Monday, 5 December 2011

December 5, 201 to Redster

Hey REddy reddy red red RED!!!!! how is it going?? I have been a big stinker at emailing you back! I really have done quite the crummy job. Well SO HOw are things?? THings are good for me here! Corona is pretty great. I really enjoy it. SO are you excited for Christmas?? Its PRactically here! GEez time flies like the tongue of a dog trying to like off peanut butter from the roof of his mouth. Pretty fast eh?? By the way How are KONO, and KOKO doing? are they now separated since the Mic, and Kay movement?? What's it like back home with them not there?? Its going to be so different once i get home. I don't know what i will do with myself. I am really going to have get a job quick, and get looking at schools. I cant be sittin around home alone by myself. that would probably drive me crazy now. So how is good Earth?? how do you like your new Position?? Anything new, and Exciting?? Everyone be leaving Ehh?? Where did Arica go What is she up too?? I miss you too! we are going to be even better Best buddies when i get home! We is going to have to do everything together so neither of us gets left out. We will have soo much fun.! SO whats the latest on your good friend Jesse?? is he out of the MTC yet?? Has he had any awesome experiences yet? Elder Clark, and i have been trying to get things rowling here a little better. We hope to have a Miracle Experience. I really hope that things will go well. I am trying to do a better job at praying. i really need to make these last few months count. I need to work until i cant work anymore.. Im getting pretty close all my joints are snap crackely poppey. like Rice Krispies. SO are you , and pops going to get a small christmas tree together?? Well I will have to show you some pics of our apartment. im going to say it is pretty awesome considering. We may even try to score a dinky little xmas tree. who knows. Well Whatcha been up to lately. who you bee hanging out with. How is christian doing? I know aubs is moving. i also heard a little bit about mindy, and Ron. :( So What are you going to get for Christmas?? Well i need to get going. I will have to write you more about Corona, and what's going on here next email. Ohh can i ask for a request?? Could you do me a favor.? ok this may seem weird, but could you watch the Grinch, and send me a list of awesome quotes that i can quote from the movie?? Well g2g love you bye! :)

Hi brother!! I've been so good with writing you!! Haha three weeks in a row and even if your didn't email me back! Which is fine but I've been good yes? :) anyway this will be kinda short cuz I don't have much to tell. I do have to say these past couple of weeks have been really kinda hard and it's made me miss you A LOT. I don't really do anything that much anymore since jesse left and so that makes 2 of my best friends you and him out on missions and I miss you a lot. I need my buddy :\ but I know I have to be patient and that your doing great work so I'll wait even though it's getting tough to haha. I did get my first letter from him though and he's doing great so that's good. Anyway. Just work like always for me. Freight is kinda tough and demanding but I still like it. How are you doing though brother? Everything good? Well I love you and I hope you have had a good couple of weeks and more to come. Love you so much.

Redster :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

November 1, 2011 Re: Halloween- to Pops

Hello Popsziz. Thanks for the great email! I am glad all is going well, and that the usual Halloween was a great success. I got to hear from Missy about it, and i got a few good pics. That's neat that Parker, and Gabe are now part of the tradition. It must continue. haha.
Well i do have some exciting news for everyone! Elder Jeffery, and i were Fasting and Praying to get a baptism in the month of October! All of the Zone Leaders committed to baptizing monthly, and so far our ward wasn't looking like it was possible. we searched, and we searched for every possible candidate for Baptism, we were working hard, and We did it we got a baptism on October 30th! We were cutting it close. I don't know if i ever talked to you much about Robert Cavazos. I may have talked about the Cavazos family. So Robert has been investigating the church for about 20 yrs!! and Before i got here he was interviewed by president smart, and he needed a response from the First Presidency in order to get baptized... It took so long, in fact unusually long, but we got a call from President smart on Friday the 28th, and he wanted to meet with Robert right then. When he got out of the Interview. He was so happy, and joyful! he came strait at me, and gave me a big hug, and said!! I can get baptized! it was a great experience. We are not really teaching the Cavazos at the moment they have lost interest, but Robert is a strong convert. I will send you pictures of the baptism. Elder Peterson,and Elder Combe were able to come back for the Baptism. Just hrs before the Baptism Elder Combe was able to perform his first baptism in Riverside, and Elder Peterson Performed the Baptism for Robert,and that was his first time as well. IT Was an awesome Baptism. I have had a good number of spiritual Baptisms on my mission, of which i am so thankful for.
Sad to hear the Football Season didn't go as smoothly as Mic would have liked, i guess you can never have a super smooth season, but certainly it seems like he had wished some things were different, its all for experience though. Opposition in all things... Thats crazy Mic, and Kay are moving! have they found a set home already?? If they have i would like pictures that would be neat! Pops you have an I Phone!! thats Crazy! Crazy cool! Let me know how you like it. Thats Crazy there is only one Priest now! Brandon Pace wow. SO how are all of the other Post Priests?? Mason, Daniel, Todd, Cody, Austin... ETC. Anyone else getting ready for a Mission?  Well when i have time i will be checking out uvu, and other colleges. I will let you know more of what i am feeling, and more of what i need help with when i have got some more info and Direction. 

Well I've got some more Cool news, Elder Jeffery,and i will have the newest vehicle in the Mission tomorrow a nice new slightly lifted, 2012 chevy colorado idk what color yet though i will send you a pick of the old one,and the new one. We have some good potentials for investigators,i will update you when i have had more contact with them. Tomorrow. it will be neat Elder Jeffery,and i will hopefully be going Golfing with The Bishop tomorrow,and Matt Brown who will be baptized on NOV 20th.. Well thats all the time i have for now. I will be sure to email you more next time. here are some pics. 


Hello Son it was great to hear things are going well for you. It sounds like you are having some success I hope Victor stays interested, the mow tracking seems like a cool idea and fun also. So if ya have time tell us a bit more about your companion Elder Jeffery, ya working well together? It's good to have a strong ward and good members to help ya out in finding and reaching. I can feel your enthusiasm for the new area and change, that's great I hope you can find some good success there.
Well things here are good and busy. Looks like Mic is done with football they lost there first game, I think it has been a frustrating year for him he's not to happy how the head coach is running the offense. I went in last week for a colonoscopy and everything looks good so I don't need to worry about that. If all goes well Mic and Kay are hoping to be in there home in the next few weeks. I am very glad you keep in touch with Red and Christian I know it's good for them. Well I am sending this email from my new phone, my other one died so I got a iPhone 4gs, I just need to learn how to use it.
I better finish up got to get  to work. I don't know I'd I ever told ya but because we only have one priest, Brandon Pace I have been blessing the sacrament every week for several months now but its good I really enjoy it. Stay happy and joyful and working hard, love every minute these last few months will fly by. About school I am not sure what you want to focus on but I will help anyway I can, I think UVU is also a good option it what ever you feel right about. Well I pray your week will be eventful and you will feel the spirt often and know you are doing the Lords will.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

October 11, 2010 Re: snow in mountains - to Pops

HEY Dad. Thanks for the great email. I really wished i could have wrote more last week, but things were super crazy! Well the reason for the double transfer, was because there was a young elder in our mission. Elder Link who is a visa waiter I believe he is going to Portugal on his mission, but he has a mother that he has never met that lives in the University Heights area. The neat thing was that he was able to get permission to start teaching her, and a few of his siblings. SO at the start of this transfer he was actually transferred here so i could focus more on teaching his mom, and Family. He lives in a few week, but because he was new, and slightly unexperienced they choose to transfer Elder Bingham, and put in an older MIssionary(Elder Larsen). I have had a little contact with Elder Link, and Elder Larsen to help them in their new area. Well i forgot to bring my stuff to email you the Wonderful Pictures of the Baptism of stephanie. i will get them to you next week for sure.
Yeah no more BIke!.. but it isn't really a car Area either. Zone Leaders get Trucks. haha. I will have to send you a Picture of our ride. It does happen to be one of the oldest trucks in the car fleet. Its a White 2008 chevy colorado. i believe. Well there are some areas in Corona where it is very populated by hispanics, but there are also allot of areas that are pretty upper class. I have always heard from allot of missionaries that Corona is one of there definite Favorites. The members here seem pretty great! Our ward the Circle city ward doesn't have a large amount going on right now, but we defiantly have a few hopefuls.  Well Elder Jeffery Is from Orem! He is a great hard working smart Elder. He is very very funny and has been a zone leader for quite some time now. He has been out for a little over 17 months. I have KNown Elder Jeffery of and on throughout the Maison. He came out a Transfer after Me in Redlands, and i have seen him here,and there all the time. Its cool we can do more than just say hello, how are you doing? Our Zone is one of the Larger zones in the mission. We have 18 missionaries in our zone. We have 6 spanish speaking missionaries. 10 english. NO sisters. Its kind of funny i served with Elder Combe when i first got Transferred to Riverside for three months, then he got transferred to Corona, then after a few months he went Zone Leader, now i replaced him as Zone Leader, and he went back to Riverside to be zone leader. I really Enjoy Corona. It has very wonderful weather it is a little closer to the Beach cities, so it has been nice. It rained for just a day or two when i got here. This past week i did have an Awesome opportunity i was able to go on an Exchange with Elder McHardy!!! It was like a Father, and son reunion. It was great to bike around with him in his ward in corona. He is doing great. He is still a district Leader. We had a blast together. i am glad to be in the same Zone as him, we will have good unity encouraging the elders here. Well i am glad the family is all doing Well.

I hope MIC,and the AF squad can get some wins to make it to the Playoffs? oh so how did mic like the Russian lifting secrets? Did any of those baby clothes fit Braelynn? i am afraid i some too late. I am going to have to send some more stuff home in the future. OH how far does Uncle Lee live from corona? its pretty close to Anaheim. Does he have a truck? well I got to get going i am just about out of time. I will be sure to keep the Family all updated. I have a draft or two of emails i have been working on,and i am planning on sending to Red Mic and Kay. And the whole family. Well love ya email you next week


Hello Son I feel your joy and excitement with all that has happened the past couple weeks. Thank the Lord for angles, it sounds like Diane Maughan was definitely lead by the spirt and went the extra mile to help. Thats great you were able to baptize Stephanie before you were transferred, it sounds like you had a very busy day with a great ending. Well it sounds very exciting the transfer and your new area and new calling, you will have to let us know the details and the story on the double transfer. I assume since your a zone leader that you now are in a car, if so I guess this would really be your first area with a car. I looked up Corona on google it seems like a interesting city, I also noticed it has a large population of hispanics. You will have to tell us more now you have been there a week. So where is Elder Jeffery from and how long has he been out? How big of an area does your zone cover? Did you know Elder Combe from before it seems like you spoke of him in previous emails but maybe I am mistaken. What has the work been like in Corona have they had good success finding and teaching? Well I am excited for you and hope things are doing well and with change usually comes a renewed energy and enthusiasm for the work. 
Well things at home are doing well, everyone is staying busy. It was rainy and cold allot of last week and it snowed in the mountains, it really put a stop to riding for me, I really wasn't ready to quit yet but well have to see what happens. AF lost to Bingham last week but if they can win the next couple of games they should make playoffs. Mic and Kay have been looking and working on getting into a home I think they would like to do so before the end of the year, have to see how it goes. Red's busy with work, her friend Jesse goes into the MTC on the 19 of this month, he has been a good influence for her. I also got your packages you sent back, I picked them up on sunday afternoon they came over to PG to visit some friends so I ran over and got them. 
Well i am running late as usual so I best finish. Just want to say how excited I am for you and the new change, calling and challenge you will do an awesome job. I know for certain the Lord is very pleased with all you are doing, He knows you heart, its goodness, kindness and love. Continue with the desire to gain knowledge, to grow in spirt and strength, and to feel and know Gods will at all times. You are at a very wonderful time of your mission, enjoy it and find peace and happiness through hard work and doing always what the spirt of God inspires you to do. I feel one of the important duties of your calling is to uplift, inspire, and be a great example to those your work with, that through you they will desire to rise to greater heights. May you be blessed with the power of discernment, may you be blessed with the spirt of understanding, may you be blessed to know by the spirt the will of the Lord always. I love you so so much and pray for your joy and happiness as you diligently do the Lords work.

                                                                                 LOVE POPS 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

October 4, 2011 Re: good conference - to Pops

Hey Dad! Thanks for the Email!! Sorry i didn't get a chance to email you yesterday. Transfers happened!! It was a rather interesting transfer, and a verry verrrry busy weekend for me! Well General Conference was great, but we ran in a little stress getting Stephanie Johnson to the church for the broadcast. We had a ride for her, but our ride dropped her off at the wrong church building! all the doors were locked, and she was stuck there by herself! Luckily The lord answered our prayers, and sent us "an Angel" there was a lady that felt prompted to just check and see if the conference was being broadcasted at the church building stephanie was left at. So she picked her up and brought her to us! The kind lady who lived outside of the stake continued to pick up stephanie for every conference session, and even for her Baptism. The ladies name was sister Diane Maughan?? i think, and she lives outside of the riverside stake, so she really went out of her way to help,and fellow ship. Well I was able to baptize stephanie sunday just before i left. Another slightly stressful thing that happened is Elder Bingham, and i got doubled out of the area. we both got transferred! I am now in Corona, in the Circle City ward with Elder Jeffrey as a Zone Leader. I replaced Elder Combe!:) Elder BIngham left to Jurupa.. Well i am limited on time i will be sure to email you more details on the transfer, and on the week next week. The story,and the reasoning behind why we both got transferred  i s neat so i will have to save that for you later. WEll i g2g love you all. 

PS that's sad buster died, but I'm glad he got to live for so long. G2G zls can be busy sometimes.


Hello Son good to hear things are doing well, did your baptism's work out for you this week end with conference and all? Speaking of conference it was great , there were some talks that really hit home for me. I really liked the priesthood session it seemed to focus on all priesthood holders fully commiting themselves to stand stronger and do more to help build and strengthen the church and those who need help. The spirt, the talks, are all very uplifting and full of great wisdom and knowledge, it just strenghtens your testimony of the truth and this is truly gods church and we are so blessed to know that and be apart of His great eternal plan. So yeah when I was on my mission we were only able to hear one session of conference, usually the saturday morning session. So what's happening with the young african american lady you were teaching and committed to baptism, I hope she is still progressing 
Well things at home are okay but I do have some sad news to tell ya, your good old buddy Buster passed away on tuesday I am really surprised he lived this long, I think he lived longer because of the other dogs they kind of perked him up. I must say he was defiantly the best dog we have ever had, he was a special dog with love for everyone and everything (cats).

AF played Lehi on friday and won which was good they needed a win, and Mic is the strength and conditioning coach plus the linebackers coach. Matt and Keira came down for the weekend it was good to see them, they seem to be doing well. Red is staying very busy with work, I think her friend Jesse goes in the MTC next week I think he has been a good influence on her. If ya can try to email Kay and Red they would love it. 
Well it sounds like the weather is going to change this weekend with colder temps and possible snow in the mountains, so I think I will go riding tomorrow morning. I hope your  week is good and things go well for you. Keep up the hard work and hope and pray you will find those who are ready to listen to your message. May the spirt guide and direct you and strengthen you in all you do. I love ya very much and am very proud of the great missionary you are. 


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sep 13, 2011 - Re: Clarks mission to Pops

Hey Dad I got the package last week! it was great. Just what i needed. I have been listening to the lectures on Joseph smith! they are great! They should keep me set on Cd's for a while seeing as they are very long, and detailed. Thanks for all the Almonds, fruit leather, Vitamin C, and Beef jerky as well. I have too come to enjoy the nylon mesh garments. With the Heat and all the cotton can be a pain. I love cotton, and i lasted all of last summer with it, but it is easier with the mesh, especially since my skin can often times be sensitive to soaps and detergents. Remember how sometimes when i got out of the shower i had Lil red rashes sometimes? They don't really bother me, because I'm use to them, and they always go away in a few mins. I got some good soap, and detergent so it doesn't happen often anymore.
Well Pops please keep reminding me about the Knowledge attribute. It is a goal that i may need encouragement on and, a constant reminder. I will check up on you if you check up on me. Maybe we can share what we have been studying each week? Well Eric, and Maria are doing great! We are going to try, and see them soon. We are really going to try, and invite them to get married and have Eric be baptized! WELL along with that we have some more exciting news. WE have a new investigator, and hopefully she will be baptized on October 1st. Her name is Stephanie, and she is a very sweet outgoing African American lady that came to church for the first time on Sunday. She loved church, and it seems that she is pretty set on learning more, and becoming completely involved. WE had a long lesson with her last night which was great, and slightly frustrating, because hate to say it, but our team up we brought was kind of all over the place. He is a real nice guy, but for some reason last night it seemed like he was trying so hard to make the Restoration lesson so much more complicated then it needed to be, because of that the lesson took over 2 hrs, when really it easily could have been under 1. Well regardless of all that happened it turned out alright,and we invited her to be baptized on Oct 1. She gladly accepted, and we have a meeting with her tonight, so we will hopefully clear some things up.
Last week we had a multi zone on Friday, which was great! I'm starting to get to know president smart better, and better. HE is a real great guy, and he has done a great job in replacing President Reeves. Well Hopefully Elder Bingham and i can start teaching more lessons, and hopefully get some more people on date for baptism. Our teaching pool now seems to be growing more, and more! We just need to do our part, and put our bike pedal to the metal! :) Things have thankfully been cooling off. I cant believe i may only have two weeks left in Riverside! it has flown by soo quick, at some points it seemed like time went by slow, but in the long run it went by very quickly. I really want to make sure Elder Bingham remembers me as an Obedient Trainer, i want him to know what habits our good, and what habits are bad. He has in turn Trained me as well. I have really been humbled, and motivated to work on my knowledge, and speech. There is always room for improvement for every missionary. I need to just slow down sometimes, and explained the basics clearly to investigators. It is very simple. the gospel is simply pure, and purely simple.
Well i am glad that all is well back home. So who did AF lose to? Seems like it was a close one. Well as far as my Preference for The Going home. I don't mind too much what ever is easier for you. If i could Choose Flying home might be the best route. That's the way i came i might as well come back that way. I am hoping to send some stuff home soon by members heading out to Utah. I will be sure to keep my eyes out, because members drive to Utah often, and it would be great if they could save me the money by taking stuff there.
I am glad that the Clark's have a chance to serve a mission. They are great people. I too am making some great friendships out here. The Gospel is really good at that sometimes. Well All is swell, I'm about of of time i will have to share more with you later. love you all byes



Things here at home haven't changed much were all still busy, AF lost a close game Friday they lead the whole game and ended up loosing by one point after the other team kicked a field goal, but they are playing much better football. Everyone is well and staying busy with the same things. Well I hope you received you package, I am going to try and follow it up with another soon with pics and more goodies. As for what to do on picking you up I am not certain, I talked to everyone about it and as usual no one really made any decisions but I can see some advantages in your idea of coming home and then going back especially for you. Let me know what you prefer to do and we'll try to decide.

Well as usual I am running very late so I best finish. The Clark's are speaking in church this Sunday before they go on there mission. Bro. Clark came by to home teach us Sunday to get his last visit in, I am sure going to miss them what a great family. Again I could tell how much he thinks of you and was feeling bad about being gone when you get home. That is one of the great things about the church is the eternal friendships you make with those you come to know and love. Well I hope your week has been good and that you are able to find success in your labors, I know as you push yourself to greater heights and challenge yourself to do more, blessings will flow from the Lord. I am so very proud of the great young man you are, blessed am I to be your father. I pray you will be able to reach your goals and desires in doing the Lords work. Have a great week.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

September 6, 2011 - Re: cooling off, hope it is for you to Pops

Hello Dad hows it going? I am super glad to have the opportunity to write you, and here from you every week. This week has been great! Although its had its ups and downs. We were able to have a great Sunday. Eric, and Maria showed up for church with their kids Jasmine,and Alex. Eric is a non member, and Maria is a less active. there kids are jasmine 9, and Alex 5. We have really been spending allot of time focusing with them recently. They just love having us come by, and they are very nice,and friendly. They have been very sincere,and we are really hoping to get them progressing towards Marriage, and Baptism. They have been the main people we have worked with recently, but hopefully we will have some new investigators soon, and some people on date for Baptism.
Things are going better for our apartment. i have really been trying to be humble, and obedient like you said, and it really has an impact on everyone else. As i focus on the work, and do my job to help our whole environment spiritually uplifting it really builds up a trust and a love for each other, and for the work. I may only have a few weeks until i leave the apartment though. I really need to continue in prayer, and always apply the Atonement in my life to help me become better and more Christlike. I really want to focus on the Christlike attribute of Knowledge.
Well I am glad to have had the chance to serve in riverside for such a long time. its really a great place. Some areas are more ruff then others, but I have really gotten to know the whole city fairly well, and let me tell you its a large city! I have gotten to know allot of people, and i remember people quite well i cant wait to visit everyone after the mission. Speaking of that so are we still planning on having the family pick me up after the mission? if so i need to know so i can let the office know not to order a plane flight. A possibility is to have me fly home, and then a few days later we can make a trip back quickly to visit a few areas, and pick up some things i might leave behind. Keep in mind i Return March 20th.
Well pops don't worry about the package all is well. if you send it off today. i will probably receive it on Friday, or earlier. Friday is a multi zone! those are always fun. Well i am so glad to have had many wonderful experiences on my mission! i need to always cherish the good times, and fight hard to focus on the silly times. Well i g2g I'm going to write a good letter to the mission president. It seems like its been a while. I'm glad the family is all doing well, and i hope AF keeps winning. 


Well Son I am thinking since it is a holiday you probably wont be receiving or sending emails today but I thought I might as well email you today anyway. I really liked your last email it seems like that's how life goes, ya always have to refocus and rededicate ourselves to what were trying to accomplish, I can definitely relate. I have also realized that is good because you have to recognize the need to improve and step up you game so to speak before you can make things happen that you want to happen. Being the one that others look to for guidance and direction or being the one in charge so to speak is humbling and challenging, but it's a great opportunity to grow and learn also. I am certain of one thing, as we are obedient and humble the spirit will guide,inspire, help and bless us, the Lord wants to bless our lives we just need to do our part. I know you are a humble and worthy servant, don't be afraid to do what the spirit directs, it will always turn out for the best. Prayer, prayer and more prayer will make it happen. Good to hear all your new converts are doing well that is always gratifying to see them grow and progress in the church. I am glad Elder Bingham is enjoying his mission it's great he is very smart in the gospel if he combines that with the power of the spirit he will do great.

Things here at home are good and yes everyone is staying busy. A F won there game last week against Spanish Fork it was a exciting game they only won by 1 point, so they are 3-0 right now, it keeps Mic happy. All the coaches are working so hard this year and trying to do well it seems to be paying off.Things are much the same for Red ,work and friends, hoping to get school going. Matt and Keira came down for the weekend since it was a holiday today. I am staying busy at work, it's good to be busy. I got up early this morning (5:30) and went riding for about 4 hours, it was awesome. There is something great about watching the sun come up in the mountains and the mountains are so beautiful this year with flowers.

spiirt to elevate the work to greater heights as you diligently do His will. May your week be fruitful.


September 6, 2011 - Re: Butler's at Yellowstone to Missy

Howdy Missy!!! Ive been meaning to email you!! Its been a while, but i have totally enjoyed the Emails, and especially the sweet pics! I cant believe how much everyone from your family has grown!! I'm going to loose my marbles when i come back to see them butler bean sprouts... They look SO tall Grace, Parker, and even Kate,and baby Emily! She totally is not a baby anymore! That's all i can remember about her. Just a Lil baby! How old is she now?? almost 3?? Wowwzers. Parker looks like he could almost pass as a freshman. lol maybe not.. Sounds like you all had a super fun trip adventuer to Yellowstone! I don't know if i have ever really been through Yellowstone. Maybe when i was a super youngin, but I've got no recollection. You saw like 518 Buffalo that is allot!! time to make some Buffalo burgers. mmm I thought the bear story was awesome!! I really love bears, and i think they are soo cool. The bear is my second favorite Animal. My first is Wolves. Cougars are pretty cool too. Anyways. you always know you have had a memorable trip when you have a couple speechless moments, and some nearly wet pants.
Well things are going great here in the mission field! Its a bit ruff in the summer time, this summer has been much hotter then last summer! i have had a number of days when i have biked in over 100 degrees of heat. We still find people to talk too, and you better believe we still knock those doors. People seem to be more likely inclined to let you in when they think you look like your ready to pass out.haha. Well our teaching pool has defiantly been struggling, that's what happens when you baptize a good number of people right in a row. School starts up for the University of California Riverside soon. so students are moving in left and right, so that's good news for us Its time to bring them to the knowledge of the truth, while they are getting knowledge from the world. Well there have been some great and memorable moments that i need to share with everyone! i need to make sure i write them down too. Well i g2g. i b needing to write my pops soon, but thanks again for all you do! 


Hey Elder Cuzin!

Once again, thank you for sharing the missionary spirit with me and my family! It's brings our home such joy and peace when we are able to read your letters together. We all look up to you so much. Thank you a million times over.

This past week we went camping at Yellowstone. It was so much fun and totally exhausting at the same time, but nothing compares to a little family time. Kate says, "very best day ever" was when we saw 518 buffalo and a grizzly bear. 

Here's the buffalo story: (It might make you laugh!) We hadn't seen ANY animals the whole trip and the kids were starting to think that I was lying when I said that Yellowstone is full of animals and that we were bound to see 1 or 2 animals. We decided that we would take a road up to artist point and check out the water falls that day. On the way up the road we saw a sign that said, "CAUTION. Bison are wild and dangerous animals." We all got a good laugh out of the sign, because there are signs like this all over the park with ZERO animals to be seen. But, when we rounded the corner we saw a single buffalo! It was so exciting! We hopped out of the truck and took pictures, felt satisfied and moved on. Then around the next bend we saw two more buffalo! Wow! What a surprise! BUT, around the next bend we saw a grassy valley just covered in buffalo! I'm talking tons and tons of buffalo. They covered the whole valley and even were the cause of a huge buffalo jam (traffic jam) in the road. They came right up the truck and walked right along side of us and all over the sides of the truck. Sometimes they would just stand in the middle of the road twitching their tails and mooing/bahhing with much content. It was crazy!!

Here's the bear story: After passing through "bison byway" we pulled over to see the upper falls and do a little hike. The ranger at the trail head said that there was a bear sighting on the trail that day and that it was a very rare occurrence frantically mouthing the word, "BEAR!" Needless to say, we froze in our tracks terrified and saw the bum of a huge grizzly bear just ahead of us on the same trail that we were on! It was so freaking scary! Well, after the bear left the trail and we high tailed it up and hustled for the truck only to find that bear in the parking lot. We jumped in our truck and trying to track the bear and cut him off in the road. Parker and Grace were afraid that we wouldn't see him again and jumped out of the truck to get a better look, but Wing saw the bear way up ahead and pushed the truck ahead of the other cars to cut the bear off at the trail. P and G got nervous and decided to run and keep up with the truck and scared Wing and I to death because the bear ended up being quite close to us and them! The bear turned, looked P and G straight in the eye, turned and walked up the side of the mountain. G about peed her paints and P was speechless! What a day!

I've attached a few pics of the trip for your enjoyment. Sadly, I don't have any pics of the bear. They are on Wing's phone. But, it was pretty fun and you'll get a good idea of what we did at Yellowstone. Enjoy!

Well, we love you so very much and pray for you each and every day. The Lord works his miracles through others and blesses all of us in ways that we can't comprehend. His love is endless and His work is endless. And because of that YOU are my hero!

Love and Hugs,


Monday, 29 August 2011

Aug 29, 2011 - Re: Keira and Matt back in Logan to Pops

HOwdy Poperrroo. Things are going quite swell here, Elder Bingham and i have been surviving the heat. Its been brutal though. Its affected the work just a tad bit. We have just been truckin.. We are just going to have to be animals for the next week or so. We really need to focus hard at becoming more spiritual. Our Apartment is awesome, Elder Ramos left to go to to the desert, so the New Elder Is Elder Dial. He is awesome. The thing now is our whole apartment is super fun, and everyone is very funny, but we really need to focus a bit more upon spiritual important matters. Its been hard Keeping up in my journal, because everyone seems to want to chat at night, and ask me questions.. etc. I am staying patient, but i hope things go for the better soon. Elder Bingham sure does seem to be enjoying his mission, and he is very smart. I don't know what i really need to teach him, other than drill him by example the most effective and efficient ways to work hard on your mission. Obedience is crucial, and i feel like we have all gotten slightly prideful.
Kevin seems to be doing great we didn't have too much time with him this week. school is starting back up for him. ALL of our Recent converts seem to be going great! we just need to find some more, so the ward can keep doing its job.:) 
I remember Indexing.. That's ruff stuff some times at least some of the hand writing on those digital forms. Well that's great that Keira, and Matt got some good grants. Mic and Kay busy like usual. Baby is eating more and doing great thats awesome. I ate some baby food last week that's good stuff. haha. Well thanks for all your prayers POPS. They sure do mean allot to me. I feel as if i need to pray harder than i am now. The lord commands us to pray always, and to pray over everything. Thanks for getting the package ready i cant wait to receive it. well i got to be going i will write you more next week. all is well here.


Hello Son hope you have had a good week and things are doing well. I know you have been working extremely hard with your new companion and trying to find and teach those who will accept the gospel. I know your persistence will bring you success and joy as the Lord will bless you and Elder Bingham as you sacrifice and give all to the work. How is your good buddy Kevin doing He seems like such a strong young man, wanting to do the will of the Lord. I was wondering the other day how much longer does Elder Holmquist have on his mission, seems he was close to going home. Have you been able to make a trip to the temple lately? Well I am not sure if your familiar with indexing, basically the church is using members to go on line and record old records of people to digital forum. Our young men and women have been challenged by the bishop to do as much as they can for the next month. I have been doing it for a week or so and it actually is kind of interesting and I have enjoyed it, I also think they are using the records for temple work.

Well it is staying busy, last Friday I helped Keira and Matt move back to Logan they start school this week. Keira was glad cause she has her old job back and enjoyed it last year. They are both in school and was able to receive grants which helped them out lots financially. Mic is still going hard with work and football, Kay was busy cutting hair for kids going back to school, and little Braelynn is still growing and eating more she is such a great baby. Red is still working and is trying to get her schooling finished up, I know she can do it hopefully it will all work out for her. Work has been staying very busy for me which is good, and I try to go bike riding a morning or two during the week. But I would say we are very blessed and good.

I am running late as usual, I have most things boxed up for ya so I should be sending it to you in the next day or so. If you have forgotten anything ya need let me know. Well your almost down to the last 6 of your mission, that's when you have to sprint to the finish, although I think you have been sprinting a bit already. Be happy, love, enjoy and cherish every day, let the world know how happy the gospel can make you feel. Wake up with the desire to have special, spiritual experience each day. I Love ya sooo much Son you have been awesome and will continue to be awesome. I pray always that you will be able to accomplish all that the Lord desires of you on your mission. I pray also that the Lord will guide you in all things through the spirit that you may know his will and desire. May you and Elder Bingham have an especially good week that you will feel the Lords spirit and blessings upon you.

                                                                                    LOVE POPS

Monday, 22 August 2011

Aug 22, 2011- Re: Brosef! to Micah

Hi MIC. Hows it going!? Don't worry about your slacking I've got the same problem sometimes. Well So i heard from PoPs you won your first Game. How was it? How is the team looking? Was the Red, and White Scrimmage good? SO who are the big players?

IS Braelynn still doing good? i came across some free brand new awesome baby clothes that i have been meaning to send off. i keep forgetting though. So how much has she grown? what is her measurements now compared to when she was born? I am excited to see her when i get back. So how is work going? Busy? what are your main duties that you do every day at work? whats an average day at work consist of?
Well things in the mission are going great! Summer time can be very exhausting at times, but it all pays off. Elder Bingham, and i have been working hard together. He is a great missionary, and i am glad for the chance i have to train him. Transfer calls were yesterday, and i will be staying 6 more weeks in riverside. for a grand total of 7 and a half months here! That's a long time... I will have spent a total of basically 19 months on bike! crazzziee. Right now we are still working with our converts, and a few invs, and less actives. We should be having a baptism soon of a 9 yr old named Tommy. He is a way cool smart kid. Well i got to go soon, i will be sure to write you more next week or so. HERE are some Pics of me and Elder BIngham, and other stuff.


Elder Natron,

Well I guess I should start off and say I'm sorry for slacking off and not writing for so long! I have repented and hopefully you will see some improvement in my writing. Well I have been reading all your letters each week and trying to keep up with everything you are doing out there. It sounds like things are going well and it is awesome to hear your experiences. I can tell that you are truly enjoying yourself and that's how it should be! It's been a crazy summer with all the stuff going on around here. It has been a learning experience growing as a father, but it has been such a wonderful blessing for me. Braelynn is such a sweet little girl!! I really couldn't have asked for anything better. She is so fun and sweet to be around, I just can't wait for you to meet her! She is gonna absolutely love you! Well it's been real busy with football as well. This week we start two a days and our first game is in two weeks! It's crazy how fast it has come up on us. We have shown some real good things so far and if we stay healthy I think we could be pretty good. It's gonna be fun to see how it plays out. Well I gotta run and get some sleep, early morning tomorrow. Keep up the great work! You are an awesome missionary and I'm so proud of what you have done out there! I love ya!



Hey Mic here are 2 pics of me and Elder BIngham. BE sure to show em to the fam. I didn't have tooo much time to write pops. Let him know i am going to write him allot next week. Transfer Pdays are crazy sometimes even if you don't get transferred.

Monday, 8 August 2011

August 8, 2011 Re: good and busy week to Pops

HI POPsizzle. Hows it going? Good to hear from ya. This last week has been great. Its been quite hot that's for sure, but not to hot to handle. This past week has kind of been an interesting one. Exchange Reports were due on Saturday, and i hadn't done any exchanges all transfer. so Elder Bingham, and i had four strait days of Exchanges. It was a learning experience for Elder Bingham for sure. 3 of the 4 days he was in the area with another missionary. so he learned the area a bit more.
Sadly we haven't had much contact with Nicole. She says she wants to hold off on the lessons for a bit until she receives further direction from God. I don't know whats holding her back, but i really hope we can meet with her again soon. This next week looks like a good one. We will hopefully be able to teach some more lessons, and tomorrow Kevin really wants to come along with us on a team up. It should be a blast. We have met some real cool people, and have done some great service projects together. I really hope we can find some more people to teach. Seems like the family is all good. Still busy like normal. I got a nice letter from Mic, Matt, and Austin GIfford. Austin says he is in his first area. He says its awesome he got doubled in with his trainer. I am kind of short on time, so I'm going to have to write Mic and Matt next week. So Grandma Hunsaker is going to turn 85? Wowzers. How is Grandma Durrant? Well i am all out of time i have allot i want to write, so next week will be a long good one for sure. I g2g love you bye


Hello my Son it is so good to here from you and know things are doing well for you. It sounds like you and Elder Bingham are staying busy and finding dome success, I hope as you do that Nicole is able to progress to the point of baptism, I am certain it will truly be a blessing in her life. As far as some of the new investigators you talked about it sounds like they are curious about the church but I find sometimes being somewhat intellectual they may not be humble and able to feel the spirit testify to them of the truth of your message, but you never know I hope they will truly open there hearts. I have been praying that things will progress well for you and Elder Bingham, that you will find great success and that Elder Bingham will have the opportunity experience the great feeling of seeing humble people accept the gospel. I truly feel as you work hard, follow the spirit, and exercises the great faith you have, you will be blessed with success.

Well things are doing fine at home, it has been very busy at work for me as of late which is good. Mic has been very busy also and it will be more so this week with football and three a days. Kay and baby are well the little squirt is growing and changing she is such a happy and good baby. Red is staying busy as usual, you may try and email her, get her to communicate with ya. Keira and Matt are doing good they will be going back up to Logan in a couple weeks. She has been helping with watching the baby at times when Kay is at work so I am sure she will be missed in many ways. I went over last night and visited with my Mom, Lee is up from Cal and Dennis was there. Mom has been having some problems with some pain and swelling in her one leg so she wanted a blessing, but she is in good spirits and keeps going strong. It will be her 85 birthday on Wednesday were going to get together at her house.

Well I am late as usual so I better finish up. I feel of your greatness and your strong spirit and can tell you have greatly blessed by the Lord and the spirit. I know that you will continue to increase in strength, knowledge, wisdom and spirit for I know you have many more great experiences ahead of you. I pray you have had a good week and that the spirit has guided you to those seeking the blessings of the gospel. I know with all my being that this is the Lords church and you are in His service, representing Him to the world, go forth in the power of His spirit and enjoy every minute of being able to serve your Master and Lord for there is no greater calling in life. I know you are doing so and pray for you happiness, and success. I love you very much, I pray you will have a great week and feel the spirit of the Lord guiding you in all you do.


Monday, 1 August 2011

August 1, 2011 Busy but good week to Pops

Hey Dad!! How art thou?? Thanks again for another great Email!! I am soo very blessed to have such a great pops. I am glad Everyone is continually being blessed. Well this week was a fairly good week considering the heat, and the many people out on vacation. Nicole is still doing very well, she is an awesome person! she comes from a very interesting, and ruff background. I will be soo pleased if she can continue to progress towards baptism. She wants it, but she feels like she still needs some more preparation, and lessons. We have found a few more investigators this past week, that we hope might go somewhere, but it doesn't look too promising. I have had to take the lead with our new investigators. They all are very bright students that attend a born-again type church. They know alot about our church, but the seem semi sincere, but not to open to change. Elder Bingham is Great!! He is continually opening up more, and more. He is quite the wise guy. in a good way. He is funny too, he is really laid back, and i know things are going to continue to go well for us. I am so blessed for the Opportunity to train him. He doesn't need a ton of training though. haha. 
Well i did get a chance to see some pics of the lake trip that Missy sent me! they are awesome! Its nuts how high the water is! i am amazed! it is soo cool. I bet it was a blast. Well seems like everyone is getting back in the normal routine, which is a goodish thing. I pray so much for the family, and i really wish the best for everyone. I Love You all sSOO much. Sadly i am just about out of Email time, i was very limited today, but i will be sure to fill you in as best i can next week


Well hello Son I enjoyed you email last week, it sounds like things are doing well for you. I am glad you got the package so quick and the garments worked well, I will send you a couple pair more soon. Well that does sound promising with Nicole I hope she stays on fire and wants to become a member. I know things may have slowed a bit for you but I am certain with some hard work and help from the guiding spirit it will pick up quickly. It is interesting how the Lord works and helps us, as I read your email about being in the wrong apartment complex but at the right number I said to myself there was a reason for it and it was no accident, just the Lord putting you where you needed to be. Well how have things been progressing with Elder Bingham are you finding a bit more in common? I know as you work really hard together and find some success it will help Him to feel the fire of missionary work. The spirit and the Lord will help you to know what you should do to help nurture and develop him into a great missionary and I also know your kind personality and love and concern for others will bless him also.
Well there have been a few small changes at the cabin but nothing real major and as for the water I think it may slowly go back down unless we have continued big water years. I would think it will still be up fairly close next year. Things have been good here at home seems like it was a busy week for all trying to catch up after being gone for a week. Things will get real busy for Mic with football season cranking up to full speed. Red is still busy with work and enjoying it, she is still working at getting he motorcycle lic. Keira and Matt are doing well He has about three more weeks of work before heading back to Logan for school. They also got a new vehicle, a ford escape I think it is called. Also Matts brother Nate had his farewell talk on Sunday and goes in the MTC on Wednesday. Kay and baby are doing very good, little Braelynn is starting to grow faster and eat much more, she is such a good baby I think Mic has realized he was sent a real gem. Also I don't think I told ya but the picture I sent ya of Her is her blessing outfit. I have been busy with work trying to catch up, and trying to get back to my exercise program I think its been a couple weeks without I started back up this morning. Also, not sure if you herd but Missy and Amanda bought them used scooters, I have been helping Amanda get hers going it is in good condition, just been sitting. I got it running last week just need to get it so it will pass inspection.
Well I better wrap up its getting late, want you to know how thankful I am for you and the awesome man you are. I see the greatness in you that I always new was there, a mission helps you to see who you really are and what the Lord wants you to become and the potential you have with the Lords help. Well I cant believe Elder Holmquist only has a month left, I am sure it will be sad to see your trainer go. I pray as you and your companion work hard together  that you will be lead by the spirit and find those whom the Lord has ready and waiting . I know He has much for you to accomplish and that you will do all He has sent you forth to do, I see and feel your great desire to push forward with strength and energy to fulfill all that in in store for you to do.I love you very much and am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for allowing me to be you father. May you have a week full of success and great spiritual building experiences I humbly pray.

Monday, 25 July 2011

July 25, 2011 Back from Bear Lake - To Pops

Hey Pops! Sounds like Bear Lake was a success, and a Blast! I am glad it had a good turn out. So Do you think the water level will stay the same for next year? I have to ask are there any new additions to the cabin? Don't tell me. i want to be surprised for next year. I just want to know if there are some good ones. Well this week has been good!! Its really starting to slow down a bit now that it is summer. I hope we can still have some success though. As of now we really have one promising Investigator, but we will just have to see what happens. I don't know if i have ever told you about Nicole, and Nathan. They are a Couple we accidentally ran into. We were totally in the wrong apartment complex, and we were looking for a referral, so we knocked on the right apartment number, in the wrong complex, and they let us in! We never would have ran into them if we didn't make that mistake. Nicole is the non member. She is a very very nice African American lady who is either dating, or engaged to Nathan. Nathan is a less active member, but his parents are really really active, and Nicole just loves Nathans family. Anyways last week Elder Faulkner, and Elder Ramos bumped into them on the street, and they taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she then shortly afterward called us, and said she had Questions about baptism, and she has a desire to do so, so we will hopefully be meeting with her on Wednesday. We are still in the works with some other people, but i am excited to work with Elder Bingham in teaching others. I cant wait to see the growth that will come through him!
Sadly Edgar is off the Radar for a little bit his Parents don't really want him meeting with us, but we are hoping that is going to change. We will just have to see.
So far all is well at the moment. I did receive the package very quickly i was able to be at the mission office for a leadership meeting on Wednesday, so i got it 2days after you sent it. Well the mission Presidents are doing great!! They have transitioned very well. I think Elder Holmquist has probably been a large help in everything for them. He is still AP, and he will finish his mission AP. He is the oldest missionary out now he is around 23 months out now, and he is very Experienced.
The New garments are great! They are Perfect! If you could send me two more pairs in the next package that would be great, so i can wear them every day during the week throughout the summer. Ive got all i need, but Ive been craving a nice stock of snacks. Everything you have ever sent me has been great! Its just been a while since i have had a chance to snack on anything good a the apartment. what you do send usually lasts for quite a while. If you could Al mounds is my one request. Well i g2g love you ttyl


Hello Son, well it has been a busy week and a half for me but it has been fun and tiring. I enjoyed your email last week, it sounds like your new companion Elder Bingham is a new experience for you. I could tell you are doing well at getting to know and understand him, that is great and I know it will make him feel more comfortable. I received a letter from President and Sister Smart they seem like a great couple and will be great for the mission. They sent two letters, one to let us know you have been called to be a trainer and that it is one of the most important callings for a missionary, the other letter was to introduce themselves and it also had a pic of you and Pres. and Sis. Smart. They also mentioned in there letter that they have created a mission blog so I checked it out and it looks to be a great addition for parents and family to see all that is happening in the mission. It had a pic in it of your zone. Well that's to bad about your new investigator ya contacted out but hopefully he will continue to learn and receive a testimony of the truth and get baptized, you will know that you had the opportunity to start him on the path. Also I thought it was real interesting that Pres. and Sis. Smart are from Highland so there right in our back yard so to speak.
Well things went well last week, it did get of to a rough start, my truck was not running quit right it actually started acting up when I was up at Bear Lake with my teachers but it made it back home fine, I don't think it is anything serious it is just missing a bit on one cylinder. So Mic had to pull the trailer with his truck but we didn't get away till Tuesday afternoon but it was all fine. Ya and most everyone was there at sometime or another, Ken and Marilee came up on wed but had to leave on Friday he was having a ward party at his house on Saturday. Most everyone else made it up on Thursday ( Patrick, Durrants, Hamonds,Butlers) only Jonathan, Allie and Aburey Austin were not able to come. We have had a boules tournament the last two years, Ron and I were the champs last year, we made it to the championship game again but lost to Mic and Christian it was fun. I told them they better watch out next year Aaron will be back.
Well Son I better finish up I am running late as usual, but I am very happy and proud of all your trying so hard to do in moving the Lords work forward. I know right now it is a new challenge for you and a great opportunity for you to grow and learn, stay close the the spirit and listen intently to know the Lords will. He will guide and help you to know how to best lead, inspire, and train your new companion, put all your faith and trust in the Lords help. I have no doubt you will succeed, you have a great heart and love for others and I also know the Lords hand is in all things in our lives and He has put this companion with you knowing you are the best for Him. Take good care of yourself and your health, I know the heat and hard work is draining, also it may be a little added stress or worry being a district leader that has an effect. Also I hope you received  my package I hope to send another soon with Truman Madsen Cd's on the prophet along with other things, let me know if there is anything else you would like, cloths, food or whatever. Well I do hope it has been a good week for you I always pray for your happiness and success. May the spirit of the Lord strengthen, lift you, and inspire you always. May you footsteps be guided, may you find those who are searching for the truth and may your week be joyful and spiritual.

                                                                                 LOVE POPS

Monday, 18 July 2011

July 18, 2011 Bear Lake bound to Pops

Hello Popeeeoo. WOW. Family Bear Lake time again? That's crazy to much for my noggin to wrap around i cant believe that! That is nutz. Well My New Companions Name is Elder Bingham from Boise Idaho!! He is a real nice guy. He is great! I am soo looking forward to getting to know him a little better, and work with him some more. I would have to say so far on my mission he is the companion that i have the least in common with, but we have been finding more, and more commonalities day by day! He is a very very quiet guy, unlike Elder Moore. It is really quite a change, but i think all is going to go well. Elder Bingham loves to read. He is a smart guy, and he wants to be a writer when he gets back home. He wants to write sci fi fantasy type books. So far he has been super chill! very mellow... I need to get him burnin a bit with missionary greenie fire. :) He loves the work though. this week we were really blessed, because we picked up an awesome new investigator on Elder Binghams first day. Actually it was amazing the first house we knocked on while tracting on his first day we were kindly invited in, and we taught a whole 1st lesson, and left Matt (our new investigator) with a Book Of Mormon! three days later on Saturday we stopped by, and Matt had already read up until Mosiah, he said he loves King Benjamin. Sadly Matt is going to move to Perris, which is close to Hemet at the end of this week! we are going to meet with him again soon this week, and we are probably  going to give his info to the Elders over there. Well the University Heights ward is continuing to be awesome!!  I love all of our recent converts, and Elder Bingham has enjoyed meeting with them all this week. We are currently in the finding mode at the moment, and we hope to pick up more, and more new investigators while still remembering our teaching pool at the moment. With me training Elder Bingham i will have an extra hour of companionship study for the next 12 weeks. Its all apart of the new Training program.
Well things are really looking good right now i hope with this new missionary i can catch my second wind, and receive the boost i need. Recently i have been pondering, and stressing of the the smallest things. Since i got transferred from Arlington to University Heights i have dropped a few pounds. I am am around 170-173 right now, and i am hoping to try, and gain some back. Its hard with the heat, and all, its mainly been some muscle mass, its been hard to keep up the workout I've been drained alot. I have been trying to eat better,and more since i have noticed the drop. Sometimes when you try and eat too healthy you can over do it, and not get enough calories for all them you bee burnin..
Well i am glad the cam pout went great, and that the Fam is in preps for the new Bear Lake. That's awesome that the water is up that high again!!! I've heard that alot of lakes in Utah are like that, but nobody had told me about bear lake. I'm glad its up that high. i hope it stays that way! So how is all planing on going? The whole crew our just our family?
Well i g2g soon. I will be sure to send you some pics of Elder Moore, and Elder Bingham, and as always i will keep you up to date on the latest news about who we teaching. Love you all! Be sure to send the Package soon please.


Hello Son enjoyed your awesome email, sounds like some hard but good changes. It is always hard to see a good companion go but it is an opportunity for them to grow and become stronger. Well I am excited for you,training a new Elder, I understand your nervousness sometimes ya never know what things will turn out like. But you definitely have the right attitude, faith in the Lord and hard work will do lots. And just think how things went last time you trained a new Elder, you must have done well he was a trainer real quick. I was visiting with Brother and Sister Clark today( He came by home teaching with his wife) and Sister Clark said that they only make the very best missionaries trainers. And by the way they have been called on another mission, they are going to the Scotland, Ireland mission, I think they will be working with a youth center. Also the Kites are home off there mission and spoke in church today, it sounds like they had a great mission.
Well things are good but busy here at home, I had my varsity scout super activity last week and it turned out great. I took them to Bear Lake, we found an awesome place to camp in the mountains close by and I know the Lord guided me in finding it. It was so perfect a nice big green meadow surrounded by pine trees and nobody else around. And the name of the place says it all, Temple Flats, I told them they could tell there parents they went to the Temple. Everybody else is doing well, Mic has been real busy with work trying to get everything done so he can take this week off. Ya were heading to Bear Lake on Monday and everybody was able to get it off, Mic and Kay, Matt and Keira
Well it is late and I need to get up early tomorrow to get things done so we can go. I have a package I WILL SEND tomorrow, it has some socks, garments, pic's of Keiras wedding and sun screen and such. I will make a copy of the CD's when we get back and send them to you. Well let us know how things are with your new companion, who he is, were he is from and such. I know you will do a awesome job of loving, teaching, inspiring and making a good Elder great. Seek the Lord and look for His guidance and inspiration in knowing what to do, He will guide you through the spirit. I pray always that the Lord will guide your thoughts and  your footsteps to find those seeking the truth in there lives. I love you very much and pray all has gone well for you this week, be happy,enthused, and fully engaged. May Gods Love and Blessings be upon you I pray.

Monday, 11 July 2011

July 11, 2011 to Pops (Abury is Married to Austin)

Hey hey hey Pops. Well i've got some exciting news for you, and the family! I will be blessed to have the opportunity to Train another Missionary!! I am soo Excited! Right before President Reeves left he choose me to help President Smart out by training! i received the Phone call from President Smart on Saturday, and sadly Elder Moore left this morning he did get transferred to a great ward though! He got transferred to Murrieta in the los Altos ward, and the singles ward. His area has recently been the highest baptizing area in the Mission! Well the elders in my last ward have been teaching some of the people Elder Combe, and i found, but well just have to see if any of them get wet. A few seem close
Well i wont be receiving my new companion until Wednesday, so i will probably have to let you know more about him next week. This has been a great transfer! On Sunday all three of our baptisms were confirmed. Well I hope everything goes well when i pick up the new missionary. Sometimes in a mission you can get a little stressed, and Nervous, but i just need to look forward with an eye single to the glory of God, and forget myself. Everything will be alright as you put your faith in the lord. :) I feel as if this new calling is going to be great for me. I am needing to feel some more greenie fire! i hope i can be rekindled.
Seems like the family is almost as busy as i am. haha I am always super glad and Happy to hear that the family is being blessed, and doing great! I am glad that Aubrey was able to have a great wedding i hope it is all that she wished for.
Well i think i may have heard a little of that cd its awesome. I would love a copy of that! if you could send me some spray sun screen. That stuff comes in handy when you use it along with the regular sun screen it picks up what you miss sunscreen is much cheaper in Utah I've heard. Well I g2g soon, but it would be great if i could get some more emails from the rest of the family. I haven't heard from the others in a while! Well i love you soo  soo much. Thanks for always being there for me.


Hello Son as always it is a joy to receive your emails and hear what is happening in you life. I am happy to hear Xraoli and Shannon were both baptized, it is so gratifying to be a part of helping bring Gods children into his church and kingdom. It sounds like you have a lot of investigators to teach but not to close to getting wet. Well you have been in the searching mode many times on your mission and have been successful in finding and baptizing so you know what it takes and how to do it. By the way have you heard if any of your investigators in your last area have progressed to being baptized? Also I received several emails from Pres. Smart that was suppose to have a picture attached but it  must not have worked. I need to respond back to him with an email. So it is getting HOT there well it has heated up here also, I am going to run up this morning  and get you some garments in mesh and try to ship them tomorrow. This week is going to be very busy, on Wednesday we are taking the teachers to Bear Lake for there summer activity and I am trying to get everything together and ready for that. I am going to focus my message to them on the Prophet Joseph Smith, my theme is " You need not be a prophet to live like one" , I am going to share story's of the prophet with them. I have also downloaded all the Truman G Madsen CDs on my I touch so I can play some of that for them. By the way have you listened to those CDs? If you would like a copy of them I can send you one they are awesome to listen to.
Well like I said it is a busy week and I better get running. Things are good here at home Mic was gone all last week to football camp at Snow college and he came back tired. On Saturday  it was Aubrey's wedding at the Hammond home, it went very well and was nice. Red was one of the bride maids she looked great but was very nervous, she walked with Autin's older brother. Keira made the wedding book for Aubrey . We are all fine and doing well and really couldn't be more blessed, the Lord has been very kind and merciful to us.
Son I want to let you know you are awesome, a Dad could not ask for a greater son than you. I hope things have gone well for you this past week and you are having success in your efforts. Most of all I hope you are happy and still enjoying the work ( greater joy hath no man than this in bringing souls unto Me) you have been blessed to be a part of bringing many souls unto Him and I feel you will bring many more. Enjoy all the Lord has in store for you, time will go way to quick for you, give all you have and a bit more and you will continue to be blessed greatly. I Love you very much and am so happy and excited for you, you are creating  memories for eternity, and experiences that will bless you for all your life. You are GODS ARMY, may you be blessed in doing his work, I pray you will have  a great week and feel the spirit in all you do.

Monday, 4 July 2011

July 4, 2011 to Pops (July 4)

HEY Dad! Hows it going? Thanks again for another great email. This week for me was fantastic! Everything was very pleasant, except for the weather! :P Hot.. Xiaoli, and Shannon were both able to be Baptized on Sunday! It was a neat experience! Elder Moore baptized Shannon, and Xiaoli's husband Bing was able to come down from Northern California to baptize her. I was able to have a neat experience Meeting with President Smart! We found out last minute that Shannon, and Xiaoli needed to be interviewed with Pres Smart to be Baptized, so Saturday evening we were able to schedule an Interview for them, and we got there early, so we could meet, and talk with him. Just Elder Moore, and I. He is a real neat guy. President Smart is Very smart, he has mainly worked in the Computer Science field for most of his life, but he owns his own company now dealing with investment. I think its Smart investing, or something. He has worked for Novell, and he helped develop Word Perfect. We officially met him with the Riverside zone today, and i am excited to be working with him.   Elder Moore, and i are now in Finding mode! We will still be teaching alot of lessons, but we defiantly will be trying to find some new people to teach. Now that i am District leader not too much is different! i am so used to having a District leader companion, and having to help with District leader responsibilities. The only thing that is new that comes along with being district leader is Exchanges, and Baptismal Interviews. i Haven't had to do a baptismal interview yet, but maybe soon, because my district is hoping to have some baptisms coming up.
My 4th of July was way fun yesterday, because it was so chill. It was a P day, which made it even better. We went over to the Johnstons for dinner at 6. They are a very friendly, and Pleasant older couple, and in the evening time we went over to the Durans to hang out with Matt. Matt is a 14yr old whose brother just left to Australia on his mission. His Brother Chris is in the MTC, so we were able to read a letter of his that he sent to his family. Ohh the MTC what good memories. Well things here continue to go great! I am soo looking forward toward all the work that lies ahead this summer, but i am not super excited for Heat Bleh. Well i g2g now. i am Glad everyone back home is still going great! I love you all ttyl


Hello Son I enjoyed your last email it sounds like things are going well. It sounds like Kevin is an amazing young man, I hope he can continue and go on a mission. Well how was your week did your baptisms for Xiaoli and Shannon go well for you? I hope things are still going well with all your investigators, I suppose you are very busy teaching which is what you want to be doing. So how are things going with the new calling as a District Leader? I am sure it takes a bit more of your time. Well I guess you now have a new mission pres, what is his name and have you been able to meet with him yet? Well are you and Elder Moore still burning up the streets on your bikes trying to keep up with everything? I am not sure if you will be able to email today but I thought I better email you just in case.
Well things are about the same here, I am getting busy with preparing for our scout camp next week. Mic is going to Snow College for football camp this week he takes off tomorrow. Everybody got together as usual at Kens for the fourth it was nice everybody asked how things are going for you. That is cool ya heard from Parker he is a great young man  I am sure he is going to do great things. Well Abury is getting married this Saturday, I hope it all turns out well, they are having it at there house.
Well as you can see I got started late today, holidays seem to threw everything of for me. I just wanted to let ya know how very happy I am that things are doing well for you and your able to have such great success in your new area. I know the Lord is blessing your life because of your hard work, your charity, and love for other people, you have such a good heart and always have. Well I hope you have an awesome week and that you are able to bring those you are teaching into the waters of baptism. I love ya very much may the spirit of the Lord guide and bless you.