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Monday, 30 August 2010

August 30, 2010 - to Keira

Im soo Excited to hear You are engaged!! I knew it was coming! well you best be keeping me posted about the wedding when it comes around. Im going to be needing alot of pictures printed from the wedding EH?? Well i heard all the grand news about the move to logan as well. i am so happy you got a job to work with an elementry. You are very good with kids, and i know its kind of early, but i know you are going to be the best Mother in the world! GEEz alot has been changing since I left. Babies, Marriges. you name it! I have only been out for almost 6 months! i am already pondering of what it is going to be like when i get back. Well the work continues going well i know have 4 people on date, and i am really hoping to be here when the time comes around for the baptisms. I will most likely be moving from redlands in about 2 weeks, but who knows? i wouldnt mind staying here for my whole mission! i really enjoy it here i love my ward, and my area it truly is the hardest bike area in the whole mission. I have had a couple RM's come back and visit my ward, and they have said it was by far their favorite areas. well my time is running short i will have to mail you later. I love you soo much, and i hope everything goes well for you in logan! Love, Aaron


Ha ha ha I love the monkey. It shows your excitement really well. I know it is crazy how much can change in just a little while. And trust me you will get pictures, I remember Micah and Kaylee's the bad thing is they take like a million. So you won't miss anything. Ya I'm liking logan but must admit it is weird being on my own. I am sure you know how that feels. Being in some weird place with room mates is interesting. But I think that I will love it. Matt has fun room mates and mine are nice so it will probably just be fun. I hope that I like my job have to pass this little test tommorrow(hopefully I survive), and then I will start it. I am so happy to hear about the baptisms, I will pray so that they all make their dates. And it is lucky of you to get to be at redlands especially for a longer time. I'm sure you will love your next area. Well I will keep you updated, I really appreciate your letters you always know what to say to make me feel better. Love you. Keira

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August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010 - to Keira

Hey Shakeira long time no email. i am so sorry i get caught up in everything on pdays its crazy so much going on. I need to learn how to kick back, relax and just email. Well whats the latest news? how are things going? how is the Logan move going? how is your work situation? I really hope everything goes well for you! im trying to work extra hard out here so the family can be blessed. Can you believe i have almost been out for 6 months! its approaching so fast. that is a quarter of my mission already gone by. :0. As far as the work is going im still loving it!! We have got 3 people on baptisimal date right now, and hopefully the can keep their commitments. Im still enjoying the biking for sure! although its finally realllly heating up! I really to feel blessed on the mission right now. Yesterday i was able to speak in sacrament meeting with my companion! we did great. afterwards i was able to confer the Aaronic Priesthood to Jeffrey Mann my first baptism. The work is very exhausting with all the heat, but im learning to enjoy every moment of the mission. I really think that one of my best Christlike attributes is Patience, which i seem use alot out here. I still am having a blast with my 2nd comp Elder Stevens, and i really know that by the work i am doing out on my mission is blessing the entire family back home. So how is Red doing? i hope she can really pick up on school work. Hey could you let red know to check her emails, and write me back, and update my Facebook profile pic. I also would like her to email me all the friends that have tried to add me on facebook so i can tell her which friends i would like her to accept. Well tell Matt i say hi. i g2g, but i hope you know i always love you. can wait to chill with you when i get back, and you better start getting dates lined up for me. haha jk love you 


It's ok that you are busy, I was going to write you again but I am super busy too. I found a good place to live that is cheap it is only 217 a month plus like 30-40 for utilities. And I just walk down the hill and matt's place is on the bottom like one minute away. So that is cool we'll be really close. I am so glad things are going well I cried for some reason when I read your letter, the spirit was strong I am so proud I could feel how well you are doing and how much heavenly father and I appreciate you. I most definately think you have a lot of patience, I think you are most like dad, which as you know is a huge compliment. I hope to be more like him someday. I get frustrated with him sometime but I can't beleive what an amazing man dad is, he truly is one of the most christ like person I know. I am so glad that you have baptisms set up and were able to give that guy the priesthood. I could not imagine how amazing it would feel to give someone the blessing of the gospel because it means so much to me. I had an interview yesterday with an elementary school, it seemed to go well and the principal said maybe I could work in resource too which would be cool because that is what I am going to school for. So if it's right hopefully I will get the job. Red seems to be doing real well. She is a little better although I still kinda struggle with her because her and kay are so close she is sometimes doesn't want anything to do with me which is hard when we used to be so close. Plus I gotta let you know matt and I have actually bought a ring and I am pretty positive that he is going to prupose this week before we move to logan. So YAY, I never thought I would find someone who treated me the way he does and I am happier than I think I ever have been. But, it's hard been trying to do stuff with red cause I am leaving and then getting married so it's sad to think we won't have time like we do now. And don't worry I already told my friend sally jensen that her daughter I taught in cheer has to go out with you when you get back. :0 So I will look for girls good enough for you. Well sorry this was long, I will e-mail you again this week when matt and I are officially engaged and let you know the details. But, we might put a life size picture of you at our wedding. Ha ha. Well I love you so much, you being gone has made me realized how close I feel to you, I really feel like you were my best bud for a long time and I never realized it. Keep being awesome bro! Love ya. Keira

Ok so I know I just wrote you these will be long letters. But I am officially engaged now!! WOW can you believe it? So we are getting married the beginning of December. I wanted to make sure that you knew for sure I won't write long cause you will have overload, lol. I love you brother!! 

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August 16, 2010 to Missy

Hey Missy

here are 2 pictures i tried to send you last week, but i wasnt able to get them off in time. i am so thankful for the pictures you sent me last week they were great! I loved every single one! its crazy to see Grace, and her trophy, and little baby emily! i cant believe she is walking!! 

well i havent got the letters and protien bars in the mail yet, but i am looking forward to them! 

Hey whats the story behind the cupcakes? who made them? they look like koko, and kono cupcakes. 

Well thanks again for all the emails! IM kinda sad i didnt see Grandma right before i left on the mission i hope i will be able to see her when i get back.. 

Well i g2g ill be sure to email you lots when i get the time.:)

Aug 16, 2010 to Red

Hey Red How are things?

I am doing great. still in Redlands:) so how is work? is Megan still working there? HAHA good old Grant he is the best! you should tell him to write me a letter. Who else is still working there that remembers me? IS Amanda still working there? You should meet her she is very nice and by far my best friend that worked there.

HEY red could you do me a favor? im going to send you a picture i would like you to put on Facebook also in your next email let me know who added me on facebook so i can tell you who to accept.

So how are things how are all the peeps back home any exciting news? whats todd up to? Austin just wrote me so that was neat. well im going to have to share with you some good stories some time. im going to try and write everyone this week, so im going to have to cut this one short.

Here are some sweet pics i hope you get them. the first one im sending you i want on facebook. the one with me kneeling by mountains.

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Aug 9, 2010 to Red

HEY KT Im super glad to hear from you! I knew good earth would Hire you!! I honestly feel you would do extremely well at Cashier! way better than me. haha although i was pretty good with that cash register. lol

Well not too much new with me i am still in the same area. i will be here till i reach my 6th month mark! crazy one fourth of the mish.

did you like my pics i sent?

geez i g2g already busy busy ttyl sorry love you!

Monday, 2 August 2010

August 2, 2010 to Red

Howdy Rediford!

how y'all doing? Haha jk that is what my companion would say if he were to say hello. Haha funny sienfield joke. IT is great to hear from you! I really enjoyed your email. sounds like you have been having a blast lately! Bear lake, and Trek! Crazzyy. Thank you sooo much for the email! Its good to know everything is cool beans right now back at home. Looks like the ward is doing really good. haha good old Austin!:) Trek sounded ama za zing. i am very glad to hear that you have been making some friend with dem peeps! SO how is lizzie, and her fam doing? whats the latest on todd? YO tell Ryan, and Heather i say hi. things have been really busy lately, so i havent had as much time as i would like writing letters to the ward members.

Good Earth Eh? haha that would be awesome if you got a job there. I really hope you do. i would love for you to meet the peeps that work there. lemme know if you get the job, and if anyone over there remembers me.

Well i will be sure to send you some pics real quick i must say though this week i got Loaded with email!

haha missy wrote me to along with pops, and kay so im going to have to write you a more detailed letter next week when i have some more time.

I love you bestest younger sibling buddy. i cant wait to hang out with you in the future. keep up the good work i know you can graduate on time!

g2g bye love you