Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Feb 14, 2012: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON, to Dad

Hello Dad!! sorry i didn't get a chance to write you back yesterday. All the Libraries in Corona were either closed, or the internet was not working. Well i don't have to much time to email today. I am on AP exchanges with Elder Jeffery, and we have a potential lesson in about 15 mins. Well Might i say i really enjoyed your email. It was great! here is a email i sent to pres smart it is kind of short, but i thought you might enjoy it.
Hello President Smart! Elder Hunsaker here just wanted to write you a quick email. Today i don't have much time, because we are on  AP Exchanges, and we have a potential investigator lesson in a few mins. Its great to spend some time with Elder Jeffery. I love that guy. Well as far as the work goes in Corona all is well we are still in the beginning stages of the Transfer, and so there are a few things we are looking out for, but they should all be just fine. I am Excited to work hard these last few weeks. I had a great Bday, and some awesome inspiring encouraging emails from my father, and brother. So i look forward to set some goals for these last few weeks, and strive to achieve them. Well i will give you some more info next week. i need to get going.
I am Very excited for these last few weeks, and i cant wait to see what the lord has in store for me here, and not back home. I need to continue to focus on the mission. Although i still will think about home, and need to. It will be limited, and controlled. Well Thats great that Keira can go with us!!! i am sooo Happyy. Also you don't need to worry about the b day package. You made an awesome choice! I was planning on trying to tell you i am super oK, and there is absolutely nothing i think i would need.. Well i may not have too much time to respond to MIC, and Kaylee today, but i am soo thankful for their emails too. I will plan on emailing them some more next week. Well i love you all soo Much Happy Valentines day. i better get going .. 


Hello my Son 21, I hope your birthday is a great day for you. I enjoyed your last email and could relate to your feelings of change, although yours and mine are opposite I had some of your same feelings. You were hopeful for change and I was hoping for no change. But I have found the past couple weeks I have tried to understand the Lords will in my new calling cause I have really missed the YM although I haven't been released yet but will be. This past week I have been getting excited to get going hard at making a difference in my calling, I can see there are a lot of needs people have and I want to help anyway I can. As for you I could tell you felt a bit disappointed with no change but I really liked your attitude when you said I guess the Lord still has things for you to do there. So your down to 5 weeks, I have a suggestion set yourself some lofty goals of things you would like to make happen in 5 weeks, pray commit and confirm them with the Lord and ask for His help through the spirt. I know and firmly believe He will bless you with some amazing experiences as you give all you have and work as hard as you ever have on your mission. Don't get me wrong I know you are working hard and doing what you should but sometimes we can raise the bar and lengthen our stride and it is through that extra sacrifice that the Lord pours out his blessings. The other thought I had was that as a Zone Leader you may not realize how much those Elders and Sisters in your Zone look up to you, and your example of how to give and work to the very end of your mission will inspire them to do the same. It may seem hard but if you turn yourself over to the Lord completely and give your all for this very short time  you will be blessed greatly. Again what I say is for support and inspiration, for I know and can see you are doing all you should in the Lords work. 
Well I got carried away there a bit but the spirt was strong, so I shared it. Things are good at home not much  change, I did talk to Keira and she said it looks like she can get time off to go with us to california. I planned to send ya a package for your birthday but couldn't think of anything worthy of sending, so I didn't I hope that is okay. We will just go crazy when you get home to make up for christmas and birthday. 
Son I do want you to know how very pleased, proud and humbled I am by the great mission you have served and you should feel good within for all you have done. I know the Lord is very pleased with your efforts, the spirt has spoken this to my heart. As your father I am extremely proud and as it is your birthday I also KNOW your wonderful Mother who brought you into this world is very very proud and is smiling, so very happy with the awesome Man she brought to this earth, may you feel her spirt with you on this special day Your Birthday. I hope and pray this day is special for you, may you feel the great love your family has for you. I also pray that these last few weeks of your mission may be memorable and fruitful. 


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