Wednesday, 18 January 2012

January 17, 2012 to Redster: NATRON :)

ELLOo RedKin Natron Ver22.o here. Lol That means i have been out for exactly 22 months. Crazy Eh?? I only have about 9 weeks left. 63 days.! wowzers. Any ways not like i am counting down or anything.... Although i totally cant wait to come home things are just going dabomb. com out here. This has been a super fun transfer. I don't know what is going to happen exactly for my last transfer. 6 weeks of my mission. Things may be fun and exciting. There will be a few changes is the corona zone. Well there is some really good things going on right now as far as people getting ready for Baptism. ! I am soo excited for them. WE have 4 people that should be baptized in january, and 1 hopefully towards the beginning of February. The closest baptism that will be happening is Matt Brown an awesome guy that is really nice, and friendly. He is a professional waiter, and a pretty good golf instructor. He is going to be baptized on the 21st just before he leaves to Alabama to be with his mother before she passes in a while. He doesn't have family here in Cali, but he has been meeting with us at his Sisters best friends house. The Stidham Family. We have a lesson tonight with matt that should be good we are finalizing his baptismal program. The other Family that we have been teaching is the Cavazos/Loza Family we just baptized Robert Cavazos. and Allyn Loza 2 brothers, and we are working on the rest of their Family. The whole family has gone through quite a bit. Gina the mother of the Family has 5 sons. Robert. Allyn. Nathan sr. Adam, and Ricky. Right now Nathan sr. who is the father of Nathan(10),and Ashley(11) is prison for life possibly. Adam might be in jail too i think. Anyways Robert who is Amazing the strongest convert of them all just got out of jail. He was in Prison for the  Longest time, then he got out, and immediately started meeting with the Missionaries. We eventually got Permission to baptize him, then just before xmas he had a small slip up so he ended up in jail all because he probably just didn't take some bi polar meds. Anyway so he missed xmas with the family again after soo many yrs of not having it with them. He is out now, but in the mean time we have been Preparing Gina, Nathanjr, Ashley for baptism. one of our hard struggles has been Ginas health she has an enlarged Liver due to radiation that got rid of her cancer. She has soo many pains. Anyways I love that family soo much, and they are soo close!! They want it so bad now... I really hope things work out. They love having us over, and our blessings have helped Gina out a ton,and i know that the whole family has felt the spirit.
Anyways enough about the work. So how has Frieght been at good earth?? WOw everyone has left! Silly Koko ,and Kono. are they well behaved? or am i going to have to spend some of my free time with them. training Well i got to get writtn pops soon i will probably copy, and paste most of ur message but i only have 2 mins left so i will ttyl luv u lemme know what's happin in in da hoods
Hey dad I am just going to write at the end of reds email to you. Well the only thing i wouldnt mind getting is my old lebron james nike bball shoes the cavs colored ones noth the byu. anyway i loc


will have to be buddies that would be great! And I'm sure once you get home everything will just work out for you and you'll find the things you'll need and want to do! Koko and kono are good :) cute and fun as ever. They haven't split yet mic is still trying to figure out what he wants to do. Its so weird being home with no one but dad. It's really quiet and quite frankly pretty boring.. Lol. It's just super weird. I went to dads work christmas party with him though. All the oldies gettin together haha. It wasn't too exciting. Ummm.. Things are good for jesse :) he's zone leader at the mtc and he seems to be handling it just fine :) lol he just doesn't like all the fattening food haha. He doesn't leave the mtc till the 19th. Really soon though!! He's going to be great. I've just been hanging out with some friends from work.. Doing whatever hah Hey brother :) I'm glad things seem to be good with you!! Things are fine with me kinda crazy and stressful at some points but it's ok. I like my new position at good earth it's way better!! I even do fedups now so that's also great. Yeah everyone is leaving. Arica works with her brother in law doing insurance now or something.. She makes more and seems to be happy. :) it's totally crazy though even glen and grant have quit!! It's some crazy business. Christmas is almost here!! I'm not that excited haha.. I haven't asked for anything and I don't know what I do want. So.. It's just whatever to me right now. I do know I want you home soon though :) lol. We a. I don't hang out with christian very much just every once in awhile and I'm kinda worried about him to be honest.. I hope things change and work out for him but I don't know if he's doing the best of things and such. Ugh. Anyway I'm sorry but I'll have to watch the grinch this week and let you know some quotes!! I've been super busy with both jobs and I can't really find time to stop and chill haha. Anyway. I love you brother and miss you all the time :) I can't wait for your return!! Lol. I'll talk to you later :) love you. 

Redkin :) 

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