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June 14, 2010 to Red

Hello Red's!

Sorry i write you a baby one.:( ill try to write you a bigger one this week. Its kind of hard to write huge ones when my time is limted, and i have to read yours first. haha, but i still have a good amount of time to write. ive got about an hour of emailing every monday.

WELL i LOved the Pics!! Kays picture was hilarious!!! it totally reminds me of her. Wow bear Lake already? geez time sure does fly by! silly koko and Kono. i hope you can train them well. they best behave if they are going to bear lake!

Guess what? i think the closest lake i am next to is Big Bear Lake!!! copy cats. haha jk funny huh? OHH thats said to hear about little orjon.:( continue taking care of buster please i want to see him when i get back! thank you for all you do sister!

Well alot went on this week it was kind of crazy! on monday we moved the other elders all day. then starting on wednesday we had exchanges with all the other elders in our district, and that was crazy. The week reallly started getting crazo on saturday i was on an exchange with Elder Moss from orem. He is coolio, but all morning we moved out an extreme Alchoholic let me tell you now from experience you never want to be around anyone who drinks hardcore! Bleh all morning for hours i was wiffing urine, and and alcohol. it was so sad. the guy we moved out was actually a very organized talented guy. He had a very clean garage full of tools, and inside he had an amazing sound system and entertainment center. He was very good with his hands. he built alot of model airplanes as well. The worst part about the whole thing was that he was there while we moved him, but he was so out of it. his exwife helped us.we took all of his stuff out, then we left him there till he sobered up.:(

On sunday night we showed up to one of our less active members who we have been seeing just about every friday. Seems like all of the sudden he got a little depressed, and stopped taking his meds. so on sunday we showed an hour after the cops had just stopped by and picked him up. His fiance didnt do anything, and he flipped out out her in front of her 2 young girls. he threatened to kill her, and the works. so she seemed very scared, because she didnt know when , and he was going to do when he gets out. All we could do was say a short prayer with her, and hope she could find somewhere to go.

Well yup there you go a full week. ahh im thinking this week will hopefully be a little better.we need to pick up some more investigators, because most of ours are not progressing, and me, and elder Holmquist have been leading our zone in tracting hours. something will give.

well ill try to tell you some funny stories next week, but could you do me a favor,and either mail or email me the playlist for final fantasy. so i know what track is which.

well looks like you get the long email this week. be sure to share it with the family:)

love you sis hope you can find a good job, and everything. ttyl.

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June 7, 2010

July 6, 2010 - to Keira

HI keira it was great to hear from You!! sorry my reply is a week late last week was a little busy. Geez you seem to have lots going on right now! Crazy i bet its hard, but i know everything will work out all right. Im sorry about bday bust. I will continue to always try, and pray for you, and Matt. I know that sometimes life gets busy, and crazy, but i just want to let you know that I love you, and that not only me, but Heavenly Father loves you as well. I hope everyone back home can help you out as best they can, but i know that you will always learn, and grow from all of the choices you make! I hope you can stay bright ,and happy through all of this. Its all about Attitude.:/ haha Well i am glad you you have been riding your bike for excercise! it really is fun isnt it? I never get tired of it! no matter how much i seem to bike! lol Well i got a new companion named Elder Stevens! He from Texas. the guy is hilarious, but he is a great missionary, and he reallly does work hard, and mean well. He just has sooo much energy its crazy sometimes. we reall have done a good job at picking the area back up. Well be sure to thank CAM for the Email! it was a good one! haha it really has been a long time since he served. i dont know any of those names mentioned. Keep me updated on everything i love hearing from back home thats for sure. nothing much has changed with me. we keep coming across some people interested in the church, but nothing too promising. I hope you had a good 4th of july! mine was kinda interesting. we had to be in our appartment at 6:00, but around 845 I went with the other elder in my appartment to pick up an elder who was at a members home. it was sooo crowded around our appartment, because the fireworks were going off at the university right next door.welll i g2g i will be sure to share more when i get the time next week.. love u ttyl


Hey buddy!! Thanks for everything that you said it's nice to hear you say you love me, you mean so much to me!! It is kinda hard to not have you to chill with sometimes I kinda don't fit in with Red and Kaylee, but they are funny girls sometimes. I know things will work out. It is interesting I know that I am supposed to go to logan but, things aren't lining up. There are so many times that you sorta just have to put trust in Heavenly Father, cause I know that I am supposed to go there so eventually something will work out. Just kinda scary waiting but I am very excited to go. It will be cool to live on my own and be able to grow and learn. Once I find a job up there I will feel good. Matt found me a place to live so something is working out. I have also been running four times a week. It is kicking my bum but, I want to get back in shape like I used to be so we will see. I will thank cam for you, nice of him to write to you. I am not working at that job that I didn't like anymore. I was proud that I made it through how much I told them I would cause I sure didn't want to. But I think my other job will start to give me more hours. Hopefully. Anyways things are going well for me otherwise I have been doing lots of fun things and spending lots of time with matt biking and doing fun stuff like that. So, as long as things keep going and I can figure out what I need to then things will be great. I'm glad that you got a new companion. A fun crazy one might be good to have for a while keep things exciting. I bet he helps to make you be a little more crazy! Lol. I have no doubt that you are doing a good job, you are an awesome kid and I just keep getting more and more people telling me that you are pretty much amazing! Well of course. I hope that things keep going well for you, love you and miss you. Talk to you again soon. 

June 7, 2010 to Red


sorry, but this email isnt going to be to long this week. I cant believe how fast the time slips away!:( I just hope it continues to go by this fast, because before you know it i will be home!

YEP sugars is tuff>:( oh well its not too bad tasting.lol

well i still hope you can find you a good job! that would be great! i know you will get gooden if you keep searching like you do.

oh bout the ps2 that will be aight if you are suppperrr carefuls mainly just dont leave it running when you are not using it i cant stands that! that is my numero uno pet peeve. i dont mind if you use in;) as long as it makes someone happy that is a ok with me.

well i got my package, and i loved the pics. o geez i g2g, but i will let you know more next week

ttyl love you!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June 1, 2010 - to Keira

YO KEIRIZZLE how is it going? Sounds like American Eagle is Going Great! You are perfect for that job. i hope you will do well, and get some more Hours. Wow I need to meet with the Salbury family again, and ask them if they Know ''Elder Lund". Thats awesome he served here for 6 months! i have a feeling ill be here for around that much time, but Redlands Is Great! im sure Cam feels the same. Hmm i wonder if Cams little Bro Andrew is serving in some of the same areas as micah in Russia. haha funny stuff. Hmm Triathalon Ehhh tell matt i bet i can kick his butt at biking when i get back from the mission. haha good old matt. sounds like fun. Im sure if you keep that up,and eat goods you will be skinny no doubt in my mind. well keep me up to date with Cam sorry i G2G soon ttyl things are going great!

June 1, 2010 to Red

Wha? you not write me!!!!! Haha jk you did.

Well Sadly i did not get the Package Yet!!! Grr its so annoying waiting for packages its like waiting for Xmas when it should always happen on the 25th!! my package should have already gotten here! Oh well i better get it this week....hopefully.

Yeah the baptism was great!! We baptized an 11yr old boy,and he has 2 other brothers one thats 9 and the youngest is 7. hopefully we will be able to baptize them soon too. Those boys are fun lil guys Elder Holmquist and i are having pizza, and root beer floats with them tonight. I will be honest i have eaten some sugar, but i still strive to limit it. it is impossible to say no though. The first night when i had dinner in the mission home i was sitting right next to President, and Sister Reeves. so when i tried to decline the dessert i was talked back into eating it by the president. Haha. Grr blast all the other MTC Elders they saw it coming, and they were at the edge of there seats waiting for my response when the dessert came around!

Job searching Eh?? Seems like everyone is looking for one. Well i hope you can find a Great one sister! I would hire you if i was an Employer!

Tell todd I say Congratulations!

Well i am super glad that pops had a good B Day! He deserves iT!

Hmm i cant wait to see those Dogs when i get back. Did you send some pics of them? Speaking of Dogs how is buster doing?

Well im running out of time it was so nice to Hear From UUU I cant wait to be back at home to chill like old times with you. I always loved Having you as my Companion to go Places with. haha:)

well thanks for everything even the lovely package that i havent recieved yet. ttyl!