Monday, 5 December 2011

December 5, 201 to Redster

Hey REddy reddy red red RED!!!!! how is it going?? I have been a big stinker at emailing you back! I really have done quite the crummy job. Well SO HOw are things?? THings are good for me here! Corona is pretty great. I really enjoy it. SO are you excited for Christmas?? Its PRactically here! GEez time flies like the tongue of a dog trying to like off peanut butter from the roof of his mouth. Pretty fast eh?? By the way How are KONO, and KOKO doing? are they now separated since the Mic, and Kay movement?? What's it like back home with them not there?? Its going to be so different once i get home. I don't know what i will do with myself. I am really going to have get a job quick, and get looking at schools. I cant be sittin around home alone by myself. that would probably drive me crazy now. So how is good Earth?? how do you like your new Position?? Anything new, and Exciting?? Everyone be leaving Ehh?? Where did Arica go What is she up too?? I miss you too! we are going to be even better Best buddies when i get home! We is going to have to do everything together so neither of us gets left out. We will have soo much fun.! SO whats the latest on your good friend Jesse?? is he out of the MTC yet?? Has he had any awesome experiences yet? Elder Clark, and i have been trying to get things rowling here a little better. We hope to have a Miracle Experience. I really hope that things will go well. I am trying to do a better job at praying. i really need to make these last few months count. I need to work until i cant work anymore.. Im getting pretty close all my joints are snap crackely poppey. like Rice Krispies. SO are you , and pops going to get a small christmas tree together?? Well I will have to show you some pics of our apartment. im going to say it is pretty awesome considering. We may even try to score a dinky little xmas tree. who knows. Well Whatcha been up to lately. who you bee hanging out with. How is christian doing? I know aubs is moving. i also heard a little bit about mindy, and Ron. :( So What are you going to get for Christmas?? Well i need to get going. I will have to write you more about Corona, and what's going on here next email. Ohh can i ask for a request?? Could you do me a favor.? ok this may seem weird, but could you watch the Grinch, and send me a list of awesome quotes that i can quote from the movie?? Well g2g love you bye! :)

Hi brother!! I've been so good with writing you!! Haha three weeks in a row and even if your didn't email me back! Which is fine but I've been good yes? :) anyway this will be kinda short cuz I don't have much to tell. I do have to say these past couple of weeks have been really kinda hard and it's made me miss you A LOT. I don't really do anything that much anymore since jesse left and so that makes 2 of my best friends you and him out on missions and I miss you a lot. I need my buddy :\ but I know I have to be patient and that your doing great work so I'll wait even though it's getting tough to haha. I did get my first letter from him though and he's doing great so that's good. Anyway. Just work like always for me. Freight is kinda tough and demanding but I still like it. How are you doing though brother? Everything good? Well I love you and I hope you have had a good couple of weeks and more to come. Love you so much.

Redster :)

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