Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sep 13, 2011 - Re: Clarks mission to Pops

Hey Dad I got the package last week! it was great. Just what i needed. I have been listening to the lectures on Joseph smith! they are great! They should keep me set on Cd's for a while seeing as they are very long, and detailed. Thanks for all the Almonds, fruit leather, Vitamin C, and Beef jerky as well. I have too come to enjoy the nylon mesh garments. With the Heat and all the cotton can be a pain. I love cotton, and i lasted all of last summer with it, but it is easier with the mesh, especially since my skin can often times be sensitive to soaps and detergents. Remember how sometimes when i got out of the shower i had Lil red rashes sometimes? They don't really bother me, because I'm use to them, and they always go away in a few mins. I got some good soap, and detergent so it doesn't happen often anymore.
Well Pops please keep reminding me about the Knowledge attribute. It is a goal that i may need encouragement on and, a constant reminder. I will check up on you if you check up on me. Maybe we can share what we have been studying each week? Well Eric, and Maria are doing great! We are going to try, and see them soon. We are really going to try, and invite them to get married and have Eric be baptized! WELL along with that we have some more exciting news. WE have a new investigator, and hopefully she will be baptized on October 1st. Her name is Stephanie, and she is a very sweet outgoing African American lady that came to church for the first time on Sunday. She loved church, and it seems that she is pretty set on learning more, and becoming completely involved. WE had a long lesson with her last night which was great, and slightly frustrating, because hate to say it, but our team up we brought was kind of all over the place. He is a real nice guy, but for some reason last night it seemed like he was trying so hard to make the Restoration lesson so much more complicated then it needed to be, because of that the lesson took over 2 hrs, when really it easily could have been under 1. Well regardless of all that happened it turned out alright,and we invited her to be baptized on Oct 1. She gladly accepted, and we have a meeting with her tonight, so we will hopefully clear some things up.
Last week we had a multi zone on Friday, which was great! I'm starting to get to know president smart better, and better. HE is a real great guy, and he has done a great job in replacing President Reeves. Well Hopefully Elder Bingham and i can start teaching more lessons, and hopefully get some more people on date for baptism. Our teaching pool now seems to be growing more, and more! We just need to do our part, and put our bike pedal to the metal! :) Things have thankfully been cooling off. I cant believe i may only have two weeks left in Riverside! it has flown by soo quick, at some points it seemed like time went by slow, but in the long run it went by very quickly. I really want to make sure Elder Bingham remembers me as an Obedient Trainer, i want him to know what habits our good, and what habits are bad. He has in turn Trained me as well. I have really been humbled, and motivated to work on my knowledge, and speech. There is always room for improvement for every missionary. I need to just slow down sometimes, and explained the basics clearly to investigators. It is very simple. the gospel is simply pure, and purely simple.
Well i am glad that all is well back home. So who did AF lose to? Seems like it was a close one. Well as far as my Preference for The Going home. I don't mind too much what ever is easier for you. If i could Choose Flying home might be the best route. That's the way i came i might as well come back that way. I am hoping to send some stuff home soon by members heading out to Utah. I will be sure to keep my eyes out, because members drive to Utah often, and it would be great if they could save me the money by taking stuff there.
I am glad that the Clark's have a chance to serve a mission. They are great people. I too am making some great friendships out here. The Gospel is really good at that sometimes. Well All is swell, I'm about of of time i will have to share more with you later. love you all byes



Things here at home haven't changed much were all still busy, AF lost a close game Friday they lead the whole game and ended up loosing by one point after the other team kicked a field goal, but they are playing much better football. Everyone is well and staying busy with the same things. Well I hope you received you package, I am going to try and follow it up with another soon with pics and more goodies. As for what to do on picking you up I am not certain, I talked to everyone about it and as usual no one really made any decisions but I can see some advantages in your idea of coming home and then going back especially for you. Let me know what you prefer to do and we'll try to decide.

Well as usual I am running very late so I best finish. The Clark's are speaking in church this Sunday before they go on there mission. Bro. Clark came by to home teach us Sunday to get his last visit in, I am sure going to miss them what a great family. Again I could tell how much he thinks of you and was feeling bad about being gone when you get home. That is one of the great things about the church is the eternal friendships you make with those you come to know and love. Well I hope your week has been good and that you are able to find success in your labors, I know as you push yourself to greater heights and challenge yourself to do more, blessings will flow from the Lord. I am so very proud of the great young man you are, blessed am I to be your father. I pray you will be able to reach your goals and desires in doing the Lords work. Have a great week.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

September 6, 2011 - Re: cooling off, hope it is for you to Pops

Hello Dad hows it going? I am super glad to have the opportunity to write you, and here from you every week. This week has been great! Although its had its ups and downs. We were able to have a great Sunday. Eric, and Maria showed up for church with their kids Jasmine,and Alex. Eric is a non member, and Maria is a less active. there kids are jasmine 9, and Alex 5. We have really been spending allot of time focusing with them recently. They just love having us come by, and they are very nice,and friendly. They have been very sincere,and we are really hoping to get them progressing towards Marriage, and Baptism. They have been the main people we have worked with recently, but hopefully we will have some new investigators soon, and some people on date for Baptism.
Things are going better for our apartment. i have really been trying to be humble, and obedient like you said, and it really has an impact on everyone else. As i focus on the work, and do my job to help our whole environment spiritually uplifting it really builds up a trust and a love for each other, and for the work. I may only have a few weeks until i leave the apartment though. I really need to continue in prayer, and always apply the Atonement in my life to help me become better and more Christlike. I really want to focus on the Christlike attribute of Knowledge.
Well I am glad to have had the chance to serve in riverside for such a long time. its really a great place. Some areas are more ruff then others, but I have really gotten to know the whole city fairly well, and let me tell you its a large city! I have gotten to know allot of people, and i remember people quite well i cant wait to visit everyone after the mission. Speaking of that so are we still planning on having the family pick me up after the mission? if so i need to know so i can let the office know not to order a plane flight. A possibility is to have me fly home, and then a few days later we can make a trip back quickly to visit a few areas, and pick up some things i might leave behind. Keep in mind i Return March 20th.
Well pops don't worry about the package all is well. if you send it off today. i will probably receive it on Friday, or earlier. Friday is a multi zone! those are always fun. Well i am so glad to have had many wonderful experiences on my mission! i need to always cherish the good times, and fight hard to focus on the silly times. Well i g2g I'm going to write a good letter to the mission president. It seems like its been a while. I'm glad the family is all doing well, and i hope AF keeps winning. 


Well Son I am thinking since it is a holiday you probably wont be receiving or sending emails today but I thought I might as well email you today anyway. I really liked your last email it seems like that's how life goes, ya always have to refocus and rededicate ourselves to what were trying to accomplish, I can definitely relate. I have also realized that is good because you have to recognize the need to improve and step up you game so to speak before you can make things happen that you want to happen. Being the one that others look to for guidance and direction or being the one in charge so to speak is humbling and challenging, but it's a great opportunity to grow and learn also. I am certain of one thing, as we are obedient and humble the spirit will guide,inspire, help and bless us, the Lord wants to bless our lives we just need to do our part. I know you are a humble and worthy servant, don't be afraid to do what the spirit directs, it will always turn out for the best. Prayer, prayer and more prayer will make it happen. Good to hear all your new converts are doing well that is always gratifying to see them grow and progress in the church. I am glad Elder Bingham is enjoying his mission it's great he is very smart in the gospel if he combines that with the power of the spirit he will do great.

Things here at home are good and yes everyone is staying busy. A F won there game last week against Spanish Fork it was a exciting game they only won by 1 point, so they are 3-0 right now, it keeps Mic happy. All the coaches are working so hard this year and trying to do well it seems to be paying off.Things are much the same for Red ,work and friends, hoping to get school going. Matt and Keira came down for the weekend since it was a holiday today. I am staying busy at work, it's good to be busy. I got up early this morning (5:30) and went riding for about 4 hours, it was awesome. There is something great about watching the sun come up in the mountains and the mountains are so beautiful this year with flowers.

spiirt to elevate the work to greater heights as you diligently do His will. May your week be fruitful.


September 6, 2011 - Re: Butler's at Yellowstone to Missy

Howdy Missy!!! Ive been meaning to email you!! Its been a while, but i have totally enjoyed the Emails, and especially the sweet pics! I cant believe how much everyone from your family has grown!! I'm going to loose my marbles when i come back to see them butler bean sprouts... They look SO tall Grace, Parker, and even Kate,and baby Emily! She totally is not a baby anymore! That's all i can remember about her. Just a Lil baby! How old is she now?? almost 3?? Wowwzers. Parker looks like he could almost pass as a freshman. lol maybe not.. Sounds like you all had a super fun trip adventuer to Yellowstone! I don't know if i have ever really been through Yellowstone. Maybe when i was a super youngin, but I've got no recollection. You saw like 518 Buffalo that is allot!! time to make some Buffalo burgers. mmm I thought the bear story was awesome!! I really love bears, and i think they are soo cool. The bear is my second favorite Animal. My first is Wolves. Cougars are pretty cool too. Anyways. you always know you have had a memorable trip when you have a couple speechless moments, and some nearly wet pants.
Well things are going great here in the mission field! Its a bit ruff in the summer time, this summer has been much hotter then last summer! i have had a number of days when i have biked in over 100 degrees of heat. We still find people to talk too, and you better believe we still knock those doors. People seem to be more likely inclined to let you in when they think you look like your ready to pass out.haha. Well our teaching pool has defiantly been struggling, that's what happens when you baptize a good number of people right in a row. School starts up for the University of California Riverside soon. so students are moving in left and right, so that's good news for us Its time to bring them to the knowledge of the truth, while they are getting knowledge from the world. Well there have been some great and memorable moments that i need to share with everyone! i need to make sure i write them down too. Well i g2g. i b needing to write my pops soon, but thanks again for all you do! 


Hey Elder Cuzin!

Once again, thank you for sharing the missionary spirit with me and my family! It's brings our home such joy and peace when we are able to read your letters together. We all look up to you so much. Thank you a million times over.

This past week we went camping at Yellowstone. It was so much fun and totally exhausting at the same time, but nothing compares to a little family time. Kate says, "very best day ever" was when we saw 518 buffalo and a grizzly bear. 

Here's the buffalo story: (It might make you laugh!) We hadn't seen ANY animals the whole trip and the kids were starting to think that I was lying when I said that Yellowstone is full of animals and that we were bound to see 1 or 2 animals. We decided that we would take a road up to artist point and check out the water falls that day. On the way up the road we saw a sign that said, "CAUTION. Bison are wild and dangerous animals." We all got a good laugh out of the sign, because there are signs like this all over the park with ZERO animals to be seen. But, when we rounded the corner we saw a single buffalo! It was so exciting! We hopped out of the truck and took pictures, felt satisfied and moved on. Then around the next bend we saw two more buffalo! Wow! What a surprise! BUT, around the next bend we saw a grassy valley just covered in buffalo! I'm talking tons and tons of buffalo. They covered the whole valley and even were the cause of a huge buffalo jam (traffic jam) in the road. They came right up the truck and walked right along side of us and all over the sides of the truck. Sometimes they would just stand in the middle of the road twitching their tails and mooing/bahhing with much content. It was crazy!!

Here's the bear story: After passing through "bison byway" we pulled over to see the upper falls and do a little hike. The ranger at the trail head said that there was a bear sighting on the trail that day and that it was a very rare occurrence frantically mouthing the word, "BEAR!" Needless to say, we froze in our tracks terrified and saw the bum of a huge grizzly bear just ahead of us on the same trail that we were on! It was so freaking scary! Well, after the bear left the trail and we high tailed it up and hustled for the truck only to find that bear in the parking lot. We jumped in our truck and trying to track the bear and cut him off in the road. Parker and Grace were afraid that we wouldn't see him again and jumped out of the truck to get a better look, but Wing saw the bear way up ahead and pushed the truck ahead of the other cars to cut the bear off at the trail. P and G got nervous and decided to run and keep up with the truck and scared Wing and I to death because the bear ended up being quite close to us and them! The bear turned, looked P and G straight in the eye, turned and walked up the side of the mountain. G about peed her paints and P was speechless! What a day!

I've attached a few pics of the trip for your enjoyment. Sadly, I don't have any pics of the bear. They are on Wing's phone. But, it was pretty fun and you'll get a good idea of what we did at Yellowstone. Enjoy!

Well, we love you so very much and pray for you each and every day. The Lord works his miracles through others and blesses all of us in ways that we can't comprehend. His love is endless and His work is endless. And because of that YOU are my hero!

Love and Hugs,