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December 20, 2010 to Pops

HELLO Father of mine. 

I was very glad to hear that the wedding went swell, and that Xmas is still on schedule!!! Well as for me in my appartment, we are still serving the lord. Elder McHardy is an awesome guy! He has been super easy to train, and to serve with. I couldnt have asked for a better Trainee. WElll a little about him well. He is from Colombus Ohio. He went to some school at BYU before he came on his Mission. HE LOVES to sing sing sing. He was in the BYUs mens Choir for a while too. He is an all around friendly guy, and soo far we havent ran into any problems at all. I am going to have a great time serving in Hemet for most likely the next 3 months. 

I Love my Appartment! we have a blast together! now in the appartment Weve got Elder Mejia (my best friend from the pre-mortal life), and Elder T-Bear Picard who goes home in 4 months, Elder McHardy, and ME. 

I am So excited for Chistmas now. Sister Gulassa is a very very nice lady. I am looking forward to spending xmas with her Family. I am thinking that our call will be at 5:00 i hope that will work if not just let me know! Well everyone in my appartment is doing great as far as being set for Christmas, if you want to send 4 items of similar features to everyone in the appartment feel free. Anyways yea board games! There is one game in Particular that I have been thinking about alot, and that is Ticket to Ride :) :). 

Well Let me tell you of my Great experience of Picking Elder McHardy up! so when you go to the mission home they do not tell you who your new companion is going to be. what they do is they have the Trainees sit down first, and then they have the Trainers go, and sit down by who they think there new companion is. Sure enough i went strait for elder McHardy, and sat down right next to him. i was on his right side, and nobody was on his left. So it was awesome to hear President Reeves announce that i was to be serving with him. 

Well on the way back to Hemet Elder McHardy, and i were sitting in the back seat of the truck when all of the sudden on the middle of the free way appears this random tire that we unavoidably had to try, and run over. The only thing we could do was try and hope it wouldnt get caught between the truck, and the pavement. Well it got caught, and did a little damage to the bottom of the truck. so we had to fix it real quick before we could head back to hemet. so it took 4 hours to get home.... crazzy. 

well the work is going great. i just hope people would actually come to church, and do whats necessary in their life to enjoy the blessings of the father. 

Well i will plan on calling you xmas at 5 love you. bye bye


Hello son it sounds like you have had a busy and exciting week, I hope all has gone well for you. Well how are things with your new greenie companion, hope it is a good experience and you are enjoying it. I am guessing his name is Elder McHardy just a wild guess. Let us know a bit about him and where he is from. Also I was thinking earlier but forgot to ask is all the missionaries in your appartment going to be okay for christmas or do they need something, if so what cause we would love to help if needed. Also I see from your pictures you play some board games ( which you are king of) is there any you would like besides the ones you have? And one of the most important questions what time are you planning to call on saturday so we can be sure to have everyone here. Also a Sister Patti Powell Gulassa sent me an email ( thats how I came up with  Elder McHardy) and a couple of pictures. She said you have been teaching her son who just left on a mission last friday, said your a great missionary and enjoys your visits. She mentioned she has some neices who are going to BYU and could take some packages down for us if we needed so I may try and do that it wil save on shipping.

Well you sister is now Keira Thomson, all went very well this week it was a great experience. Keira went through the temple on thursdat night. All of your Moms temple cloths fit her perfect so she wore them it was special for to be able to do that. Saturday went very well they were married at one, had lots of family there it was a nice day. Suzy worked so hard and did so much for the reception it was very nice, I dont know how I will every repay her for all she does, I just pray the Lord will bless her greatly for her sacrifice and kindness. I am planning on trying to get a bunch of pictures sent to you soon of the wedding and from the past year. 
Well I better wrap this up, I am so looking forward to talking on saturday and we can catch up on things then also. I pray you are doing well and things are good with your new companion. I know you will be a great Daddy, you love and kindness for others is one of your greatest traits, and is what endeers other people to you. You are a leader and will do awsome be confident and know between you and the Lords help you will acomplish his will. I love you and pray your week will be profitable and that the Lords work will blossom and grow for you and your companion. Let me know of anything you need or others may need, and what time you want to call. Talk to ya on saturday.


December 20, 2010 to Missy

Hello Missy!! 

I just Recieved your Email!!! i was soo greatful for your wonderful Personal Experience. I look at your Family, and it strengthens me sooo much. I have always looked up to you, and wing for your wonderful Parenting skillz. YOU can see how satan would want to break up such an amazing family. I know that Heavenly Father Has sooo much in store for your wonderful obedient children Parker, Grace, Kate, and Emily. Its so true though that Satan is working extremely extremely hard today to look for every nook and cranny to get in and Destroy that sacred Ordained most important social unit the Family. 

I also Know that the one thing that satan is probably the most successful at is making us feel unworthy, and worthless. He does not want us to gain a testimony, and a knowledge of the Fullness of the Restored gospel. If we were to gain such a testimony that would enable us to have no limitations to our thoughts actions, and blessings. Today is such a world of Justifacation. Boldy put justifacation is the grease on the pole down to hell. Eat drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die. Eat, drink, and be merry; nevertheless, fear God-he will justify in commiting a little sin; yea lie a little, take the advantage of one because of his words, dig a pit for thy neighbor there is no harm in this, and do all these things for tomorrow we die; and if it so be that we are guilty, God will beat us with a few stripes, and at last we shall be saved in the Kingdom of god. I hope these x mas season everyone will do just the oppisite of this scripture, Give a little, say kind words to another, and help others out of pits. We should do this all year round, and i know that God will bless us all tremendously. 

Well thats about all i got for today, But thanks again for all you do Missy. I love YOU, Wing, Parker, Grace, Kate, and Emily. I wish the Whole BUTLER, and Durrant family a Merry xmas and a Happy new year. 


Hi there Elder!

How goes the work? Christmas time is such a wonderful time of reflection for our Savior. I pray that you will find people open to the message you have to share and that the people you have been working with find the answers they need to commit. In my life, I've found that the closer someone gets to committing or changing, the harder the adversary works on them. I know the adversary worked on Wing when he got closer and closer to to restoring his temple blessings. It's not always in sin, and wasn't in our case, but in attitude and through trials. Sometimes it's through the people around them. With Wing it was through guilt and shame telling him that he is not worthy to obtain those blessings again. It's important to keep on eye on the prize and not faulter. The family unit is the most important unit in all of the church. Satan knows this better than anyone. It's important to be aware of his power and at the same time be aware of our power to crush his head. I was reminded of that during Keira's endowments. Sometimes it seems that the adversary is just too strong and that it's just too hard to overcome difficult feelings. The endowment session reminded me that Satan only has so much power and only the power that we allow him to have. If we stay faithful and unwavering to the covenants we make with Heavenly Father, we will overcome our struggles. It's my prayer that the people you are working with will feel that testimony and be confident enough in themselves to make the changes necessary to commit to baptism and later eternal families.

Sorry for the long boring speech. I've been struggling with why it's still hard for me to conquer my hurt when all of our temple blessings have been restored and everything is good now for our family. Wonder if I'm not faithful enough and put myself down. But, I know that Satan wants me to think this way and to not feel worthy of healing. It's also hard to patient with myself. I can be very patient with everyone else in my life, just not myself. So I'm learning to be more patient with myself. I'm right where God wants me to be. We always are. Even if it's hard. I share these things in hopes to give you some insight into your investigators lives. We've been through darkness. Especially Wing. And have overcome. Never once did feel alone. I always felt the Savior with me. In fact, I've even felt His literal arms wrapped around me. His love will conquer all.

If it helps, and if the spirit prompts you, you have permission to share my families story with those who struggle with the same trials. I know that you don't know all of it, but if feel you need more information, I can share it with you.

Alright already!!! Enough of this. I hope I'm not boring you to death!

The wedding was awesome! The sealer was funny, sincere and detailed. He was a wonderful teacher. I learned so much. We thought that Matt or Keira knew him somehow and asked him how he knew the bride and groom after the ceremony. He said that he didn't know them at all until that morning. We were surprised, because he was so personal and just perfect for them. I was very happy for Keira. She wore your Mom's old temple clothes and looked beautiful. Pammy was definitely there. You could feel her presence every step of the way. It almost felt like she was holding Keira's hand or hugging her. It was awesome.

Keira seemed calm and at the same time nervous. I guess that's how we all seem. She was mostly excited to get the marriage over with. She's been ready for quite a while now.  The spirit was very strong.

Your other family members will probably give you more details about the reception and stuff. It was a wonderful and very long day. Glad to have it over with. (Don't tell Keira that.)

Well, G2G. I love you so much and admire all that you are doing. You are a very special young man who is capable of doing things for the Lord that is unique for only you. Stay faithful and mindful of those around you. You will find success in many different ways and I am sure that you have more success than you are aware of.

With much love,


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December 13, 2010 to Pops

HI Dad Thank you so much for the wonderful detailed email! I love to hear that everyone is doing very well, and that the wedding is still in full pursuit, and A ok! 

Well i have got some exciting news! I am going to be going to Riverside on wednesday to pick up a brand new missionairy. I was blessed to be called as a Trainer. So this christmas i will be serving with a greenie! Crazy. I know. I am glad, and blessed to be a "Daddy" as they would say in mission language. LOOKs like i beat mic to it. haha. jk. Any guess's on where he will be from or his name? 

Anyways the work here continues to be going great! We have a ton of names to teach, and im talking like a ton. The hardest part is getting ahold of them and actually seeing much productivity on their part. I am hoping that the new missionairy will be able to see some baptisms soon. 

nothing too super new happened this past week, although we did have a cool experience with a lady named Karen we tracted into when we first got here 3 months ago. We gave her a Bom, and we have been trying to sit down with her for this whole time, and on thursday we were able to teach her a lesson, and commit her to Baptism! she has been reading the Bom on her own time, and she accepted, sadly she didnt make it to church i hope everthing can continue to progress with her.

Well i really enjoyed the package i recieved it was great! Sadly Protien Bars are not allowed as well. Its kind of annoying since i have a lot of protien, and stuff already that i cant finish. I am probably going to send it back home soon. Well as far as treats go i would love some almounds like the ones you sent me in the mtc. cashews are great too maybe some snap pea crisps from good earth. those are good pop chips are great too. Anything is generally ok for now nothing to sugarrrryy.  

Well i am very excited for then next couple of weeks, and the oppurtunity i have to call you on Christmas. I am extremely happy for the marraige, and and the baby on the way. I am very happy Red enjoys working at Good Earth. I g2g i will email you next week! 

love you pops thnx for Everthing!


Hello son your package of pictures was great everbody loves them, we really like your comments on the photos, we laughed our heads off on some of them. It is great to see you are enjoying doing the work of the Lord, as I told Red I can see and hear the same old Aaron in your letters. And that is great like I said before let your personality, and who you are come out with those you meet it is part of what brings people to the gospel. It was great to hear about Jonathan wanting to be baptized thats neat, also I hope Norma keeps coming along for you, I am sure the gospel would be a real blessing for little family. I know as you work hard and give your best effort each day the Lord will bless you with success. This I do know for sure it's all about the spirt, pray that each time you meet with your investigators the spirt will touch there hearts, bring the spirt there with you. Hopfully Jason will get feeling better and maybe embrace the teachings a bit more, it is good he keeps comeing to church. I can tell you are doing what the Lord would have you and thats all that matters, as you do his will great things happen.
Well things here are hopping with Keiras wedding this week, it is going to be great I am so happy for her and Matt. They got there recomends yesturday and Keira will be going through the temple on thursday night, that will be special for her as you know. Bona has been working on her wedding dress and it looks great its all finished. Suzy has been working hard to get everthing ready for the reception, she is such a angel and has done so much for our family I know I can never repay her so I just pray the Lord will pour out his blessings upon her and her family. It will be a great week and I know we will deffinatly miss ya being there but we will feel your spirt, and I pray you will feel ours and know you are loved greatly. Mic has been feeling a bit poorly as of late he went to the doctor and had some tests they say his thyroid is loww and thats why he seems to be tired, hopefully they will get it figured out , he has been taking some meds so maybe that will help. Red is still working hard she likes working at Good Earth, I think it is a hard time of year for her I can tell she stuggles a bit, I know she misses you to, the pictures she loved them very much. It will be great to talk at christmas I know everyone is looking forward to it very much.
Well I better wrap things up, by the way you did you get the package I sent? Also on the card ya sent you said no protein supplements, I dont know for sure what they mean but are the bars I send you okay or are they out also. We would like to know what is okay and what you would like for treats when we send stuff. I plan on trying to get your packages off to you be thursday at the latest I feel that should be enough time so you will get them before christmas. Well I hope you have a great week, I hope all has been well for you. We love you very much and loved the Pics and notes. May the spirt of the Lord be with you I pray that you may feel his love and know and feel the love of your family. We will be talking soon have a wonderful week.

                                                                                 LOVE POPS

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November 29, 2010 to Dad

HEllO Pops whats popin? ITs great to hear from you, and im glad to hear the family survived thanksgiving. IT sure did sound like a super busy week. Im glad Red had a good birthday. I remember when i worked on my birthday they bought me a cake as well, but they didnt wish me a happy birthday over the intercom! Im glad she enjoys working there. The people there are super friendly. I am also glad that keira, and matt are moving along swell with school and with the appartment situation.
I remember last thanksgiving at mindys very well, and vividly. The Highlight was when me, and mic carried grandma D in on the chair. It was a very warm, and pleasant day. My thanksgiving here was awesome, our whole Appartment went to the same place for thanksgiving, we all felt like Family, and by all means the food was fantastic i had 2 huge plates full of food.... then afterwards Elder Moore, and i went to our investigators house for a second dinner. It was a chinese Family the Huangs. They cook for us everytime we go over there, and we have gone there to eat, and to teach  a couple sundays before. The Parents of the Family hardly speak english at all, but the mother has learned a ton ever since we got here. Missionaries have taught them for a couple months before us, and their two sons have changed alot. they are awesome the 2 sons are Deke, and Day way. i dunno if i spelled their names right, but deke is about 15, and day way 11ish. Anyways Deke is amazing at chess, and i am horrible, so it gets pretty funny when we play him, because that is all he does. Anyways the dad used to be a chef in china so it is really really good chinese food. Its the real deal. steamed and everything. The turkey he made was going to be stuffed with shrimp. and rice, but he didnt have enough time to cook the rice. The Huang family is very very kind, and and generous. I dont know why they are not baptized yet, but hopefully we can commit them soon though. The language barrier is the factor for the dad, and the mom a little, but Deke and Day way go to church everysunday, and Deke goes to seminairy. The mom comes every week she doesnt work as well. 

Anyways i probably tell you the most exciting part of the week was that we all got food poisioning from somewhere! lol we were sick puppies. I got it first on Friday. I threw up after 30 mins of trying hard to go out and work. I barely made it back to the appartment in time when i puked my guts out. By saturday morning i was practically better, but the whole time i didnt have any energy, and i didnt want to eat anything. Especially Turkey! :P haha Anyways Elder Powell, and Elder Moore got in saturday, so Elder Mejia and i went out, and did a small amount of work, and lastly on Sunday it hit Elder Mejia hard. It was a very memorable thanksgiving for all of us! haha Well we now have sooo much food in our fridge that we are probably going to throw out. OH yeah The Turkey bowl was awesome too beatiful weather too I was wearing a t shirt in the morning. fun fun

Anyways I hope this next week is a very good productive week. It has been very cold, and wet a little too. I have been meaning to buy a good Rain Jacket, but i have been barrowing another elders jacket, but he has 2 so its all good for now. MY bike is still holding up very well considering all that it has been through. I need to make sure it stays lubricated every now and then, and that the wheels are in good condition, and the gears, and brakes, and all that good stuff.

Well i got to be going soon, but the work is going great here. It is really picking up, and i am getting more, and more people to teach. there are soo many names to work with, but they are super hard to get a hold of and set up lessons some time. Well i g2g oh if you havent sent my blanket yet it would be great if you could send my new gray nike jacket that i bought in st george. OH another good thing someone could get me for xmas is a medium size v neck conservitive dress sweater.


Hello son 

I sure enjoy hearing from you each week and your mission experiences, I hope it was a good week for you. How was thanksgiving for you good I hope? President Reeves sent a letter out to all the parents with information on what going on in the mission, said missionarys were having thanksgiving dinner with good famlies. I am sure missionary work during the holidays might be a bit diferent, but it may also be a good oppurtunity with some if they are thinking more of Christ and willing to listen to you message. Sounds like the weather is a bit wet, you have all the cloths you need for this time of year? If there is something else you could use let me know. Well hopefully your still finding people to teach it does sound like your staying very busy. Your bike still doing good and holding up well? How are things progressing with Jason your neighbor? I cant beleive how fast time seems to be going for you it will be a year before ya know it.
Well things here are doing good it has been busy this week with birthdays and thanksgiving, Red turned the big 18 on saturday. She had to work from 9 to 4 they gave her a cake for her birthday and a flower and ballon and wished her happy birthday over the intercom which she said was embarrasing. It was a busy day I loaded up a bunch of furniture and stuff in my trailer friday afternoon for Matt and Keira and got up early saturday and hauled it to Logan with them. Keira moved into a new appartment they will be living in after they get married, so we also loaded up all her stuff in her appartment also and moved it over to there new appartment. We had to go early so we could get it all done and get back I told Red I would be home by 4 for her birthday. We went out to dinner for her birthday to Brickoven. We went to Mindy's for thanksgiving it was good everyone missed ya not being there and wanted to know how you are doing. It looks like things are not doing so good between Ron and Mindy right now I hope they can make things work out. Everyone is doing good, Tim had a surgery done on his foot and will be laid up for a few months til he can walk on it.
Well I better wrap up and get going, I hope it has been a good week for you. I am looking forward also to talking at christmas that will be great. I did disconnect my land line phone a bit ago, I just didnt need it and it was costing me to much. Mic said maybe you would call his phone which would be good. I was so busy last week I didnt send your blanket sorry I am going to send it today for sure. We got hammered with snow saturday night and sunday, about a foot and it has been cold. I didnt tell ya but Matt and Keira went home late saturday night after Reds birthday dinner so they wouldnt get caught in the snow storm sunday which was good cause it was bad, but they didnt get home till about one in the morrning. Well son I am so impressed with you spirt and attitude you are doing exactly what the Lord would have you, stay happy and enthused about doing the Lords work. Take time you and your companion to seek the direction of the spirt that you may know the will of the Lord in all you do, I find I really have work and pray and listen before I feel the spirts guidance in my life. I know you are doing great and working hard I pray the Lord may bless you in your efforts. I love you and am so pleased to be able to share in your great missionary experiences, stay strong, and love the work. Have a great week may the Lord bless you.


November 29, 2010 to Missy

HEY missy

i hoped you enjoyed my thanksgiving letter. Very Exciting eh? 

Well I really enjoyed the Halloween email you sent. It was Fantastic. I would have to say i showed off Parkers sweet Costume to Every elder Emailing. They thought it was awesome! i did too. Everyones costume was great. 

WEll i have tried to hook my camera up to the computer to send some more sweet pics, but the silly thing hasnt been to nice. im going to try, and print some good pics off today at walmart, and send them for x mas. 

WEll ill Be sure to keep forwarding, and writing you more. Thanks for all you do you are the best! Tell tim to get well soon, and ill pray for him. 



How's my favorite Elder doing? 

We sure miss you and are super proud of you! You truly amaze me. It sounds like you are very busy out in the field covering 3 wards all on a bike. That hard work will bring great blessings to you and those you serve. You have such a positive outlook on hard work and I know that it brings the spirit in those who you contact.

Everything here is going great. We are all healthy and happy. Emily got her first haircut from Kayley. She was very brave. Kay expected her to be scared and move around a lot, but she sat still and was a great client. Now she looks even more grown up and acts it too. I've included some pictures for you to see.

Halloween went well. We had several parties to go to that kept us busy. I think that I told you about the kids costumes. I attached those for you to get a good laugh at too. Parker's costume was classic. He was the "I'm thinking Arby's" guy at school and Zorro at night.

Wing got to interpret general conference.  We got to see him on Amanda's TV. It was cool. The kids loved seeing him interpret and paid close attention to the speakers. Emily thought it was hilarious to see him on TV. Now her favorite shows are Elmo's World and Daddy! Pics of that are included too. (Wing's face looks funny in all of the pics from his sign language expressions. Kinda funny.)

In visiting teaching today the lesson was on gratitude and featured some quotes from Pres Monson. Some of the lines reminded me of you and how unselfish you are in your kindness to others. In fact, I've never heard you say anything bad about anyone. You can't say that about most people. It makes you special. Here's some of my favorite lines from Pres Monson's talk:

Said the Greek philosopher Epictetus wrote,”He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.”

Gratitude is a divine principle. The Lord declared through a revelation given to the Prophet Joseph Smith: “Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things…. And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things.” ( D & C 59:7,21) 

In the Book of Mormon we are told to “live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessing which God doth bestow upon you.” (Alma 34:38)

If ingratitude be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the noblest of virtues. Someone has said that “gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others. 

President Joseph F. Smith said: “The grateful man sees so much in the world to be thankful for, and with him the good outweighs the evil. Love overpowers jealousy, and light drives darkness out of his life.” He continued: ”Pride destroys our gratitude and sets up selfishness in its place. How much happier we are in the presence of a grateful and loving soul, and how careful we should be to cultivate, through the medium of a prayerful life, a thankful attitude toward God and man!”

Makes you think. Well, it makes me think. He also said that feeling gratitude without expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. I am grateful for this Thanksgiving season and it's reminder for me to give thanks for all of my blessings just before we celebrate the greatest gift of all, Christ's birth. November is a constant reminder of gratitude. I'm sure that most people in your mission are reminded of their blessings this time of year too. Hopefully, that spirit of thanksgiving will bring you happiness while you faithfully serve and love Heavenly Father's children through your service.

We love you and think and pray for you each day. Can't wait to see you again.



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November 22, 2010 to Kaylee

Kay kay. How is it going? Thats said to hear about Cindy. :( how is she doing? I hope she gets better soon. I look forward to possibly seeing you cousin in the mission field. SO i heard the news that you know what the gender of the baby is! LEmmEE know if you would like. I is soooo Excited! I hope you guys dont move to Wisconsin. :( if you guys are going to move somewhere for Cheese you might as well move to california! Happy cows do come from california.  Oops that cow here in california got a little to excited he wants you to move here so he gave you a cow pie!!lol So when is theexpected due date again? well i got to gets going Happy early THanks givin WEll im supposidly getting my thanksgiving dinner with one of if not the best cooks in the ward mmm. ttyl love ya bye

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