Monday, 29 August 2011

Aug 29, 2011 - Re: Keira and Matt back in Logan to Pops

HOwdy Poperrroo. Things are going quite swell here, Elder Bingham and i have been surviving the heat. Its been brutal though. Its affected the work just a tad bit. We have just been truckin.. We are just going to have to be animals for the next week or so. We really need to focus hard at becoming more spiritual. Our Apartment is awesome, Elder Ramos left to go to to the desert, so the New Elder Is Elder Dial. He is awesome. The thing now is our whole apartment is super fun, and everyone is very funny, but we really need to focus a bit more upon spiritual important matters. Its been hard Keeping up in my journal, because everyone seems to want to chat at night, and ask me questions.. etc. I am staying patient, but i hope things go for the better soon. Elder Bingham sure does seem to be enjoying his mission, and he is very smart. I don't know what i really need to teach him, other than drill him by example the most effective and efficient ways to work hard on your mission. Obedience is crucial, and i feel like we have all gotten slightly prideful.
Kevin seems to be doing great we didn't have too much time with him this week. school is starting back up for him. ALL of our Recent converts seem to be going great! we just need to find some more, so the ward can keep doing its job.:) 
I remember Indexing.. That's ruff stuff some times at least some of the hand writing on those digital forms. Well that's great that Keira, and Matt got some good grants. Mic and Kay busy like usual. Baby is eating more and doing great thats awesome. I ate some baby food last week that's good stuff. haha. Well thanks for all your prayers POPS. They sure do mean allot to me. I feel as if i need to pray harder than i am now. The lord commands us to pray always, and to pray over everything. Thanks for getting the package ready i cant wait to receive it. well i got to be going i will write you more next week. all is well here.


Hello Son hope you have had a good week and things are doing well. I know you have been working extremely hard with your new companion and trying to find and teach those who will accept the gospel. I know your persistence will bring you success and joy as the Lord will bless you and Elder Bingham as you sacrifice and give all to the work. How is your good buddy Kevin doing He seems like such a strong young man, wanting to do the will of the Lord. I was wondering the other day how much longer does Elder Holmquist have on his mission, seems he was close to going home. Have you been able to make a trip to the temple lately? Well I am not sure if your familiar with indexing, basically the church is using members to go on line and record old records of people to digital forum. Our young men and women have been challenged by the bishop to do as much as they can for the next month. I have been doing it for a week or so and it actually is kind of interesting and I have enjoyed it, I also think they are using the records for temple work.

Well it is staying busy, last Friday I helped Keira and Matt move back to Logan they start school this week. Keira was glad cause she has her old job back and enjoyed it last year. They are both in school and was able to receive grants which helped them out lots financially. Mic is still going hard with work and football, Kay was busy cutting hair for kids going back to school, and little Braelynn is still growing and eating more she is such a great baby. Red is still working and is trying to get her schooling finished up, I know she can do it hopefully it will all work out for her. Work has been staying very busy for me which is good, and I try to go bike riding a morning or two during the week. But I would say we are very blessed and good.

I am running late as usual, I have most things boxed up for ya so I should be sending it to you in the next day or so. If you have forgotten anything ya need let me know. Well your almost down to the last 6 of your mission, that's when you have to sprint to the finish, although I think you have been sprinting a bit already. Be happy, love, enjoy and cherish every day, let the world know how happy the gospel can make you feel. Wake up with the desire to have special, spiritual experience each day. I Love ya sooo much Son you have been awesome and will continue to be awesome. I pray always that you will be able to accomplish all that the Lord desires of you on your mission. I pray also that the Lord will guide you in all things through the spirit that you may know his will and desire. May you and Elder Bingham have an especially good week that you will feel the Lords spirit and blessings upon you.

                                                                                    LOVE POPS

Monday, 22 August 2011

Aug 22, 2011- Re: Brosef! to Micah

Hi MIC. Hows it going!? Don't worry about your slacking I've got the same problem sometimes. Well So i heard from PoPs you won your first Game. How was it? How is the team looking? Was the Red, and White Scrimmage good? SO who are the big players?

IS Braelynn still doing good? i came across some free brand new awesome baby clothes that i have been meaning to send off. i keep forgetting though. So how much has she grown? what is her measurements now compared to when she was born? I am excited to see her when i get back. So how is work going? Busy? what are your main duties that you do every day at work? whats an average day at work consist of?
Well things in the mission are going great! Summer time can be very exhausting at times, but it all pays off. Elder Bingham, and i have been working hard together. He is a great missionary, and i am glad for the chance i have to train him. Transfer calls were yesterday, and i will be staying 6 more weeks in riverside. for a grand total of 7 and a half months here! That's a long time... I will have spent a total of basically 19 months on bike! crazzziee. Right now we are still working with our converts, and a few invs, and less actives. We should be having a baptism soon of a 9 yr old named Tommy. He is a way cool smart kid. Well i got to go soon, i will be sure to write you more next week or so. HERE are some Pics of me and Elder BIngham, and other stuff.


Elder Natron,

Well I guess I should start off and say I'm sorry for slacking off and not writing for so long! I have repented and hopefully you will see some improvement in my writing. Well I have been reading all your letters each week and trying to keep up with everything you are doing out there. It sounds like things are going well and it is awesome to hear your experiences. I can tell that you are truly enjoying yourself and that's how it should be! It's been a crazy summer with all the stuff going on around here. It has been a learning experience growing as a father, but it has been such a wonderful blessing for me. Braelynn is such a sweet little girl!! I really couldn't have asked for anything better. She is so fun and sweet to be around, I just can't wait for you to meet her! She is gonna absolutely love you! Well it's been real busy with football as well. This week we start two a days and our first game is in two weeks! It's crazy how fast it has come up on us. We have shown some real good things so far and if we stay healthy I think we could be pretty good. It's gonna be fun to see how it plays out. Well I gotta run and get some sleep, early morning tomorrow. Keep up the great work! You are an awesome missionary and I'm so proud of what you have done out there! I love ya!



Hey Mic here are 2 pics of me and Elder BIngham. BE sure to show em to the fam. I didn't have tooo much time to write pops. Let him know i am going to write him allot next week. Transfer Pdays are crazy sometimes even if you don't get transferred.

Monday, 8 August 2011

August 8, 2011 Re: good and busy week to Pops

HI POPsizzle. Hows it going? Good to hear from ya. This last week has been great. Its been quite hot that's for sure, but not to hot to handle. This past week has kind of been an interesting one. Exchange Reports were due on Saturday, and i hadn't done any exchanges all transfer. so Elder Bingham, and i had four strait days of Exchanges. It was a learning experience for Elder Bingham for sure. 3 of the 4 days he was in the area with another missionary. so he learned the area a bit more.
Sadly we haven't had much contact with Nicole. She says she wants to hold off on the lessons for a bit until she receives further direction from God. I don't know whats holding her back, but i really hope we can meet with her again soon. This next week looks like a good one. We will hopefully be able to teach some more lessons, and tomorrow Kevin really wants to come along with us on a team up. It should be a blast. We have met some real cool people, and have done some great service projects together. I really hope we can find some more people to teach. Seems like the family is all good. Still busy like normal. I got a nice letter from Mic, Matt, and Austin GIfford. Austin says he is in his first area. He says its awesome he got doubled in with his trainer. I am kind of short on time, so I'm going to have to write Mic and Matt next week. So Grandma Hunsaker is going to turn 85? Wowzers. How is Grandma Durrant? Well i am all out of time i have allot i want to write, so next week will be a long good one for sure. I g2g love you bye


Hello my Son it is so good to here from you and know things are doing well for you. It sounds like you and Elder Bingham are staying busy and finding dome success, I hope as you do that Nicole is able to progress to the point of baptism, I am certain it will truly be a blessing in her life. As far as some of the new investigators you talked about it sounds like they are curious about the church but I find sometimes being somewhat intellectual they may not be humble and able to feel the spirit testify to them of the truth of your message, but you never know I hope they will truly open there hearts. I have been praying that things will progress well for you and Elder Bingham, that you will find great success and that Elder Bingham will have the opportunity experience the great feeling of seeing humble people accept the gospel. I truly feel as you work hard, follow the spirit, and exercises the great faith you have, you will be blessed with success.

Well things are doing fine at home, it has been very busy at work for me as of late which is good. Mic has been very busy also and it will be more so this week with football and three a days. Kay and baby are well the little squirt is growing and changing she is such a happy and good baby. Red is staying busy as usual, you may try and email her, get her to communicate with ya. Keira and Matt are doing good they will be going back up to Logan in a couple weeks. She has been helping with watching the baby at times when Kay is at work so I am sure she will be missed in many ways. I went over last night and visited with my Mom, Lee is up from Cal and Dennis was there. Mom has been having some problems with some pain and swelling in her one leg so she wanted a blessing, but she is in good spirits and keeps going strong. It will be her 85 birthday on Wednesday were going to get together at her house.

Well I am late as usual so I better finish up. I feel of your greatness and your strong spirit and can tell you have greatly blessed by the Lord and the spirit. I know that you will continue to increase in strength, knowledge, wisdom and spirit for I know you have many more great experiences ahead of you. I pray you have had a good week and that the spirit has guided you to those seeking the blessings of the gospel. I know with all my being that this is the Lords church and you are in His service, representing Him to the world, go forth in the power of His spirit and enjoy every minute of being able to serve your Master and Lord for there is no greater calling in life. I know you are doing so and pray for you happiness, and success. I love you very much, I pray you will have a great week and feel the spirit of the Lord guiding you in all you do.


Monday, 1 August 2011

August 1, 2011 Busy but good week to Pops

Hey Dad!! How art thou?? Thanks again for another great Email!! I am soo very blessed to have such a great pops. I am glad Everyone is continually being blessed. Well this week was a fairly good week considering the heat, and the many people out on vacation. Nicole is still doing very well, she is an awesome person! she comes from a very interesting, and ruff background. I will be soo pleased if she can continue to progress towards baptism. She wants it, but she feels like she still needs some more preparation, and lessons. We have found a few more investigators this past week, that we hope might go somewhere, but it doesn't look too promising. I have had to take the lead with our new investigators. They all are very bright students that attend a born-again type church. They know alot about our church, but the seem semi sincere, but not to open to change. Elder Bingham is Great!! He is continually opening up more, and more. He is quite the wise guy. in a good way. He is funny too, he is really laid back, and i know things are going to continue to go well for us. I am so blessed for the Opportunity to train him. He doesn't need a ton of training though. haha. 
Well i did get a chance to see some pics of the lake trip that Missy sent me! they are awesome! Its nuts how high the water is! i am amazed! it is soo cool. I bet it was a blast. Well seems like everyone is getting back in the normal routine, which is a goodish thing. I pray so much for the family, and i really wish the best for everyone. I Love You all sSOO much. Sadly i am just about out of Email time, i was very limited today, but i will be sure to fill you in as best i can next week


Well hello Son I enjoyed you email last week, it sounds like things are doing well for you. I am glad you got the package so quick and the garments worked well, I will send you a couple pair more soon. Well that does sound promising with Nicole I hope she stays on fire and wants to become a member. I know things may have slowed a bit for you but I am certain with some hard work and help from the guiding spirit it will pick up quickly. It is interesting how the Lord works and helps us, as I read your email about being in the wrong apartment complex but at the right number I said to myself there was a reason for it and it was no accident, just the Lord putting you where you needed to be. Well how have things been progressing with Elder Bingham are you finding a bit more in common? I know as you work really hard together and find some success it will help Him to feel the fire of missionary work. The spirit and the Lord will help you to know what you should do to help nurture and develop him into a great missionary and I also know your kind personality and love and concern for others will bless him also.
Well there have been a few small changes at the cabin but nothing real major and as for the water I think it may slowly go back down unless we have continued big water years. I would think it will still be up fairly close next year. Things have been good here at home seems like it was a busy week for all trying to catch up after being gone for a week. Things will get real busy for Mic with football season cranking up to full speed. Red is still busy with work and enjoying it, she is still working at getting he motorcycle lic. Keira and Matt are doing well He has about three more weeks of work before heading back to Logan for school. They also got a new vehicle, a ford escape I think it is called. Also Matts brother Nate had his farewell talk on Sunday and goes in the MTC on Wednesday. Kay and baby are doing very good, little Braelynn is starting to grow faster and eat much more, she is such a good baby I think Mic has realized he was sent a real gem. Also I don't think I told ya but the picture I sent ya of Her is her blessing outfit. I have been busy with work trying to catch up, and trying to get back to my exercise program I think its been a couple weeks without I started back up this morning. Also, not sure if you herd but Missy and Amanda bought them used scooters, I have been helping Amanda get hers going it is in good condition, just been sitting. I got it running last week just need to get it so it will pass inspection.
Well I better wrap up its getting late, want you to know how thankful I am for you and the awesome man you are. I see the greatness in you that I always new was there, a mission helps you to see who you really are and what the Lord wants you to become and the potential you have with the Lords help. Well I cant believe Elder Holmquist only has a month left, I am sure it will be sad to see your trainer go. I pray as you and your companion work hard together  that you will be lead by the spirit and find those whom the Lord has ready and waiting . I know He has much for you to accomplish and that you will do all He has sent you forth to do, I see and feel your great desire to push forward with strength and energy to fulfill all that in in store for you to do.I love you very much and am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for allowing me to be you father. May you have a week full of success and great spiritual building experiences I humbly pray.