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November 1, 2011 Re: Halloween- to Pops

Hello Popsziz. Thanks for the great email! I am glad all is going well, and that the usual Halloween was a great success. I got to hear from Missy about it, and i got a few good pics. That's neat that Parker, and Gabe are now part of the tradition. It must continue. haha.
Well i do have some exciting news for everyone! Elder Jeffery, and i were Fasting and Praying to get a baptism in the month of October! All of the Zone Leaders committed to baptizing monthly, and so far our ward wasn't looking like it was possible. we searched, and we searched for every possible candidate for Baptism, we were working hard, and We did it we got a baptism on October 30th! We were cutting it close. I don't know if i ever talked to you much about Robert Cavazos. I may have talked about the Cavazos family. So Robert has been investigating the church for about 20 yrs!! and Before i got here he was interviewed by president smart, and he needed a response from the First Presidency in order to get baptized... It took so long, in fact unusually long, but we got a call from President smart on Friday the 28th, and he wanted to meet with Robert right then. When he got out of the Interview. He was so happy, and joyful! he came strait at me, and gave me a big hug, and said!! I can get baptized! it was a great experience. We are not really teaching the Cavazos at the moment they have lost interest, but Robert is a strong convert. I will send you pictures of the baptism. Elder Peterson,and Elder Combe were able to come back for the Baptism. Just hrs before the Baptism Elder Combe was able to perform his first baptism in Riverside, and Elder Peterson Performed the Baptism for Robert,and that was his first time as well. IT Was an awesome Baptism. I have had a good number of spiritual Baptisms on my mission, of which i am so thankful for.
Sad to hear the Football Season didn't go as smoothly as Mic would have liked, i guess you can never have a super smooth season, but certainly it seems like he had wished some things were different, its all for experience though. Opposition in all things... Thats crazy Mic, and Kay are moving! have they found a set home already?? If they have i would like pictures that would be neat! Pops you have an I Phone!! thats Crazy! Crazy cool! Let me know how you like it. Thats Crazy there is only one Priest now! Brandon Pace wow. SO how are all of the other Post Priests?? Mason, Daniel, Todd, Cody, Austin... ETC. Anyone else getting ready for a Mission?  Well when i have time i will be checking out uvu, and other colleges. I will let you know more of what i am feeling, and more of what i need help with when i have got some more info and Direction. 

Well I've got some more Cool news, Elder Jeffery,and i will have the newest vehicle in the Mission tomorrow a nice new slightly lifted, 2012 chevy colorado idk what color yet though i will send you a pick of the old one,and the new one. We have some good potentials for investigators,i will update you when i have had more contact with them. Tomorrow. it will be neat Elder Jeffery,and i will hopefully be going Golfing with The Bishop tomorrow,and Matt Brown who will be baptized on NOV 20th.. Well thats all the time i have for now. I will be sure to email you more next time. here are some pics. 


Hello Son it was great to hear things are going well for you. It sounds like you are having some success I hope Victor stays interested, the mow tracking seems like a cool idea and fun also. So if ya have time tell us a bit more about your companion Elder Jeffery, ya working well together? It's good to have a strong ward and good members to help ya out in finding and reaching. I can feel your enthusiasm for the new area and change, that's great I hope you can find some good success there.
Well things here are good and busy. Looks like Mic is done with football they lost there first game, I think it has been a frustrating year for him he's not to happy how the head coach is running the offense. I went in last week for a colonoscopy and everything looks good so I don't need to worry about that. If all goes well Mic and Kay are hoping to be in there home in the next few weeks. I am very glad you keep in touch with Red and Christian I know it's good for them. Well I am sending this email from my new phone, my other one died so I got a iPhone 4gs, I just need to learn how to use it.
I better finish up got to get  to work. I don't know I'd I ever told ya but because we only have one priest, Brandon Pace I have been blessing the sacrament every week for several months now but its good I really enjoy it. Stay happy and joyful and working hard, love every minute these last few months will fly by. About school I am not sure what you want to focus on but I will help anyway I can, I think UVU is also a good option it what ever you feel right about. Well I pray your week will be eventful and you will feel the spirt often and know you are doing the Lords will.

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