Monday, 5 March 2012

March 5, 2012: soooo close, to Dad

Hello Dad! Thanks again for another great email! Things here are going pretty well! not as well as i have been hoping as far as baptisms, and Gina.. Gina is still recovering, but recently we just heard that she will not qualify anymore for a liver transplant, so even if she recovers after the cancer. it may be hard for her liver to improve very much. Nathan, and Ashley have been doing pretty well though. They are both pretty accepting as far as baptism goes! They are awesome kids, and hopefully i will at least have the chance to baptize them before i go home! The best would be to baptize them all!!!:) We sadly haven't been able to get in contact with Ray Magee very much... We have some plans though. He knows a good family here in Corona, so hopefully we can teach him there instead of at his house. The Missionaries here are doing well. Nothing too crazy has happened ever. i have had to step in and cancel some activities last week, it went well so hopefully there will be no hard feelings. They are taking it very well though. I am thankful for what you said last week about how the Missionaries in the zone really look up to us as zone leaders. I am thankful to have the chance to love and care for the well being of our missionaries.
I am sad to hear about Kaylee, and Her Grampa that is sad i am sorry to hear that. I am excited to see all of the family, and friends, and ward members. too.
Well that new bed sounds awesome.. I guess i don't need to bring home my twin size sheets. haha. Queen on a king frame. sounds perfect. So am i still going to be in my green room, or am i going to move into mics room?? Well am am glad the setting apart is all lined up its crazy to think about that. It is soo close. well all is well i am glad to be out working here finishing off the 2 yrs i committed to serve faithfully.


Hello Son I liked you email it sounds like you are staying busy and working hard. Right now I think that is the most important thing, love what your doing and give to the best of your ability. I hope things are doing good for Gina, I know it is a hard battle she is fighting, I have been praying she can get the strength to be able to get baptized. Sounds like with all the new companion changes in your zone it has kept ya busy hopefully they are all working out and everyone is giving the Lord there very best. I have also been praying that you might feel an increase of the spirt and love of the Savior to help power you through these last weeks. It is a challenging time but through adversity can come some of the greatest blessings. 
Things at home are doing well and everyone is looking forward with excitement for you return. There are many friends and ward members who have asked when you return and are excited also. This past week was a bit tough for Kaylee, her grandpa pasted away unexpected he hadn't been sick or anything but from what I hear there was some things that happened to let them know it was the Lords will. I did take care of getting you released when you get back awhile ago, Pre. Ivins will do it the day you get home at 5:30. As far as the bed it is a queen size so you will have moving room, the frame I used was a king size so I had to modify it a bit but it looks good. 
Well I better finish and get to work I am running very late today. I do hope and pray it has been a good week for you and that you are feeling happy and joyful with what you are able to accomplish. Seek to have and feel the influence and guidance of the spirt stronger and mightier than ever before. I believe if you can ask the Lord with a real desire to bless and guide you these last weeks of your mission He will be there in greater power for you. Look to enjoy and love every minute of these final weeks, don't worry and wonder about the future, you cant change or do anything about it there, it will come and it will be awesome and sweet. The only thing you can effect is the present moment in your life, live it, love it, and give it the best you have within. I love you so very, very much and am so proud of the Great, Awesome Man of God you are. May your week be blessed by the influence of the spirt and Savior and may it be inspiring to all those you meet.


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Feb 14, 2012: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON, to Dad

Hello Dad!! sorry i didn't get a chance to write you back yesterday. All the Libraries in Corona were either closed, or the internet was not working. Well i don't have to much time to email today. I am on AP exchanges with Elder Jeffery, and we have a potential lesson in about 15 mins. Well Might i say i really enjoyed your email. It was great! here is a email i sent to pres smart it is kind of short, but i thought you might enjoy it.
Hello President Smart! Elder Hunsaker here just wanted to write you a quick email. Today i don't have much time, because we are on  AP Exchanges, and we have a potential investigator lesson in a few mins. Its great to spend some time with Elder Jeffery. I love that guy. Well as far as the work goes in Corona all is well we are still in the beginning stages of the Transfer, and so there are a few things we are looking out for, but they should all be just fine. I am Excited to work hard these last few weeks. I had a great Bday, and some awesome inspiring encouraging emails from my father, and brother. So i look forward to set some goals for these last few weeks, and strive to achieve them. Well i will give you some more info next week. i need to get going.
I am Very excited for these last few weeks, and i cant wait to see what the lord has in store for me here, and not back home. I need to continue to focus on the mission. Although i still will think about home, and need to. It will be limited, and controlled. Well Thats great that Keira can go with us!!! i am sooo Happyy. Also you don't need to worry about the b day package. You made an awesome choice! I was planning on trying to tell you i am super oK, and there is absolutely nothing i think i would need.. Well i may not have too much time to respond to MIC, and Kaylee today, but i am soo thankful for their emails too. I will plan on emailing them some more next week. Well i love you all soo Much Happy Valentines day. i better get going .. 


Hello my Son 21, I hope your birthday is a great day for you. I enjoyed your last email and could relate to your feelings of change, although yours and mine are opposite I had some of your same feelings. You were hopeful for change and I was hoping for no change. But I have found the past couple weeks I have tried to understand the Lords will in my new calling cause I have really missed the YM although I haven't been released yet but will be. This past week I have been getting excited to get going hard at making a difference in my calling, I can see there are a lot of needs people have and I want to help anyway I can. As for you I could tell you felt a bit disappointed with no change but I really liked your attitude when you said I guess the Lord still has things for you to do there. So your down to 5 weeks, I have a suggestion set yourself some lofty goals of things you would like to make happen in 5 weeks, pray commit and confirm them with the Lord and ask for His help through the spirt. I know and firmly believe He will bless you with some amazing experiences as you give all you have and work as hard as you ever have on your mission. Don't get me wrong I know you are working hard and doing what you should but sometimes we can raise the bar and lengthen our stride and it is through that extra sacrifice that the Lord pours out his blessings. The other thought I had was that as a Zone Leader you may not realize how much those Elders and Sisters in your Zone look up to you, and your example of how to give and work to the very end of your mission will inspire them to do the same. It may seem hard but if you turn yourself over to the Lord completely and give your all for this very short time  you will be blessed greatly. Again what I say is for support and inspiration, for I know and can see you are doing all you should in the Lords work. 
Well I got carried away there a bit but the spirt was strong, so I shared it. Things are good at home not much  change, I did talk to Keira and she said it looks like she can get time off to go with us to california. I planned to send ya a package for your birthday but couldn't think of anything worthy of sending, so I didn't I hope that is okay. We will just go crazy when you get home to make up for christmas and birthday. 
Son I do want you to know how very pleased, proud and humbled I am by the great mission you have served and you should feel good within for all you have done. I know the Lord is very pleased with your efforts, the spirt has spoken this to my heart. As your father I am extremely proud and as it is your birthday I also KNOW your wonderful Mother who brought you into this world is very very proud and is smiling, so very happy with the awesome Man she brought to this earth, may you feel her spirt with you on this special day Your Birthday. I hope and pray this day is special for you, may you feel the great love your family has for you. I also pray that these last few weeks of your mission may be memorable and fruitful. 


Monday, 6 February 2012

Feb 6, 2012: Super Missionary, to Missy

HELLOOOO Missy, and Butler Family! Thank you soo much for all of the wonderful support you have given me throughout my entire mission! I just love All of the Butler Updates. I ALSO really laughed my head off when i read the joke you sent me. I am glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Seems like the Family just keeps growing, and growing! I bet there is a lot that goes on with all them kids at different stages in life. Sounds like a blast!

Well Missionary work here is very exciting, i don't know what is more exciting the Butler Adventures, or The life of a Missionary!! I am Happy, and Excited for my last 6 weeks! it is going to fly by soo fast! I was really Excited to see what would happen this last Transfer, i kinda was expecting a change which would have been cool, but i guess the lord wants me to stay a Zone Leader here in corona for my last transfer. I am currently serving with an Elder From Inkom Idaho. He will be my longest companion ever(4 & 1/2 months), except my companion after him....

.. Eternity!  lol haha i am not trunky quite yet, however i have been out for a very long time! I need to work extra hard this transfer!! although things are not new, and Exciting i guess i have a lot to still do here! The reason i thought there was going to be a change was that i was going on an Exchange  a few weeks back with AP Elder Jeffrey one of my previous companions, and he said that They were going to have me go on bike my last Transfer, and Train another Elder, because we have a nice new fancy truck in a small bike area they were going to do some switch-in and swap-in all throughout Corona. Indeed they did make some major changes. Every companionship except us, and another companionship got changed. we will have 4 sisters, and 12 elders in our zone! 3 new sisters, and 6 new Elders in our zone.

As far as the work goes in our small Circle City ward. We are working with a family right now, and 2 out of the 5 we have baptized, and the 3 others are soo close. i am sure you have maybe heard of this family through my pops email. Well i am kind of almost out of time, but thanks for all you do be sure to let All of your family know i love them, and i hope to see them soon.


Hello Elder Awesome!

How's the mission? Sounds like you are doing a great work. I love reading your emails. You crack me up! And you have such an awesome spirit.

Not much to report on here at home. We had a wonderful Christmas filled with family and love. The usual. Isn't that awesome?! New Year's was spent at our friend's house. We played games, ate good food... Very fun. But, it sounds like you had the best Holiday Season of all! I'm so glad. I've been told that Christmas time in the mission field is a unique experience and one that you will never forget. Wing still remembers his Christmases spent on the mission in DC. He tells us the story of how he prayed for a baptism on Christmas, but had no leads at all. He just kept praying and praying. AND on Christmas Eve his prayer's were answered. The second Christmas on his mission he prayed to help someone who was Deaf. And yup. You guessed it. His prayer was answered. Just another testament of the gospel's truthfulness.

Parker made the jr high school play. It's Bye Bye Birdie and he plays a teenager named Frank. But, I keep calling him Frank and he never answers. Go figure. I'll send you some pics. Grace is going to play co-ed indoor soccer. Kate is going to be in dance. And Emily is just busy being a two year old. But she loves her friends. Especially her cousin Lexi (Michelle's little girl). All in all I'm just so grateful to have the family that I have and that we are sealed for eternity. Nothing means more to me right now.

In closing, here's a funny missionary joke:

A young man is set apart to be a missionary. After the setting apart his stake president reminds him that he now must act like a missionary. The young man is troubled and asks the president, "You know I have a girl friend. Will it be alright for me to give her a kiss good-bye at the airport?"
The stake president considers this and says, "I'll tell you what, you can kiss her if you kiss her the same way you kiss your mother."
The young man thinks for a moment and then asks, "Can I warn my mother first?"


Missy and Family

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

January 17, 2012 to Redster: NATRON :)

ELLOo RedKin Natron Ver22.o here. Lol That means i have been out for exactly 22 months. Crazy Eh?? I only have about 9 weeks left. 63 days.! wowzers. Any ways not like i am counting down or anything.... Although i totally cant wait to come home things are just going dabomb. com out here. This has been a super fun transfer. I don't know what is going to happen exactly for my last transfer. 6 weeks of my mission. Things may be fun and exciting. There will be a few changes is the corona zone. Well there is some really good things going on right now as far as people getting ready for Baptism. ! I am soo excited for them. WE have 4 people that should be baptized in january, and 1 hopefully towards the beginning of February. The closest baptism that will be happening is Matt Brown an awesome guy that is really nice, and friendly. He is a professional waiter, and a pretty good golf instructor. He is going to be baptized on the 21st just before he leaves to Alabama to be with his mother before she passes in a while. He doesn't have family here in Cali, but he has been meeting with us at his Sisters best friends house. The Stidham Family. We have a lesson tonight with matt that should be good we are finalizing his baptismal program. The other Family that we have been teaching is the Cavazos/Loza Family we just baptized Robert Cavazos. and Allyn Loza 2 brothers, and we are working on the rest of their Family. The whole family has gone through quite a bit. Gina the mother of the Family has 5 sons. Robert. Allyn. Nathan sr. Adam, and Ricky. Right now Nathan sr. who is the father of Nathan(10),and Ashley(11) is prison for life possibly. Adam might be in jail too i think. Anyways Robert who is Amazing the strongest convert of them all just got out of jail. He was in Prison for the  Longest time, then he got out, and immediately started meeting with the Missionaries. We eventually got Permission to baptize him, then just before xmas he had a small slip up so he ended up in jail all because he probably just didn't take some bi polar meds. Anyway so he missed xmas with the family again after soo many yrs of not having it with them. He is out now, but in the mean time we have been Preparing Gina, Nathanjr, Ashley for baptism. one of our hard struggles has been Ginas health she has an enlarged Liver due to radiation that got rid of her cancer. She has soo many pains. Anyways I love that family soo much, and they are soo close!! They want it so bad now... I really hope things work out. They love having us over, and our blessings have helped Gina out a ton,and i know that the whole family has felt the spirit.
Anyways enough about the work. So how has Frieght been at good earth?? WOw everyone has left! Silly Koko ,and Kono. are they well behaved? or am i going to have to spend some of my free time with them. training Well i got to get writtn pops soon i will probably copy, and paste most of ur message but i only have 2 mins left so i will ttyl luv u lemme know what's happin in in da hoods
Hey dad I am just going to write at the end of reds email to you. Well the only thing i wouldnt mind getting is my old lebron james nike bball shoes the cavs colored ones noth the byu. anyway i loc


will have to be buddies that would be great! And I'm sure once you get home everything will just work out for you and you'll find the things you'll need and want to do! Koko and kono are good :) cute and fun as ever. They haven't split yet mic is still trying to figure out what he wants to do. Its so weird being home with no one but dad. It's really quiet and quite frankly pretty boring.. Lol. It's just super weird. I went to dads work christmas party with him though. All the oldies gettin together haha. It wasn't too exciting. Ummm.. Things are good for jesse :) he's zone leader at the mtc and he seems to be handling it just fine :) lol he just doesn't like all the fattening food haha. He doesn't leave the mtc till the 19th. Really soon though!! He's going to be great. I've just been hanging out with some friends from work.. Doing whatever hah Hey brother :) I'm glad things seem to be good with you!! Things are fine with me kinda crazy and stressful at some points but it's ok. I like my new position at good earth it's way better!! I even do fedups now so that's also great. Yeah everyone is leaving. Arica works with her brother in law doing insurance now or something.. She makes more and seems to be happy. :) it's totally crazy though even glen and grant have quit!! It's some crazy business. Christmas is almost here!! I'm not that excited haha.. I haven't asked for anything and I don't know what I do want. So.. It's just whatever to me right now. I do know I want you home soon though :) lol. We a. I don't hang out with christian very much just every once in awhile and I'm kinda worried about him to be honest.. I hope things change and work out for him but I don't know if he's doing the best of things and such. Ugh. Anyway I'm sorry but I'll have to watch the grinch this week and let you know some quotes!! I've been super busy with both jobs and I can't really find time to stop and chill haha. Anyway. I love you brother and miss you all the time :) I can't wait for your return!! Lol. I'll talk to you later :) love you. 

Redkin :) 

Monday, 5 December 2011

December 5, 201 to Redster

Hey REddy reddy red red RED!!!!! how is it going?? I have been a big stinker at emailing you back! I really have done quite the crummy job. Well SO HOw are things?? THings are good for me here! Corona is pretty great. I really enjoy it. SO are you excited for Christmas?? Its PRactically here! GEez time flies like the tongue of a dog trying to like off peanut butter from the roof of his mouth. Pretty fast eh?? By the way How are KONO, and KOKO doing? are they now separated since the Mic, and Kay movement?? What's it like back home with them not there?? Its going to be so different once i get home. I don't know what i will do with myself. I am really going to have get a job quick, and get looking at schools. I cant be sittin around home alone by myself. that would probably drive me crazy now. So how is good Earth?? how do you like your new Position?? Anything new, and Exciting?? Everyone be leaving Ehh?? Where did Arica go What is she up too?? I miss you too! we are going to be even better Best buddies when i get home! We is going to have to do everything together so neither of us gets left out. We will have soo much fun.! SO whats the latest on your good friend Jesse?? is he out of the MTC yet?? Has he had any awesome experiences yet? Elder Clark, and i have been trying to get things rowling here a little better. We hope to have a Miracle Experience. I really hope that things will go well. I am trying to do a better job at praying. i really need to make these last few months count. I need to work until i cant work anymore.. Im getting pretty close all my joints are snap crackely poppey. like Rice Krispies. SO are you , and pops going to get a small christmas tree together?? Well I will have to show you some pics of our apartment. im going to say it is pretty awesome considering. We may even try to score a dinky little xmas tree. who knows. Well Whatcha been up to lately. who you bee hanging out with. How is christian doing? I know aubs is moving. i also heard a little bit about mindy, and Ron. :( So What are you going to get for Christmas?? Well i need to get going. I will have to write you more about Corona, and what's going on here next email. Ohh can i ask for a request?? Could you do me a favor.? ok this may seem weird, but could you watch the Grinch, and send me a list of awesome quotes that i can quote from the movie?? Well g2g love you bye! :)

Hi brother!! I've been so good with writing you!! Haha three weeks in a row and even if your didn't email me back! Which is fine but I've been good yes? :) anyway this will be kinda short cuz I don't have much to tell. I do have to say these past couple of weeks have been really kinda hard and it's made me miss you A LOT. I don't really do anything that much anymore since jesse left and so that makes 2 of my best friends you and him out on missions and I miss you a lot. I need my buddy :\ but I know I have to be patient and that your doing great work so I'll wait even though it's getting tough to haha. I did get my first letter from him though and he's doing great so that's good. Anyway. Just work like always for me. Freight is kinda tough and demanding but I still like it. How are you doing though brother? Everything good? Well I love you and I hope you have had a good couple of weeks and more to come. Love you so much.

Redster :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

November 1, 2011 Re: Halloween- to Pops

Hello Popsziz. Thanks for the great email! I am glad all is going well, and that the usual Halloween was a great success. I got to hear from Missy about it, and i got a few good pics. That's neat that Parker, and Gabe are now part of the tradition. It must continue. haha.
Well i do have some exciting news for everyone! Elder Jeffery, and i were Fasting and Praying to get a baptism in the month of October! All of the Zone Leaders committed to baptizing monthly, and so far our ward wasn't looking like it was possible. we searched, and we searched for every possible candidate for Baptism, we were working hard, and We did it we got a baptism on October 30th! We were cutting it close. I don't know if i ever talked to you much about Robert Cavazos. I may have talked about the Cavazos family. So Robert has been investigating the church for about 20 yrs!! and Before i got here he was interviewed by president smart, and he needed a response from the First Presidency in order to get baptized... It took so long, in fact unusually long, but we got a call from President smart on Friday the 28th, and he wanted to meet with Robert right then. When he got out of the Interview. He was so happy, and joyful! he came strait at me, and gave me a big hug, and said!! I can get baptized! it was a great experience. We are not really teaching the Cavazos at the moment they have lost interest, but Robert is a strong convert. I will send you pictures of the baptism. Elder Peterson,and Elder Combe were able to come back for the Baptism. Just hrs before the Baptism Elder Combe was able to perform his first baptism in Riverside, and Elder Peterson Performed the Baptism for Robert,and that was his first time as well. IT Was an awesome Baptism. I have had a good number of spiritual Baptisms on my mission, of which i am so thankful for.
Sad to hear the Football Season didn't go as smoothly as Mic would have liked, i guess you can never have a super smooth season, but certainly it seems like he had wished some things were different, its all for experience though. Opposition in all things... Thats crazy Mic, and Kay are moving! have they found a set home already?? If they have i would like pictures that would be neat! Pops you have an I Phone!! thats Crazy! Crazy cool! Let me know how you like it. Thats Crazy there is only one Priest now! Brandon Pace wow. SO how are all of the other Post Priests?? Mason, Daniel, Todd, Cody, Austin... ETC. Anyone else getting ready for a Mission?  Well when i have time i will be checking out uvu, and other colleges. I will let you know more of what i am feeling, and more of what i need help with when i have got some more info and Direction. 

Well I've got some more Cool news, Elder Jeffery,and i will have the newest vehicle in the Mission tomorrow a nice new slightly lifted, 2012 chevy colorado idk what color yet though i will send you a pick of the old one,and the new one. We have some good potentials for investigators,i will update you when i have had more contact with them. Tomorrow. it will be neat Elder Jeffery,and i will hopefully be going Golfing with The Bishop tomorrow,and Matt Brown who will be baptized on NOV 20th.. Well thats all the time i have for now. I will be sure to email you more next time. here are some pics. 


Hello Son it was great to hear things are going well for you. It sounds like you are having some success I hope Victor stays interested, the mow tracking seems like a cool idea and fun also. So if ya have time tell us a bit more about your companion Elder Jeffery, ya working well together? It's good to have a strong ward and good members to help ya out in finding and reaching. I can feel your enthusiasm for the new area and change, that's great I hope you can find some good success there.
Well things here are good and busy. Looks like Mic is done with football they lost there first game, I think it has been a frustrating year for him he's not to happy how the head coach is running the offense. I went in last week for a colonoscopy and everything looks good so I don't need to worry about that. If all goes well Mic and Kay are hoping to be in there home in the next few weeks. I am very glad you keep in touch with Red and Christian I know it's good for them. Well I am sending this email from my new phone, my other one died so I got a iPhone 4gs, I just need to learn how to use it.
I better finish up got to get  to work. I don't know I'd I ever told ya but because we only have one priest, Brandon Pace I have been blessing the sacrament every week for several months now but its good I really enjoy it. Stay happy and joyful and working hard, love every minute these last few months will fly by. About school I am not sure what you want to focus on but I will help anyway I can, I think UVU is also a good option it what ever you feel right about. Well I pray your week will be eventful and you will feel the spirt often and know you are doing the Lords will.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

October 11, 2010 Re: snow in mountains - to Pops

HEY Dad. Thanks for the great email. I really wished i could have wrote more last week, but things were super crazy! Well the reason for the double transfer, was because there was a young elder in our mission. Elder Link who is a visa waiter I believe he is going to Portugal on his mission, but he has a mother that he has never met that lives in the University Heights area. The neat thing was that he was able to get permission to start teaching her, and a few of his siblings. SO at the start of this transfer he was actually transferred here so i could focus more on teaching his mom, and Family. He lives in a few week, but because he was new, and slightly unexperienced they choose to transfer Elder Bingham, and put in an older MIssionary(Elder Larsen). I have had a little contact with Elder Link, and Elder Larsen to help them in their new area. Well i forgot to bring my stuff to email you the Wonderful Pictures of the Baptism of stephanie. i will get them to you next week for sure.
Yeah no more BIke!.. but it isn't really a car Area either. Zone Leaders get Trucks. haha. I will have to send you a Picture of our ride. It does happen to be one of the oldest trucks in the car fleet. Its a White 2008 chevy colorado. i believe. Well there are some areas in Corona where it is very populated by hispanics, but there are also allot of areas that are pretty upper class. I have always heard from allot of missionaries that Corona is one of there definite Favorites. The members here seem pretty great! Our ward the Circle city ward doesn't have a large amount going on right now, but we defiantly have a few hopefuls.  Well Elder Jeffery Is from Orem! He is a great hard working smart Elder. He is very very funny and has been a zone leader for quite some time now. He has been out for a little over 17 months. I have KNown Elder Jeffery of and on throughout the Maison. He came out a Transfer after Me in Redlands, and i have seen him here,and there all the time. Its cool we can do more than just say hello, how are you doing? Our Zone is one of the Larger zones in the mission. We have 18 missionaries in our zone. We have 6 spanish speaking missionaries. 10 english. NO sisters. Its kind of funny i served with Elder Combe when i first got Transferred to Riverside for three months, then he got transferred to Corona, then after a few months he went Zone Leader, now i replaced him as Zone Leader, and he went back to Riverside to be zone leader. I really Enjoy Corona. It has very wonderful weather it is a little closer to the Beach cities, so it has been nice. It rained for just a day or two when i got here. This past week i did have an Awesome opportunity i was able to go on an Exchange with Elder McHardy!!! It was like a Father, and son reunion. It was great to bike around with him in his ward in corona. He is doing great. He is still a district Leader. We had a blast together. i am glad to be in the same Zone as him, we will have good unity encouraging the elders here. Well i am glad the family is all doing Well.

I hope MIC,and the AF squad can get some wins to make it to the Playoffs? oh so how did mic like the Russian lifting secrets? Did any of those baby clothes fit Braelynn? i am afraid i some too late. I am going to have to send some more stuff home in the future. OH how far does Uncle Lee live from corona? its pretty close to Anaheim. Does he have a truck? well I got to get going i am just about out of time. I will be sure to keep the Family all updated. I have a draft or two of emails i have been working on,and i am planning on sending to Red Mic and Kay. And the whole family. Well love ya email you next week


Hello Son I feel your joy and excitement with all that has happened the past couple weeks. Thank the Lord for angles, it sounds like Diane Maughan was definitely lead by the spirt and went the extra mile to help. Thats great you were able to baptize Stephanie before you were transferred, it sounds like you had a very busy day with a great ending. Well it sounds very exciting the transfer and your new area and new calling, you will have to let us know the details and the story on the double transfer. I assume since your a zone leader that you now are in a car, if so I guess this would really be your first area with a car. I looked up Corona on google it seems like a interesting city, I also noticed it has a large population of hispanics. You will have to tell us more now you have been there a week. So where is Elder Jeffery from and how long has he been out? How big of an area does your zone cover? Did you know Elder Combe from before it seems like you spoke of him in previous emails but maybe I am mistaken. What has the work been like in Corona have they had good success finding and teaching? Well I am excited for you and hope things are doing well and with change usually comes a renewed energy and enthusiasm for the work. 
Well things at home are doing well, everyone is staying busy. It was rainy and cold allot of last week and it snowed in the mountains, it really put a stop to riding for me, I really wasn't ready to quit yet but well have to see what happens. AF lost to Bingham last week but if they can win the next couple of games they should make playoffs. Mic and Kay have been looking and working on getting into a home I think they would like to do so before the end of the year, have to see how it goes. Red's busy with work, her friend Jesse goes into the MTC on the 19 of this month, he has been a good influence for her. I also got your packages you sent back, I picked them up on sunday afternoon they came over to PG to visit some friends so I ran over and got them. 
Well i am running late as usual so I best finish. Just want to say how excited I am for you and the new change, calling and challenge you will do an awesome job. I know for certain the Lord is very pleased with all you are doing, He knows you heart, its goodness, kindness and love. Continue with the desire to gain knowledge, to grow in spirt and strength, and to feel and know Gods will at all times. You are at a very wonderful time of your mission, enjoy it and find peace and happiness through hard work and doing always what the spirt of God inspires you to do. I feel one of the important duties of your calling is to uplift, inspire, and be a great example to those your work with, that through you they will desire to rise to greater heights. May you be blessed with the power of discernment, may you be blessed with the spirt of understanding, may you be blessed to know by the spirt the will of the Lord always. I love you so so much and pray for your joy and happiness as you diligently do the Lords work.

                                                                                 LOVE POPS