then biked for an hour. So I am dead but with any luck you could have a berry skinny sister when you return, lol. At least I sure hope so!! Oh and brooke told me to get mad at you for not writiing her yet. So I won't get mad at you but I let you know her message. She gave a really good talk in the singles ward on sunday. Ok well I will head now but I will talk to you lil bro next week. YEEEEEES! Well Cam texted I know you can only recieve e-mails from family so I will have him e-mail me and I will add it with my messages!! Ok peace out!

Friday, 21 May 2010

June 21, 2010 - from Keira

Hey brother!! Sorry I didn't get to write you back, my birthday was kinda a bust. I actually didn't work to long on my birthday because I have been super sick with a cold, you know me I get sick a lot, and my boss felt bad for me and let me go home earlier. But the next night I worked from six at night til seven thirty in the morning. And I hate this job I cry sometimes before going my boss is really degreading and mean and I am a little sensitive so I don't like it at all. But I'm trying to be good and praying a lot because I know I need money for logan but it has been pretty rough. And i getting a little scared honestly about the whole moving to logan thing. Especially not knowingl how things will turn out for matt and I. But wow prayer is helping me alot and I think I am getting a whole lot braver. It's cool though matt got me the cutest bike and his mom a cute helmet so matt and I have been riding our bikes a whole lot and I am really loving it. It is a more fun way to excersize. That is crazy you have four elders in one apartment. Has to help to make things more interesting and get rid of doing the same thing everyday like you said. I can only imagine how silly four elders can be together. Oh and cam just e-mailed me here is his letter to you he sent me.......

Elder Hunsaker
   I served a long time in Redlands.  I served 6 months in the fourth ward and later came back and served four another 4 1/2 months in the 1st and 3rd wards.  I spent a lot of time there.  The Salisbury's are a really nice family.  They are a Part Member family.  The dad isn't a member.  We were working with them to come to church so that there daughter Sydney could get baptized, I think she was 8 or she was going to be turning eight.  There are tons of great members in that ward that love to help.  We visited Bob Edwards quite often he lived close to where we lived.  He was an older gentleman, inactive.  He just mainly need some company.  I think about him off and on alot.  I don't even know if he is around any more.  It has been quite a while since i've been there.  We worked with another guy named David Bratchowski.  He lives on the south end of the ward unless they changed the boundaries.  He might have moved to Big Bear though, i'm not sure.
   That is cool that your in my old area.  It really is a great little town, plus it is nice to see the temple everyday.  I'm not sure what you want to know.  Like I said it has been close to 5 yrs. since I served there.  If you have some questions let me know and i'll do the best that I can to answer them.
best of luck
Cameron Lund.
He is such a nice kid. I will send him anything you want to send back. Well bud please keep praying for me I have been having a rough time, and i pray for you as much as possible. But you always been a little more stronger and a crazy spirtual giant. Love you brother!!!!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

May 17, 2010 - to Keira

Awesome be sure to ask him!! Well i dont have a whole lot of time to write you this week, but continue letting me know how your job searching is going! Thank you for all the wonderful support you have given me. Things are going great i had my first baptism on saturday it was awesome I got to give the talk, and Elder Holmquist did the baptism. IT went very well. well keep in touch i will ttyl. LOve Elder Hunsaker


Your first baptsim, that is so amazing!! Some people don't even get to see baptism's in their mission's. I have been to a couple converts baptisms from my ward and a friend who got excommunicated, and they were both some of the most amazing experiences. And guess what friend I found a job. Oh yes I am working for american eagle. Yes!! And hopefully I can get enough hours if not I might work at another place in the mall.  So ya cool beans. Not cool beans though I have to take the act to transfer to utah state so stink I have to study up and take that so I can transfer. Yuck, oh well. Still a wee bit nervous about the whole being on my own thing but hopefully I save lots of mula.  money money money money(just sang that song for you. Ha ha well bro I sure love you and I will e-mail you next week hopefully with so more good news!!!!

May 17, 2010 to Red

HI red thanks for the info!!

seems like ive been gone for a while, but i guess it hasnt been to long. Looks like i didnt miss much. :O i cant believe its pops bday already! That sounds like fun. You need to let me Know if he had a good one.

well ive been in cali for tranfer already (6 weeks) already!! looks like my comp is staying for another transfer, so that means i wont have to be incharge of my area for at least another transfer. Im actually really comfortable with the area, and i seem to be very familier with the streets while getting around.

Well i will continue emailing you!, because i enjoy hearing from everyone in the family!!

Well things are still going great. i just had my first baptism on saturday it was great! i got to be the speaker, and i gave a great talk. Overall it was a great day.

well i g2g ttyl keep me updated on the ward, and facebook.:)

Friday, 14 May 2010

June 14, 2010 - to Keira

Happy Bday love you hope you get better. talk to u later next week have a good 23. sorry i is out of time. good luck. you is in me prayers

Monday, 10 May 2010

May 10, 2010 - to Keira

HI keira!!! 

I forgot to tell you yesterday that im almost positive Cam Lund served in my area for a while! There is a Elder Lund in my area book that served back in 2004. Be sure to talk to him about redlands 4th ward. Ask him if he remembers the salsbury's! well it was great to talk with you yesterday. I dont have much to say that hasnt already been said. I would still just like to wish the best for you! I hope everything goes great. i hope you can find a good job, and continue to do welll in school! love you ttyl.


That is so cool!! Ya I will for sure ask cam if he remembers them and let you know what he says. It was so nice to hear from you, you already sound so grown up I can't believe it!! You really are one amazing boy and I feel pretty cool beans to say I am related to you. Hopefully I do find a job hasn't gone to well yet and I am kinda getting nervous but, it will have to work out I am sure. Love you bro!! 

May 10, 2010 to Red

Ellllo nice talking with you yesterday.

haha i know that you still havent answered back to the last email. well i dont have to much to say, because i already said alot yesterday, but i do have some questions for you to answer. Haha easy questions though. i just have some extra time to email today, so i thought i would ask you how peeps is doing back at home? How is todd and his family doing? Hows bouts other peeps in the ward? i hope everyone is doing alright Just let me know if there is any real news with anyone?

OH... and I know this is kind of early, but if anyone is trying to think of something to get me, mainly for xmas in the future, or any generous gift. i would enjoy any good cds with good missionary talks on them. And i cant tell you how much i would enjoy Final Fantasy X, or Final Fantasy XII soundtracks. lol i sure do have extra time to email, but yeah those cd soundracks would be legit.

ok will i am going to have to ttyl love you!! Lemme know if anyone posts anything on myfacebook wall like i miss you etc. ok ttyl bye

Thursday, 6 May 2010

June 6, 2010 - to Keira

L,  O,  Keira! I am so happy you are getting more hours. Im sorry it gets kind of boring sometimes though.:( I hope it doesnt get to old for you! the more you seem to do something the boringer it gets. Bleh! Wow those is some crazy hours! :O Even on your Bday! oh by the way happy early bday! i hope you have a gooden! meh 23 isnt that old. Actually 23 is only 2 more years then 21, and ill be 21 when i get back from my mission! CRAZY eh? HAHA good old Matt i quite enjoy when he likes to challenge everyone. Its actually very good to be challenging. ill be sure to pray for you two! FO Sho no problem.Well not a whole lot is new with me. Just the usual working hard. Its sure is getting hot though! it almost reached 100 this last week! it got to around 98degrees. Ridiculouris. The newest thing is that Elder Holmquist,and i had 2 other Elders move in with us! 4 elders in a one bedroom Apartment can get a little crowded sometimes! they moved in on wednesday, but all day today we have been helping get them all moved in. Well i talked with the salsburys a little bit yesterday, but they didnt remember Cam much. You should ask him if there is anyone that would probably remember him, and i would love to say hi to them for Cam. well im running out of time i will have to write you more later. thanks for the email!! LOVE you best of luck ill pray for you. ttyl. Hey I recieved my package yeah! it is perfect. ttyl tell kay she is slackin on writing me

Yo elder peeweedizzle!!! Ya American Eagle is working out great. victoria secret is not really the most fun job I pretty much sit in back and do busy work sensoring things and all that. Really kinda stinks. I also have to be there twice a week at six in the morning so I wake up at five in the morning, Also not fun, and I have to work all day til four on my b'day and late in the morning like 2a.m. the next day. But what can you do they give me more hours then american eagle. But I only have to work there til July I think. Anyways ya cam hasn't e-mailed me anything yet but if you have anything you want to say to him I will relay it to him. It would be so weird if his brother was in the same mission as micah, that would be like family unity to the lunds, We are meant to be friends. Lol. I have no doubt you could kick matt's butt at biking, but he likes to challenge people and laugh at himself when he loses ( although he usually does not admit it.) Funny kid. Although hope you don't find this strange it would be cool if you could pray for him. I sorta have this nack for picking guys that are like scared of marriage. I would just appreciate it. I know that sound crazy he just has some fears and you are like this awesome amazing spirtual giant missionary so you could help him out. I bet you that people don't think you know a butt load of crap about the gospel....but you do. Ha ha ha. Anyways I guess I will let you go not to much different with me except that I will be 23 in my next e-mail to you, wow I am getting old not really a fan of that. But hope all is well, peace out lil bro.

Monday, 3 May 2010

May 3, 2010 to Red

Hi sister!!!! How is it going? Everything is going great right now!!!! On Saturday I was able to go to mission conference!! It was great!! The whole mission was there, about 200 Elders. Crazy fun! Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke to us. He is amazing. I can't believe I was the youngest Elder there.

Well nothing too amazing has happened to me yet, but I will share a cute little story with you, but you will need to tell Keira and Kaylee about this. TRUE STORY. So one day Elder Hunsaker was tracting a street with his companion Elder Holmquist. At one house we knocked on the door and a 19 year old girl named Caitie (actual name) answered the door. I could tell there was someting different about her. She had Downs Syndrome. We asked her if her parents were home and she said her dad was so she walked back to her dad, and said with a loud voice, "Dad boys are here!" She came back out and told us he was coming. There was silence till he came soon after. So when he came Elder Holmquist talked with him. But while they were talking Caitie said something to me and I slightly understood her, but not really. So I asked her, "What was that?" She said, "YOU'RE handsome!" I didn't know what to say so I said thank you and looked away. She said the same thing as well, "Thank you." All of the sudden before I knew it she came up to me an gave me a huge hug right in front of her dad and said, "This is my married life." Haha. It was very awkward, especially since she repeated herself. Well luckily I didn't have to endure too much of that. He wasn't interested so we left. That experience reminded me alot of home, and you. I miss you very much, and I hope everything is going well for you!

One thing I am sure of each day is that I am able to see the gospel bless peoples life each day, even if it is in a small way. Right now I am working with a guy named Brian. He is progressing slowly, but day by day he is inviting Christ in his life. The main drive he has to joing the gospel is his 4 year old daughter named Grace, who looks just like Shirly Temple.

I know that if I can help everyone to come to the knowledge of Christ, and how he suffered extrememly for all our sins. He took upon himself all the pains and sorrows of the world. He knows what we have all been through thanks to His infinite Atonement.

Well that's about all the time I have right now. I will have to write you later, but I know you can do anything you set your mind to.

Love you very much sister. TTYL.

May 3, 2010 - to Keira

HI Shakeira. 

i only have four minutes to email you, but things are going great. right now i am emailing in the mentone senior center, and there is a party of old people behind me bowling on the wii it is awesome im sure you'd enjoy it if you were here. well i g2g, but i wish the best for you! i hope you can find a good job! tell mic ,and kay i say hello i didnt get the chance to write them this week geez 60 seconds left better send this. haha


Hey brother,

Hey how are things on the mission?  I still can't believe sometimes that you and red are so old. Ha ha makes me feel old. Thinking of old I will be 23 next month. Once again a crazy though to me, next you now 25 then I am like 30. Wow, crazy! So far none of the promises Kaylee made like me being engaged or Mic and Kay having to kids have come true but you got a couple years and I think maybe Mic will talk her into it by then. Ha ha, it would be so cool to be an aunt and you an uncle. Pretty sure I would buy them lots of cute clothes because that is what I do best. I made it through finals which was awesome, nervous to see what my grades are. I so know right now that I got a 91% on my math final which is pretty much awesome. But, we'll see about the rest of them.  I still do not have a job but I am praying and hoping real hard that I find one because if I don't save money this summer I do not know how I am going to be able to afford things in the fall in logan. So really hope I find the perfect one for me!! We'll see. I am going to move into your room this week so maybe I will pull a Kaylee and draw you a picture of it when I am done!! That could be interesting. I have been doing really good with those work out videos with Kaylee and both of us have lost weight. They are actually pretty hard and I am so excited to lose weight and do it healthy so I am good forever!! Yes!! Those videos that matt called aunt jemimah videos but then he tried it and died They are good though. Geez I mostly just ramble on so I love you I will try and have better stuff to say next time!!!