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Feb 6, 2012: Super Missionary, to Missy

HELLOOOO Missy, and Butler Family! Thank you soo much for all of the wonderful support you have given me throughout my entire mission! I just love All of the Butler Updates. I ALSO really laughed my head off when i read the joke you sent me. I am glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Seems like the Family just keeps growing, and growing! I bet there is a lot that goes on with all them kids at different stages in life. Sounds like a blast!

Well Missionary work here is very exciting, i don't know what is more exciting the Butler Adventures, or The life of a Missionary!! I am Happy, and Excited for my last 6 weeks! it is going to fly by soo fast! I was really Excited to see what would happen this last Transfer, i kinda was expecting a change which would have been cool, but i guess the lord wants me to stay a Zone Leader here in corona for my last transfer. I am currently serving with an Elder From Inkom Idaho. He will be my longest companion ever(4 & 1/2 months), except my companion after him....

.. Eternity!  lol haha i am not trunky quite yet, however i have been out for a very long time! I need to work extra hard this transfer!! although things are not new, and Exciting i guess i have a lot to still do here! The reason i thought there was going to be a change was that i was going on an Exchange  a few weeks back with AP Elder Jeffrey one of my previous companions, and he said that They were going to have me go on bike my last Transfer, and Train another Elder, because we have a nice new fancy truck in a small bike area they were going to do some switch-in and swap-in all throughout Corona. Indeed they did make some major changes. Every companionship except us, and another companionship got changed. we will have 4 sisters, and 12 elders in our zone! 3 new sisters, and 6 new Elders in our zone.

As far as the work goes in our small Circle City ward. We are working with a family right now, and 2 out of the 5 we have baptized, and the 3 others are soo close. i am sure you have maybe heard of this family through my pops email. Well i am kind of almost out of time, but thanks for all you do be sure to let All of your family know i love them, and i hope to see them soon.


Hello Elder Awesome!

How's the mission? Sounds like you are doing a great work. I love reading your emails. You crack me up! And you have such an awesome spirit.

Not much to report on here at home. We had a wonderful Christmas filled with family and love. The usual. Isn't that awesome?! New Year's was spent at our friend's house. We played games, ate good food... Very fun. But, it sounds like you had the best Holiday Season of all! I'm so glad. I've been told that Christmas time in the mission field is a unique experience and one that you will never forget. Wing still remembers his Christmases spent on the mission in DC. He tells us the story of how he prayed for a baptism on Christmas, but had no leads at all. He just kept praying and praying. AND on Christmas Eve his prayer's were answered. The second Christmas on his mission he prayed to help someone who was Deaf. And yup. You guessed it. His prayer was answered. Just another testament of the gospel's truthfulness.

Parker made the jr high school play. It's Bye Bye Birdie and he plays a teenager named Frank. But, I keep calling him Frank and he never answers. Go figure. I'll send you some pics. Grace is going to play co-ed indoor soccer. Kate is going to be in dance. And Emily is just busy being a two year old. But she loves her friends. Especially her cousin Lexi (Michelle's little girl). All in all I'm just so grateful to have the family that I have and that we are sealed for eternity. Nothing means more to me right now.

In closing, here's a funny missionary joke:

A young man is set apart to be a missionary. After the setting apart his stake president reminds him that he now must act like a missionary. The young man is troubled and asks the president, "You know I have a girl friend. Will it be alright for me to give her a kiss good-bye at the airport?"
The stake president considers this and says, "I'll tell you what, you can kiss her if you kiss her the same way you kiss your mother."
The young man thinks for a moment and then asks, "Can I warn my mother first?"


Missy and Family

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